Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nights of love!

What else should I gift to you now?
What more should I offer to you henceforth?
Haven’t you robbed thousands of my
Tender fragrance, from the dream of
My coveted dreams, stealthily with
Its chillness and impudence, I held.
In forgetting my self, in the euphoria of your
Pleasant fondling, why did I just whisper
Only in your ears, reluctantly, and softly,
My weak resentment, for not doing it?

What song should I sing for you now?
What can I offer you?
A cherished desire you hide in your heart!
The cloud and the sweet crescent moon
In the sky had kept their door ajar and has
Commenced their love-play of the spring.
Beloved maidens of stars with shimmering eyes,
In the coy meekness in them, kept hushed silence;
Ogling the scenario in envy and with
Latent lust, brimming in their minds.

A nightingale asked its soul mate, in soft tones
Why they have forgotten to lower the wick of the lamp,
To reduce the light, to avoid the embarrassment,
Of onlookers under camouflage, in the gloom.
Ripples in the lotus pond, embraced each other,
Surreptitiously hiding behind the leaves.
Wish this night of love, remain endless,
With its cloying smiles, brimming out
Of its carnal lips and cherubic face!.

Who are you?

You are none other than all the splendour,
Existing in this world of mine!
You are none other than, all the springs
Of seasons, coming through time and space!
You are the rain, and you are the sunshine also!
My bliss, my melancholy, my pleasure,
And my agony, in the forlorn existence.
You have become my melody of dreams, I see,
And my horizon is bound to where you are.
My ocean where I dive for pearls of jubilation,
And my salvation, in the barren miseries of life;
My resurrection, for the next ensuing rebirth.

Your eyes reflect the morning glory of the dawn;
And resonate the tinkling of temple bells in your laughter.
When my mind ask me, whether I should greet in
Worship, the golden dawn or the goddess in front of me.
And the answer, creep in as a theology of Non-Duality,
Into mind and reveal a truth, as you are
The dawn, as well as my intellect also, in this world.

My Song of Songs in my dreams, lulling me to sleep;
And when I wake up, in your tongue
I need your lips, for me to smile.
I want the blooms of your eyes, for me
To see you always, when I gaze at you.
You are the mystic “OM” for me and my universe too!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Which rare moment you chose to come into
My Garden of Eden, in a divine move?
And bewitched me with a smirk, like the blooming
Of a grape vine, in the spring season.
Your knot of hair, when you loosened it, gleamed
Like dense clustered grapes, hanging down when ripe;
Swayed when you walked like a swan, and
Oscillated between your derriere.

The liquid eyes shone like the blue depth of the ocean;
And with your rosy lips you were making
Offerings of your honey in speech, on
The alter of love, with the pots of treasure on the bosom.
You entwined like a vine in the inebriation of
The rapturous ecstasy prevailed in your heart.
Immersing in bashfulness, when you realized
Looking at your own half naked body, how nude
You were at that time, in the faint light of the lamp.
You bowed your head in perplexity and
Turned voiceless, stood by my side.
You yearned to cover up your modesty
Holding a leaf of a grape wine as Greek idol,
But could not find one, immediately.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My dream boat

Though I have never seen, till this moment,
I am so familiar with your pretty lineaments.
Though I have, never heard your sweetest voice.
I know your tones and intonations, deftly
Demured, in concern and compassion of your love.
When I open the window of my humble abode,
A fragrance of commiseration, liquefied in passion,
Wafts in, with delicate temptation to sublimation.

I will whisper tunes of my adoration in your ears
Lulling you to sleep, to enter into the wings of
Sweet vivid dreams, on the golden shores of paradise;
Prepare a thousand beds of flowers, opulent in splendour,
For you to sleep and share my warmth and chill, for you
To lie down in comfort and cuddle in my arms.

In these hours, when the summer moon has blossomed,
I see the moon, in your beautiful simpering
Countenance, where the butterflies of my ardour
And love, flutters around, to imbibe the
Enervating nectar, it keeps in the pistil.
I see the life force in you, with all its emotions,
And sentiments, in the expression of your eyes.
I will keep vigil, with a soothing song to lull you,
Till the moment, your eyelids close in sleep,
For an unruffled, and exuberant repose.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eternal rhythms...

