Monday, December 21, 2009

Flaccid dreams…

The scent of Mogra flowers were serenading
Through the air, diffusing into my senses.
The same adoring fragrance that emanated through
The showers of my day dreams, in your countenance.
Silvery lines cast shadows in the earth;
The Night Queens smiled in welcome.
Among the bluish pleats in the sarong of the moonlight,
I saw the furling of your long robe.
The silky waves of your dress moved away from my life
Like seared petals of withered days.

The beams of the moonlight turned into violin
Strings, and while the breeze caressed them
Produced melodious musical overtures.
I heard the timbre of your compliant voice
From the song sung by the silent night.
The tinkle of your golden anklet faded
Like wilted tender leaves from my dreams.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

If I could ever…

Wish if I could ever forget those moments;
Wish I could ever close the eyelids of my soul;
The agony of a flower discarded after
It was adorned on the locks of a maiden,
And the scorching sighs emanating in its mind;.
If I could ever fail to remember them!
Why did you blossom in plants that wither and die,
In the arid unclaimed waste land of life and
Become untouchable blossoms?

You are dreams pushed into the gutters of
Misery and anguish, where only melancholy reigns.
Infatuations and whims are flies hovering above
The fire and when the wings are scorched
Why hassle about it as a perpetual twinge;
Assuming the role of water birds floating
And swimming over the waves of misery?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Melodies of the heart…

The dewdrops swooned and slumbered
In the frenzy of kisses from the moonlight,
Now the moon slept along with the myriads of stars.
The night adorned with the sandal paste, also dozed.
The earth and the heaven looked into each other’s eyes.
The Night Queen unfolded its petals in full.
And then the butterflies of dreams woke up.

We had moulted the attire of sleep, many a times
From our lonely nights, when you were near;
Like the evergreen dreams, and you poured
Your enamoured affection all over me.
My wildest of imaginations, unknown, melted
In your ocean blue eyes, made it dazzle and
Embellish your lonely morning hours.
Your love is always my alluring melodies in life.

Monday, November 16, 2009


That day while wandering though the garden paths,
In the Garden of Eden, listening to the rustles
Of Bamboo trees and chirping of the birds;
Skulking away from my siesta, I found the
Tree of Love and Life, the eternal abode of Cupid.
(It was me who found it and not the Serpent
As everyone believes that he deceived us.)
If my heart is not cuddling you always,
How could I tell you “I love you”?

That day when I did bite the apple,
Ripe and reddish like your cheeks,
The mystery of love sprouted and
Spread out inside me,turning
My body into an infernal furnace.
The metamorphosis took place
And I started loving you fiercely.

The sun fled into the alcove of darkness
And the land receded into the sea, while
The clouds roared wildly in glee.
Amazingly, the onlookers were frightened.
A red sea formed and kept them away from us.

A horizon diffused breaking the outer walls of
Our body and life originated there,
Over the cruel wrath, and the great Flood.
Our love turned into an ark;
And God came with us leaving the Garden.
The rainbow witnessed it.
Who can challenge and thwart us?

You sat near me and leisurely, gradually
Hid me inside you, like water swallowing the salt.
Even the Serpent could not recognize me.
Thus a family and genealogy commenced.
The viewers approved, certified and applauded.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


My silence is brimming with love only;
My silence always redolent with love.
Seeing, without speaking enhances it.
You departed suddenly, away from my vision
Leaving a thousand dreams within me,
Full of delectable ecstasies,unrelenting.

I kept my fingers entwined over my eyes,
And sat in vigil for your return, interminably.
Come over and cling to my arms, walk with me,
Hugging and leaning on my body,
In the windy paths of life’s hazardous voyage.
Through births and rebirths this love
Fills my silence and my desolate soul.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Bliss is just a shadow only in this world,
Haunted by the freezing winter of grief.
Mind is a senile phenomenon,
Wandering everywhere seeking pleasure;
A will-o’-the-wisp.

My passions plunged its face
In the hornet’s nest of grief,
And the dreams that overwhelmed
In my eyes blossomed as flowers of agony.

When truth seeks a sanctuary
To lie down on the slings and arrows
Of outrageous calumnies,
The humans only guffaws,
Masking the conscience
With sympathetic grins on their faces...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thy will… as in heaven…

We call that span between birth and death,
The life: rugged and mystic; pathetic
And soul stirring; bewitching as well as
Disdainful; frivolous yet ebullient.

Those conscious of the vanity of living
Are isolated and demeaned from the
Mainstream of ‘the faithful’.
Mutterings evaluated and classified
As ramblings of the abnormal intellect.

Prayers are sandwiched between
Desires, dreams, and deeds.
Prophets narrated their dreams
As a relic of their frustrations,
To a recalcitrant world, ever doubtful
About the themes and scenario of future;
And claimed divine sanctions behind it,
As revelations of what lies ahead.

