Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mansions in the air!

Oh! Sages, where is that glorious morning
That you promised to the mankind,
Deceiving them through ages by telling them
That Truth is God and the stories relating
To heaven about gods and goddesses,
And the life they lead in paradise.

Now gold coins and paper currencies
Rule this world in bursting laughter.
Mankind run after it, like bloodhounds
After their quarry, in the wild forests.
Justice and charity, morality and virtue,
Have been vanquished, in the battle fields.

You have shown and assured a dawn
Where the sun of love and peace will rise up;
The sun that was in deep sleep in mythology.
Where is that promised morning now?

*Dharmaputra who lost his kingdom
Is seeking a forest to dwell in peace;
Krishna is no longer there to carry
An errand for them to the Kouravas.
Or recite the Geetha to Arjun.
Those epic hymns have now become
Tragic poems and being ignored.
No mornings are there conveying the ripples
Of the songs of love in this earth now.
What happened to promised predictions?

* Ref: Maha Bharatha Stories

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