Like the crescent moon dressed like a bride
Approaching the shores of the moonlight,
Why did you come once again as a guest,
On the door step, of my barren mind?
Why did you, my beloved, come again
Fully primed to my presence?

Her tender lips held undying roseness
And in it, there remained umpteen, untold
Thirsts of parched passions.
In her doe eyes without mascara, slumbered
Many a dormant dreams, yearning to be
Aroused and enacted in days to come;
And, the sweetness of infatuation, in abundance.
She always coveted to see my mute temperament,
Created by her incessant reproaches and complaints;
Alluring my sprit with the chillness of her love, and
The ineffaceable charm, dwelling in her heart.

My fingers longed to touch and resonate the
Strings in her, which I could not awaken so far..
She has become my eternal rhythm and tone as always.

Friday, October 24, 2008

So many thanks...

Thank you, my dearest friend,
Thank you so much, indeed;
For the delightful ecstasy
You have bestowed on me;
And sitting by my side silently,
Without speaking, a word to me.
For the concern and kindness,
Overwhelming in the corner of your eyes,
Pointed at me, without me knowing it,
For the smile of the rose petal
That unfurled and sparkled on your coral lips;
For the blossoms, which fell in my palm
From the plaited hair,
Where you adorned it,
While the breeze, embraced you.

For the perfume pervading in my reveries,
Though, you went away without
Telling me anything.
For entering and exiting in my lonely
Dreams, at least for a little while,
And making me blissful;
And gifting your love into
The vital spirits of this earthen lamp
Burning in anguish...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

First love...

Flowing and swirling
Like a stream
Showering and flurrying
Like an incessant rain,
Like you have fondled
The reminiscences.
Our first love, embellished
With the fragrance
Of the soul, filling
Everything, inside the mind.

Like water blotted
By the sponge,
The clouds of desolation
Linger up above,
For writing the shadow of
Moonlight on blossoms.
You brighten up in my
Heart, by building up
Moments of strain and tension,
Revealing yourself,
As my soul mate, in this birth.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

PAR...T E D!

Though we parted our ways on that day,
Through tears flowing down our cheeks, my darling!
I will come seeking you in the sand shores,
Of the stream which changed its course
And drifted apart, into another turn.

Till such time, I will keep these fertile dreams,
And the lute of my sweet aspirations;
Also, the unlighted lamp in which I filled oil,
To illumine, in the nuptial bower;
As priceless possessions and remain waiting for
My eternal companion, in my forlorn wayside inn.
When the tree I planted, on the shores of time,
Starts sprouting with flowers and tender leaves
Emanating heavenly fragrance in the air,
I will come searching for you to your side.
And will meet together again,
Under the faint light of the night, before
The blue star, in the resplendent sky.

Here we find our longings and dreams as
Flowers, which refuse to become mere
Witnesses, of the human frailties.


When the mind engross in vacillating
Remembrances I am wearied;
I feel your finger touch,
Fondling me and that moment, turns me
Into a dew petted petal unknowingly.

Blazing immaculate desires, unquenched;
A lute emitting rhapsodies of love tenors,
Making pulsating music, with the touch of
A finger on the strings of my violin;
Like the flame of a wick held in the hand,
Piercing the gloom of silent anguish
In the mind, in the loneliness of this night;

Like the radiant glow of a moist adulation,
Spreading into the realm of lasciviousness,
When you are beside me, bestowing your
Compassion and ardour in me
My spirited passions, like the thunderous
Waves of a sea, seeing the full moon,
Settles down like a quite flowing river;
And we wander in that graceful ecstasy,
Seeking our euphoria, and jubilation.
Then turns into specks of colourful clouds
Into the magnificent evening sky.
And become the luster in the blue horizon;
Again migrating into the ether as a stroke
Of blue lightning and in half reveries
Forget everything of our existence…

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another spring...