Could the earth ever turn into a heaven?
Could the tiger and the lamb have
Peaceful co-existence or the wiper
Cease to be poisonous any further?
The Saints duped us with their tales
Of their trust, and faith in the Almighty.
Even God deceived us through commandments.

Many are waiting to get on to the
Bandwagon of such an apple cart.
Or is all that they said, a dream only?
What is amusing in that life, which is
Called a dream, without the illusion
And hallucination of such dreams?
The attires worn in this game,
The scenarios comprising it, and
Its enactments are delectable in ‘to-to.’
All attires are adorned by dreams
Of the soul, on our bodies…

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rainbows and dreams…

Like a flower that has no petals and its
Demure timidity became a song in its heart;
Those rhythms in the heart beats are the music
Of my life; my tranquil music…

Passions seeking salvation, embraced beauty,
Flowing through rivulets of eloquent silence
Of imagination, and hallucinations.
Let the hues start painting that portrait
Of this flower that embezzle my heart.
Rainbows leaning on the earth and spanning
Over the firmament, caressing in adoration
The sky, eternally blue and placid in its nature,
Clasping the chillness of the snow-
Clad mountains of the earth,
Gifted and bestowed on me dreams
And the entire fragrance, of that flower.
The flower that has stolen my heart…

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A cadence…

My beloved! The words uttered
By your lips are really sweet
And your love is much sweeter than that.
The cool wind is embracing me
Like your shadows that follow me.
Are you the shower of a rain that fills
The soul that chills the chillness of bliss?

It is midnight now and the nature
Has fallen into a stupor.
The moon has lowered its wick
Of its beaming light.
Let me delve into the depths of
Your loveliness and dissolve into it,
As a rhythm; as a cadence…

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The eternal spring...

The spring became my beloved for a moment
In my exquisite, and exciting dream.
It gifted me with a blossom of console,
As heaven descended beside me, in that night.
I forgot to reckon the petals of that flower,
While I drifted in the inebriety of its fragrance,
And could not imbibe the ecstasy of the nectar.

The heartbeats fainted in the grandeur of
The resplendency of its radiance.
I failed to adorn the pollen as a lip-glow
To the quivering coral of my lip;
And woke up, just before the picture was complete.
Could I ever get those blossoms with its playful
Petals in full bloom, and dancing in the breeze.
And she returns as the cute eternal spring in my life?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Everywhere a smile…

While tears rained over me
I held an umbrella
Of smiles over my head;
I dived and searched for
Pearls in a sea of anguish;
Just to see the gleeful
Smile of the world around me.

The sun strew the smile of the day
And the moon light is the smile of the night.
The golden waves that hug the shores
Is the simper of the ocean.
And the blossoms show the smile of the good earth;
The weeping clouds smile through the rainbows
Magnificent and flamboyant with its hues.

Grief made it out through poetry;
Silence shows it through sighs and sobs.
I built my play house on the bank of
A stream of tears and toil of forsaken love,
Then made a flute to play, with the bamboo
Of my broken heart in condescension,
To sing a rueful song of my love…

Friday, August 28, 2009

Out of sight…

My beautiful! You have borrowed
The delicacy of a flower, and the
Mind of a doe, with immaculate chillness
Of the nature, in its exquisiteness.
I have removed my sandals at the gate
Of your welcoming chamber, to tread
On the sacred floor that leads to it.
You led me clasping your fingers
Around my palm to a bed of eiderdown
Strewn with dreams of delights.
A desire awakened in the heart
To sit beside you, holding your
Tender fingers and caressing it,
Look into the depth of your
Blue turquoise eyes where
The love lurks profoundly;
To satiate the zest, to talk to you those
Unsaid things, to be fulfilled and completed...

I waited so long in the meadow where
Your tender memories sprouted.
The moon was moving away after
Wiping its face, on the towel of clouds.
Then you came near me as the air,
Without a tinkle of your bangles;
Without a peel of your golden anklets,
And covered my eyes, with your beatific fingers!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Again the spring!

Let the stars draw up your shadow
Do not close your doe eyes or disrupt
Those bangles in your delicate hands.
The evening sky has disappeared
From the horizon after mixing the gorgeous
Colours on the palette to paint your
Stunning image, in the script of the moonlight.

I stood silently in the gloom of the night;
My reflections ambling through the Greek legends.
The moon disappeared among the crowd of clouds.
I hear the beats of a refrain as a rhapsody again
In my ears, and your melodious song beside me.
The nightingale sang the chorus mellifluously.
You appeared as the radiant shore of the sea,
Awaking somewhere in the lap of the moonlight,
And Venus was roving atop the rollicking waves.
I came there as the fizz of the wind
Rumbling around you as a harmonious tune,
In the flowering season of memories.
Another blossom is blooming again and again
In the heart; a carpet where the moon slumbers.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tempest in the heart!