When you recline on to my lonesome heart,
Like the tender leaves, into a rain of flowers,
You create an eternal season of evergreen spring,
Unrolling in me as a succulent tendril,
Filling me with, it’s dulcifying allurement.

The idle breeze was mischievously embracing you,
To comb your curls of hair, despite you covering it,
With your delicate fingers, to keep it still;
Like a young maiden attempting to hide her nudity.
Shuddering in the wind and shedding
The fragrant Mogra and the fanciful Sakura
Flowers from its trees, you have become
The rarest season in a life time, in this earth.

You created a heaven before me, containing
All its enrichment of ecstasies with enchantments,
Which you compressed in your boundless passions.
Making all the strings of my heart, in unison
Composing the sweetest melodies,
The celestial musicians were envying.

The enamouring dulcet of your console,
You embossed on my remorseful birth,
Will transcend through time and space, even surpassing
My demise, hiding always in my being.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A sad evening!

When you came before me, adorning your forehead
With a pinch of vermilion, I find in your eyes
Some tear drops, hesitating to fall down, my love!
Is that the melancholy of parting, or reproof,
Or ill- will that envelopes your mind now?

With handsful of astounding dreams
And moments, when silence became eloquent,
Hiding in the oyster of my soul,
I did not flee away from you or
Vanish into the unknown gloom, my beloved!

I never forgot you at all.
The bluish tinge of the moonlight in your eyes
Reflecting your tender love, is the image
I carry always in my heart, with delight.

I remember you, tremulous like a flame of the
Lamp, in the soft breeze on the festival day,
And the way your face furled like a white lotus
Looking down, with the enclosing modesty in you.
It fills my reverie as a depressing despair,
Spreading like a doleful strain of music,
Haunting my wakeful moments.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


A kiss, sweetest of its kind, and me yearning
On my lips, the deep embrace of a honey bee
Striving to take away, all the nectar in the flower.
I longed, and enthralled with my imagination.
My bashfulness, was hesitating to prevent it
From happening in such an amiable amour.

In the morning when you were quarreling with me
While we sat in the garden; the cool breeze
Wafted us, bringing us in intense intimacy.
I became another vine entwining with you
Under the arbor of jasmine, awakening infinite
Reveries in the mind, and merriment.
I was trembling; my chest was heaving and throbbing.
Yet, my coy meekness, could not avoid the temptation
Of holding your lips, under mine for a long time,
In the twilight of the magnificent evening;
Stirring the soul and carrying us away into
Avalon and we never desired to come back.

When the cold soft breeze was caressing us
And you stood close to me bidding farewell,
On the shore of the sea with its trillions of
Pearl white blossoms in the froth, in glee,
I became another wave hugging those flowers
On the beach, came near you, with the agog
Of licking away your treads on the sands.
Yet, my shyness made me reluctant, to prevent me
Falling on to your chest, and embracing you in my frenzy.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

For once...

Could you for once, listen to my beckoning you?
I am sinuous like an empty sound,
With sobs, sighs and signs flowing towards you.
In the wilderness of anguish, I was wondering
And probing my mirage, of my passions.
The dreams I beheld has corroded
By the storm generated by, endless time.
Blossomed sweetness of frangipani, in the garden,
Has disappeared from the decrepit life.
Have you forgotten me altogether?

You are sleeping on a bed spread out
With innumerable memories, of our togetherness;
Titillating the emotions, every day,
Permeating the aroma of a forest of sandalwood.
My distress turned to hymns, smothering
Your tender limbs and cuddling you in your slumber.

Did you drift away from me, sharing all your
Love and tenderness, in compassion, leaving
Me abandoned and despondent and in deep anguish?
Deserting me and taking away your alluring adoration.
Can’t you for once attend my call just to
Understand my plight and how I feel about it?

Saturday, October 11, 2008


The raging waves of the ocean, seeks the shores;
Rays are searching the lamp to shine;
Passions are sought by a vibrant heart;
Intense intimacy is desired through emotions.
Where is the conscience of man?