Reminiscence as a leap tide of a silent tune,
Breakup and become the introspection, fizzling
With the sweet sorrow of parting, and
The boundless ocean stands as a silent witness.
Time has developed into a fathomless ode;
A lyric, stretching from morning till the next.
Blueness appear as a tragic overture of mind,

I never knew the loveliness of the rain
Till tears erupted,overwhelmed in my psyche,
I never knew your allure, till such time
That you smiled on me and you adopted me,
As your soul mate, enriching my lone moments.
I never knew the magnificence of the sunshine,
Until your smile sparkled in my heart.

I find the tacitness of the husky moonlight
You kindled, through your endless music,
When you hum the midnight’s splendour
In your loneliness, for the listening nightingale.
I never knew its daintiness till the time
I sensed your exhaling breath permeating around me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Until you return...

Pathways created by the cruel destiny;
Souls bidding farewell on its sojourn;
Scorching desires of the heart;
Anguish spreading over everywhere….

Silence grows up watching this scenario;
Life stream floods over embankment;
Distressing in the eddies in its effort to succumb.
Flowers wither and scatter in the breeze;
Days are diffusing in suppressed sobs;
And fall out in the depth of misery and despair.
Life prolongs indifferently and unconsciously.

Dawn will break up one day, carrying
The fragrance of a dream in the wind
Desires will flutter with a thousand wings
The Night Queens will bloom in the forlorn gloom,
And its sweet scent will permeate in the air.
Won’t you come back as the moon light that gloom?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fade out!

There are some affinities in this earth
That purport only to break up and melt away.
There are some dreams in the heart
That ends up only in bargains and evaluation.
When two persons come closer,
And the relation breaks up and part away, in tears,
The petals in the soul, then drench in
The tears of dismal grief and anguish.
We attempt to forget many things
Without reservation and keep some
Frontiers in the mind, to get away from it.

Are we cherishing those memories
Of a bygone era, with its sweet savor subtleties
Carrying teardrops in the heart for long?
Is everything dwindling out into oblivion
And kept only in the annals of the memory?
Recollections, like a tide of silent empathy
Becomes a disposition of the soul, in parting.

The ravishing tunes emitted by the dulcimer
Is now becoming the rhythm, of life’s music.
Is it diffused in the shadows now?
The blossoms wilted and withered in the path
Were the thorns of longings, spreading
Darkness, in the hollow of the mind.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Into the unknown…

The day light is fading away
The shadows are becoming long;
Someone is passing on with agonizing
Memories in the heart, in the smoldering
Journey towards the far away distance;
From behind someone is calling back.
My silence, my dusks and me in the path
Are witnessing the sniveling distress;
Where time stands still as sentinels.

Someone is closing a door from behind.
The feather touch of a song, cuddle my heart now.
Only a word to reminisce and still yearning to hear.
Only one bosom to lean upon and recline
That is being craved for to be seen and felt,
In this path of snuffle where time is the sentry;
And me, my silence and dusks are the onlookers.

I hear the conch emitting a note
In the silence of this petrifying night;
I hear a song from a flute vamping and
Wafting through the still air, in this darkness.
The night turned out lashing with incessant rain,
I am sodden in its irate spray and
The numbing cold enters my sinews.
If you can touch my fingers and then bid farewell
As you go, I will be gratified even in my afterlife!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This night will fade away and
The moonlight also will vanish.
The only thing that will not die out
And carry on smiling sweetly,
Are your dreams, my beloved.

I will not wake you up, my living dream
Of a maiden, disrupting your dreams,
As you sleep like a flower on a bed,
Spread out by the bluish blue nights.

You are a dance that came seeking
For the anklet to adorn your feet;
A silent song that came in quest of a lute.
I will not try to awaken you from that slumber.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Chase a dream…

. . . .
Her hair smelled of camphor;
The exhaled air from her nostrils,
That of sandalwood;
The crimson blouse she wore
Emitted the fragrance
Of wild woodbine;
Or was it the scent of her body?
. . . . . .
She helped, to remove
The safety pins on her blouse;
The hooks behind the bra came off smoothly.
The nectar adhering to the alabaster buds,
When the lips pressed on to them
Kindled sweetness; while the tender hair
Above the navel in swirls, woke up in ecstasy.
Fingers sought, paving its way to the warm
Wetness of the holy of holies.
Her hands guided and her innards, in its
Recess, absorbed his masculinity.
Tinkling bells, exhilaration, mighty explosions,
Pandemonium; tense moments reaching
The pinnacle of euphoria and heavenly delights!

Then she said: ” I was waiting for this moment
Throughout my life; my femininity has
Now accomplished perfection and consummation.
Thank you, again and again for this moment.
Though married for several years
This is the first time I have tended myself,
Surrendering my virginity to you;
After a waiting for a long period of time,
Of sleepless nights and subdued sobs.”

At the zenith of the intrigue, time lost its meaning.
“This was the most avowed aspiration in my life.
There is sacredness,
And a sanctity for maidenhood,
When it is tendered or submitted
Along with your heart.
It attains a divine halo around it
And it is so divine, and heavenly
And the bliss you derive is so unique.”

Fingers and lips scrounged into the bodies;
A glow sparkled in her eyes,
That of the fizzy delights.
Lips quivered; pearls of sweat erupted over
The upper lips and thrusting breasts.
The rhythm of breathing rose into a frenzy.
In the moist caverns deep inside, passions awoke.
The vagaries of all the seasons glided into an
Eddy of schizophrenic lasciviousness.
Fission or fusion?

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Self immolation, suicides, manslaughter,
And rapes are becoming pillars of life;
Unknown someone is programming
Our lives remotely, as a parody of
A T.V. serial, without start or end
Of a story, that has no meaning,
Pertinence or reason in it.
Basic rights are pilfered somewhere
On the way, making it unfeasible
To express real apprehensions and
Dreams of the human mind, as they
Are plundered or looted away from life.

Man is discarded as an already broadcasted
Programme, rather than being a programmer
Of his life, that can be created to suit him.
Lasciviousness is honoured as masculinity,
In the culture of capitalist society.
A contract made up with the devil!
World has become a hunting ground
Like whale hunt, tiger hunt,
Women hunt, gold hunt, and sex hunt...
Life is deteriorating as an epic of failures;
And man is a helpless creature in that void.

Diffusing fragrance…

On the sandalwood pyre of my heart
The golden winged butterflies burned out.
They were my long preserved dreams;
My endearing passions of the soul.
The ashes now cover the pyre all over,
And the relics are only the remnants of
A handful of reminiscence and those
Unseen embers are still scorching hot.

Memories of longings coveted in vain,
To see the spring blossoms in full bloom.
When someone threw a stone on the tree
A thousand birds flew off from its roosting.
Only one bird came back to the branch of its nest,
With its wearied wings of dreams,
Again for the honey, the tender shoots offered.

You were someone so transparent;
A fragrant flower that could not contain
Its intoxicating scent inside.
In your words, in your smiles
And in your looks you poured out
Fragrance of true and innocent love…

Friday, August 7, 2009

Eloquent silence!

I have reckoned you as a vivacious evening,
Through this accursed birth of mine,
Like a hornbill longing for a rain cloud
To appear in the far corners of the horizon.
You surround me like an enervating breeze
Of the morning, filling my innards with
The everlasting glow of the beaming full moon,
Scouring in my memory, for lovely dreams.

The summer clouds are receding;
Fading out of my alluring reveries.
When isolated silence becomes nectar
In my fatigued soul, it’s your image
That fills and illumines my thoughts.

Aspirations that gift solace
In the lengthy pathways;
Groaning melodies in the wilted blossoms;
Shores where my dreams are in slumber
For many a days and in desolation;
And then you sang, as a nightingale in my mind,
Of your sweet love as a chorus, perching
On the branches, where my dreams flowered.

Signature of hearts…

Among these shadows where births and
Deaths generate floral designs,
The memories break on the forsaken pavements
Of the heart, groan in their ripples.
The rivers meander playing the strings on their lute;
And there arise the image of a new saga!

Here you and me met in an influx
To perform some roles in sequence and
Before the concluding verse of the play,
We did our exit and vanished into thin air.
The wings of destiny that scattered us
Into the far corners of the earth, may now
Bring us together again, to resume the play
As a sequel, with a different scenario.

This is the lot of frustrated souls in this planet.
Not knowing what will happen through
Years, whether it is sweet or bitter,
Reunion or separation or enjoyment
Till heart’s content, or desolation until the grave.
Every spring bring new flowers to the nature;
While the nectar trickle from the eyes of the blossoms
They wilt and perish falling down.
Could hearts that drift away regain
The confidence and be together now?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Is love a syndrome of madness?
Giving out a warmth, and vigour;
Affection and self assurance!
Nothing else contribute to one’s
Contentment in life, to carry on.

With the memory of one kiss till death;
Gratification of a birth by one touch;
It transcends through death to re-birth.
It carries humans to the lonely shores
Of death and re-births all at once
In the same moment of a lofty realization.

The mind always yearn to trespass
Into the forbidden parameters.
And the social taboos always relate
To physical promiscuities only.
Love remains in the spiritual sphere
Of passion and affection, and tenderness.

We have corroded ourselves in our quest
For physical urges and outward appearances;
They are ephemeral and evasive.
Limiting our vistas to perceive and
Comprehend the truth far beyond
Our gaze and reach, eternally.
Love has been debased through recent decades.
We try to buoy up a system
That has become obsolete and irrelevant
To modern life, that is insidiously destructive
For the soul and its purity.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A time to love…

Tell me why you have failed to come here;
Like the froth of silence that could not
Embrace the shore, retreating with its
Lost liveliness, though yearning to meet.
The moon is shining till the early morn,
As the emission of the night, in despair.

I waited for you, in the tower
Haunted by the cooing doves.
The eternal clusters of stars were
Smouldering through midnight,
In tune with my frustrations.
The strings of my heart were straining
As the nightingale sang a strain.
Won’t you come near the window,
Drawing the curtains away
And sing to me secretly?
A song to revitalize;
A song to resurrect me
From the rancid grave of miseries.
Come gliding through the breeze;
Shower on me your love for ever,
As a dazzling rainbow of dreams…
My longings stand like trees on
The wayside, giving shelter and shade
To the passers by from the scorching heat.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rains and rains…

In the eyes the splendour of the rainbow
On the lips the crimson glow of that hue;
You bloomed stealthily with the majesty
Of a rainbow, before me innocently.

The charm of a rainbow on a day
When the pearls of raindrops laughed
Peeling with its tinkle as the rain paved
Its gossamer threads in tides.
The raindrops lurking on your quivering
Breast and the bangles adorned on your
Pretty hands with the raindrops and those
Grazing over your body decieve me.
I no longer know, which is more gorgeous;
You, or the showering rain in all its splendour.
Your fingers playing on the strings of rain;
Your laughter emitted from those strings;
The chill you feel from the splatter and
The dreams hidden under the rain of passion…
I am sitting here in the midst of such rain clouds...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mind is a peacock…

When the gate at the check- post of my mind
Is opening, I perceive in my reminiscences
Words whimpered in the silence of the night.,
By someone, nearest to my heart.
The one who has painted a thousand seas
In my eyes, so different from dreams
Softly, lightly, and densely as an etching;
Like a searing pinhole of light, in darkness.

For the warmth, as a penance
Everywhere is the season of dreams!
A season of frenzy, as a flame!
Like mating snakes in the rain shadow woods,
Waves of amour break at the conch of heart.
Everywhere the flowering season is seeking
The flaming blossoms, that gives solace
In tranquility, gliding like a bird
In the soft breeze, carrying the fragrance …

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Blossoming at the touch of a finger,
Cooing like a frightened dove
In the chillness of the winter;
Allow me to touch you for once!
You are looking so gorgeous to-night!
You have the wings of the rainbow
In its perfect ostentation, after the rain.
You are the image affluent in my thoughts.
The voice of your dalliance lurks and
Resound in the ears as endless echoes.
When you sing an alluring song
The beats flash in my eyes as lightning strokes.
A flame which no others can see!
I am yearning in my wait for that great moment
When I can see you, talk and caress
Hold you in my arms, sing a song and
Suck the nectar, from your lips.

These passions enliven me, filling my desolate
Moments, giving a fillip to my life.
The passing breeze whisper some amorous
Tidbits in your ears and make your cheeks blush;
A thousand stars twinkling up, kissed on the
Corner of your eyes, made them shimmer.
What are you waiting for, standing there
As an idol, on the banks of that stream?
I am here only, with an April shower in my heart!.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Goodbyes are for ever…

Somewhere here lies the plumes
Of the peacock as my desires;
Somewhere there, are the broken
Pieces of those bangles..
Have lost everything;
Have forgotten the pathways also;
How long can this grief be sustained,
In this play house of life,
And how long can the tears be shed?
Heart throbs turned into voices
And diffused,In prayers;
And the spirit soared up.

Love blazed in the heart, like golden flames.
Love is like flaming wicks in a chandelier;
Like the weeping cries of small children.
It is now time to bid farewell and depart!

To day your hands will gild with Henna from
The crimson blood, oozing out of my heart.
I will say my last prayers to my endearing dreams,
And bury them in the coffin of my failures.
Why did you sing the lines of your love,
That does not allow me to sleep and keep me awake?
Why did you come to roost in this nest of mine,
If you ever intended to fly off and never return?.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The human skin is the outer
Covering for the human body,
It is only the time, who stitches
That dress for him, to wrap around.
It gives glamour to the soul
Inside it, and will not wear off,
Or tear off or lose its shape.
Eyes are false witnesses
Always, not perceiving the facts
And telling lies, unable to
Comprehend the real meaning
Of what it see.
Only the inner eye can recognize
The truth behind things, and grasp
The true sense of the whole scene…

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Connubial hopes...

The chillness of midnight has entered;
The mist has settled enveloping the nature
In its shroud of vague images, behind it.
Why can’t the nightingale stop singing and sleep?
Let me close the windows that let the gale inside;
And switch off the fan revolving overhead
Like the swirling passions inside me?
Is it possible to lie down and sleep even
After covering with a thousand blankets, or
Even with a million dreams beckoning me?
When the heart of a bride, envisage and yearn, for
Something beyond the humdrum chores of life.

Let me spread out the lotus petals on the bed;
And slacken off the light from the lantern.
How is that possible to fall asleep without
Scenting the fragrance of my beloved?
Without the enfolding hands embracing
My bosom, in that trance?
These are the livid dreams in the heart of
A maiden, living alone till now
With the cloying hopes of a conjugal life.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Unknown finale…

I tied up a swing, with the shattered threads
Of my dreams, high up on the branches
Of a tree, that I tended and watered,
With the tears flowing out of my dismal solitude;
Nourishing it to grow up and spread out,
In the far away shores of the sea of time,
In the silent valley of death, and oblivion.

I waited for my soul mate to join me,
Under the bluish light of the twinkling stars,
Keeping my heart in my eyelids for her.
I could not hear the flutter of time flying away
Over my vigil, unnoticed, in my consternation.

Cry now; cry till your heart bursts.
Hide in a place, where no one can notice you;
Lonely, and aloof from everyone.
Why did you attempt to awaken the
Strings of music, touching it with
Your delicate fingertips, without
The accent of the all powerful destiny?
Why did you try to kindle the desires, without
Knowing the finale of the story beforehand?

Friday, July 10, 2009


Where are we now?
In heaven,
Or in the midst of a dainty dream?
Or in an imaginative world of
The celestial musicians?
Are those the lights of the earth?
Or the stars in the Milky Way?
Or music or musical notes that
Reverberates in the ramparts of heaven?
The milky clouds are making a canopy
Over the mansions, there.
In the wizardry of flamboyance
Perception becomes pulsating.
Let us float in these festivities
And fondle the embellishing loveliness.
The sky is looking down in
Bashful connivance to placate us,
And watching the revelry in the earth.
Jubilation blooming in the
Roistering, inebriate us now.
Let us forget everything, and
Plunge in these delights…

Thursday, July 9, 2009


In the bliss of that moment
I turned into a breeze in the autumn.
Fragrance of a thousand and one hysteric nights
Overwhelmed in the petals of the heart.
I was floating and drifting sleeplessly into the
Lonely coach where you were lying.
And wrote my adoration on the brim of that
Honey-comb, emanating the sweet scent of love;
Without your knowledge; without you knowing it.

In the euphoria of that blissful moment,
My mind became that pavane of a peacock
And its music flowed as a lullaby through
My sinews, that was thirsting for long.
I gave out the rhythms of my soul,
To the heartbeats that quivered in her…

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Tell me now from your innate wisdom,
Who is a friend and who is a foe.
You are familiar with the misery of
Incarceration and its ramifications.
The proverb says that the face is
The mirror of the mind and reflects truly,
Whatever is there as feelings and emotions.
The modern impression is that it defaces
The mind, and cache all the emotions,
Sinking it into the chasm of the soul.

In the exterior, it is all miles of smiles and
Detonating cheerful pleasantries.
Inside rages the flames of vendetta and rivalry.
Now who is the patriarch here and
Who are the submissive children?
Everything is a magic show performed
Or conducted and concocted by money only.

You see from a distance, a beautiful manor.
But those hearts living inside, are in prison.
It is futile and worthless to count
How many storey it possess.
Here love and affection means gold only.
Everything is sorcery and necromancy of wealth.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

…a joy for ever.

The exquisiteness in the petals of blossoms
Overwritten with the blueness of heaven
In the eyes where dreams have swooned;
A nymph of the clouds, whose cheeks are
Painted a crimson hue of love and its bashfulness.

You were, so far standing on the other side of
My ocean of imagination, in my vivid memory.
The radiant prettiness of your face and its
Sweet inviting smiles of ravishing cheerfulness
Were remaining far out of my orbit.
Is this a present from charm and grace to me?
Is this a gift from the Goddess of love to me?
Today you will adorn the brilliance of a full moon
Of the spring season, in its full glory and approach
Me in the lonesome path of my dreams.
The silent elegance and consensus you diffuse,
Is the blessedness bestowed on me in this birth.
The indomitable never ending rapture,
Or a stunning flower that will never wither!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Here the breeze carries a divine fragrance.
The spring has come this way already,
In a chariot of tender sprouts and leaves
And the maidens in-waiting were those
Of dainty dreams and sublime memories.

Why the flowery season could not linger here,
And halt the chariot here for a while?
It could not give me even a tiny blossom
As a gift, to recollect its radiance again.
And now you have become another
Blooming season, like spring in my life.

The ocean is roaring with its waves.
Who sowed the stones of beryl in its froth?
May be, the heavenly musicians have done that.
Never throw your pearls of laughter in the
Stream of tears, of your lonely nights.
Those musicians also got away, after
Closing the eyes of the mind.
Now, you have become an exquisite beryl
In my mind, dazzling in your love.

Those bluish eyes are the blossoms of the heart,
And I have become the apple of those eyes.
How charming is the splendour of youth!
And your emotions are a hundred times
Prettier than any petite things on this earth.
The creator ought to have given eyes of the soul,
To the smiling lilac, and the winged pangs of the mind.
But then, you have become the creator of love in me…

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Endless respites…

That song has become a bleak memory,
In the wearied heart in distress.
That voice has now become
A dismal pang in the mind.
The delicate soul is sobbing
As the sweet melody swooned.
We were yearning earnestly for so many
Things in our life, in years to come.

Sleep now, sleep for eternity, boundless,
And never wake up to reminisce again.
The dreams that bedecked the minds,
The blossoms of infatuations, in our thoughts.
Sleep now; the stars of blooming jasmines
Lest you lose your luster, and wilt, if awake,
When rhythms of seasons fade away.
Forget the tingling, titillating melodies in the heart;
The butterflies of sweet spring, that
Flutter in the desires and awaken multitudinous
Passions with their kisses, in the mind…Sleep now…

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dreams are for ever…

I just can’t assimilate the truth even now,
That you are not, (what I thought), near me.
To understand you are away
The fingers of the dawn should not
Enter into the kingdom of my sleep,
Softly touching the window panes,
And awaken me from my stupor!
The ripples in the river should cease
When the wind blows over the placid water,
And remain calm in silent acquiescence!

The fragrance of fresh rains should not
Emerge from the fertile soil while it embraces,
And conceive, receiving the semen into its womb!
The doves coming back to its nests for
Roosting, in the twilight of dusk should stop
Cooing,as making complaints of love to its mate!
The wind should stop its rustling with pranks,
Like uttering words through loud laughter!

The sparks dazzling from the pyre of my grave
Scatters over the stage where I was;
As I make my egress with my ruffled music
And crippled steps, of my dance.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Stray birds…

I sat there when the rain receded to
See that face so pretty as the rainbow.
Would you recognize me if I approached
In your sight as the ebullient chillness
Of the air around you enveloping in
The miasma of my endearment?
Would you not see the crimson red rose
You behold adoringly in your bosom?
The music that flows out of that lute
You play, melting in the ether
And through the ripples of that divine song,
I can reach the shores of eternal love.

I can adorn your chest with garland of
Snow white jasmine flowers, so pure and
Enfold you and shower a thousand kisses.
Why did you wait there without talking even
A word for a moment and leave silently?
What made you to vanish, without listening
To the incessant songs of my dissipated dreams?
The eloquent memories in the silence of my
Isolated hours turn out as songs and
Resonate in the wind, like stray birds now...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Parting is such sweet sorrow…

The gossamer tranquility of the mist
In the twilight over the pretty evening,
That bids farewell at parting, will never know
About the rain, as the tears of an innocent
Ember, of a cloud in its misery.

I wrote your lucky horoscope with a quill,
Depicting the sweetness of your soul.
Then you have forgotten to discern and
Make out the entirety of its vast holistic
Implication in your life, as well as mine.
I can only offer the rustling murmur of my heart,
Beguiling you to come back and fill this void.

We parted for no reasons, drifting away
Like dry leaves in a summer’s wind.
And when we finally met together, we are
In the freezing lake of a devastating fire..
Do we have any more rebirths destined to
Live a happier life of our own or
Are we left with only a fretful existence?
I am a rainbow, of love that drips from
The wounds of the afflicted mind in torture,
Unmolested by the vagaries of seasons…

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You are my poem…

While corpses of my longings floats
Through my dreams, the silent anguish
Arising in the subconscious, insist me
To look back and chronicle those days.

Though I cannot blot out your tears
With words, I express my love as poem
Which I crimson with the blood of
My heart, I still can through a kiss
For a moment, blot out the moisture
Of the agony overwhelming your blue eyes,
That weaves exquisite poems, radiating
The loveliness of spring flowers.

I can as well stitch out a smooth silky scarf
With sweet rhapsody sodden with love.
The songs of love in my soul is kissing
The flute of my passions, to let you know
The unfathomable depth of my intimacy, and.
The entire earth and sky diffuse in your eyes now.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Passing away...…

Unable to take away anything
We earned or accumulated;
Unable to complete the tune
We started composing and hum,
We climb down the steps silently from
This stage, where we have been
Enacting a play, with scenario
And screen play created without our
Awareness, and directed by God knows who?

The sunshine that came in the morning
From one bearing, vanished and faded out
Through another direction in the evening.
Smiling through green leaves and settling
In the lap of fondling waves of the ocean.
Aching moist eyes close, even while
Bidding farewell for another night.

We come only once through this trail
To carry out and then exit from the play
Once our part is enacted completely;
Or sever off incomplete at an intermission.
By the time we make out the meaning of life
It will be too late to make a course correction.
Yet, the dainty reminiscence succeeding death
Spills its fragrance of heavenly nectar into the soul!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Life makes me bereaved and in despair,
Though the heart long to laugh out.
This life is a tragic play where
There is no choice for the role
We desire to play along, till the end.
Passions in the mind wake up and arise
Even when I try to curb them and
Lull them to sleep, and soothe;
Like startling at hearing the voice
Of the paramour, in expectation.
I tried to soften the quivers on my heart’s lyre,
The love song that incessantly overwhelm
In my muddled mind as a torrential flood.
How can I compress and constrict the sweet
Fragrance of the endless spring into
A small bud of a jasmine?
Let the stars laugh and wink their eyelids
Teasing the lotus for its penance for the sun.
The heartache and agony of mankind
And their endearing dreams are of
No value in his terrain, throughout life.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Would you forget my silent strain of grief,
The song that is sung, endlessly in my heart?
The tear laden eyes that brims, when it’s
Unable to see each other, and the heart that
Forgets all rancour, that was beheld there.
Did you forget the untraceable thumbnail pictures,
You drew on the palm of my hand?
Do you remember the first kiss that I gave
You in the twilight, standing away from the light
That trickled from the house you lived.

Though you have drifted away from me,
Bidding farewell, a short while back,
A thousand rainbows in the mind are
Calling me again and again back to
Those days we spend together in glee.
I remember those evenings when you
Stood with half closed eyes in your ecstasy,
As my lips brushed your cheeks with passion.
And the consolation, with a thousand tongues
You gifted, when I was grieved in my heart.
Though I long to keep away all my memories
About the many days we had together,
The endearing aches overwhelming the eyelids
Awaken me with its outstretched flares…

Friday, June 26, 2009

Eternal groans…

Give a refuge for me among the waves of
Oblivion, you the ocean of ages!
You write everything and obliterate
All things that were ever written, in your march.
Passions and desires become spring seasons,
Then turns out as periods, and points of time.
Bowers garlanded with sweet flowers that was once,
Have turned into burrows where serpents hide out.
You are not overwriting, but erasing everything
And is rewriting afresh with new splendours,
Granting novel hues, and themes to it.

Ripples of love soar up there and fills
Heavenly raptures and rhapsodies in the mind.
Finally the cherubic nymphs and fairies transform
Into bizarre figures,that the eyes detest to watch..
You never attempt to topple down an edifice
But build them; yet you draw the dawn
As dusk that melts down in your folds.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mansions in the air!

Oh! Sages, where is that glorious morning
That you promised to the mankind,
Deceiving them through ages by telling them
That Truth is God and the stories relating
To heaven about gods and goddesses,
And the life they lead in paradise.

Now gold coins and paper currencies
Rule this world in bursting laughter.
Mankind run after it, like bloodhounds
After their quarry, in the wild forests.
Justice and charity, morality and virtue,
Have been vanquished, in the battle fields.

You have shown and assured a dawn
Where the sun of love and peace will rise up;
The sun that was in deep sleep in mythology.
Where is that promised morning now?

*Dharmaputra who lost his kingdom
Is seeking a forest to dwell in peace;
Krishna is no longer there to carry
An errand for them to the Kouravas.
Or recite the Geetha to Arjun.
Those epic hymns have now become
Tragic poems and being ignored.
No mornings are there conveying the ripples
Of the songs of love in this earth now.
What happened to promised predictions?

* Ref: Maha Bharatha Stories

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pervading fragrance...

Harmony, reprieve and quarrel!
That is the history of mankind in succinct.
Preparedness, hindrance; they make the
The theme of a love story.
Seasons may come and then leave.
They will spread out pearls all around,
And gather them back before its return.
Blossoming flowers will wither away,
Nevertheless, will fill the air with its fragrance.
That scent will skulk and persist for ever.
A thousand eons will enjoy that perfume.

Destiny will always grin on the futile
Fate of humans, without discrimination;
And God will simulate sleeping all the time,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The moon opened
Its nuptial bower,
Folding up its
Sapphire blue drapes.
The spring season
Possessed the night.
Is your paramour
Coming to night?
If not, what made you
To appear only half naked,
And wait in the harem
For his arrival, impatiently?
When a gust of wind
Suddenly opened the tiny window,
I saw you putting
Your palms to cover your bosom
Hiding your bashfulness.
I saw you dousing the golden shawl
In scented dewdrops and laying out
Over the mantelpiece.
And you were looking down
On the floor, in coy meekness
As you heard his treads approaching
Your chamber door, and your face
Beamed in exhilaration, excited
By the twitching euphoria.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A glow worm...

I will forget everything, my moonshine;
Will forget all in the dreams.
You are the teardrop of a blossom.
You are the pearl drop of the dainty dew.
Or the craving thirst of my stricken spirit.

Does a butterfly enjoy the spring
While smouldering in a flaming pyre?
Does the embers of my heart has some radiance
While it lies in the ocean of thawing ice?
The wandering desires are seeking the shores
That recedes away farther from me.
No stars are twinkling in the yonder
Only a twinging mind in desolation!
Do the dead quarrel with any one living?
Is there any whimpering coming out
Of a bird that has lost its wings?
Even a glowworm has a tiny light
Of its own, in the lonely night.
And a life emitting light to the living ones...