In the plain of conscience, writhing in pain
Reveal the lines, drawn in water by illusions.
Generations sat waiting hearkening the trampling
Of hooves, of the horse of time.
The seasons with rain and summer
Spring and winter lay swooned
On the naked bosom, of the earth.
The virgins of seasons danced in exuberance,
And exited, from the mega stage of this globe.

The earth below the pyre where a dead body
Was cremated, nurture a carnation,
In the same place, where the ashes remain,
Mixed with the soil, greeting the remains.
The garden where blossomed the flowers of imagination
For long, is now searching sand and desert.
The mind has become blind and is now
Rummaging for a spectacle, and is hunting
For composure, in the neighbourhood bar!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The many faces of truth.

Tomorrow, today and yesterday
We continue to traverse the times;
Imbeciles do their calculations,
Smart ones drown in fuddling.
Truth melts like butter;
Glitter like gold; at times turns to
Become beautiful poetry;
Changes its seasons in the body,
And could be seen in its purity,
When you seek for it!

It can change the tears into nectar;
The dream about heaven could be
Unfurled, in this earth itself.
Flowers hesitating to wither and fall down;
Warm kisses springing out from trembling lips;
Immortal festivities of the spring;
All are enshrined in truth.

After burying me in a tomb,
Time has become the custodian.
Do I have a birth once more?
Will I have a resurrection from here?

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Your grief belongs to you only!
Your paths have to be traversed by you only;
By swimming in search of consolation
You only will become wearied; A mirage!

The earthen lamp which ignited your hopes
Yesterday, has fallen down and shattered;
Faith changed its ways and facies;
Exhalation prepares, pyres for the dead;
Moral values and treatise on ethics,
Relates stories in riddles on destiny;
And forget everything, in ruse of
Of empathy, with a mask of benevolence..

Which is the next shore?
Like the rainbow in the sky;
Like the lurid light of the moon,
Ardent aspirations clasped to the bosom,
Fade away into oblivion, and time
Stands looking at it, with a detached attitude
Of a recluse, stupefied, dumbfounded!

Filled with anguish, and dismal dreams,
The earth silently stretches down below
And up above the blue horizon!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Strange thirsts...

A thirst in the senses, every moment;
A unique desire unable to unravel
A fiesta and carnival of ecstasies,
A rhythm so wonderful and exciting.

WOMAN! Her image and its alluring halo,
Always beckoning you, to be near her.
The flaming radiance of undying embers
Flaring in the sinews, of man.
Her words turn to rapturous lullaby
In the innermost temple of his thoughts
WOMAN! Her adoration and tenderness
The spell of inebriation ingrained in it;
And the dormant dew drops lying frozen
In the countless veins of the avid man;
Her movements before him always
Fill exhilaration, in his mind, and make him randy.
That is how the great sculptor designed
His masterpiece, to entice the poor fellows!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A condemned birth!

Women! A tear drop lurking in the eyelids.
The first sculptor kneaded and mixed with tears,
The clay and modeled a figure and gave it a name
The name woman, in defiance of her weakness.
A condemned birth of a being!

The first man and the modern man did not make any
Difference or composure to her, in her life.
All the passion and excitement of the man is limited
To the attraction, contained in her body only;
On the exterior beauty, of her whole being.
And the lust and thirst for her body remained same.
Always, everywhere, and around her.

In the nuptial bower, in the whore house,
In the street, in usual places, he is after her looks only.
It made her a slave only, constantly, continuously.
It dishonored and ignored her intellect and consciousness;
Her talents, her creativity, and thoughts…
The selfish, egotistic, supercilious, nincompoop,
The man, forgetting it is his mother,
Who is turned to the bone of contention.
But a strong strand of hay to hold on in a deluge
A haven to return to, in chaos, as a refuge...

Monday, October 6, 2008

You never knew...

Yet, you never understood my fervour;
You never ventured to wipe my moistened eyes,
With your lips through your embellishing kisses,
You never heard the throbs of my soul, reaching
You as feeble strains from the lute of my heart!

You came into my life with out me knowing
Your proximity to my soul;
And sat on the flower bedecked throne of
My life’s life, where I weaved my dreams.

With the libation of my bashfulness, in my hand,
I hid behind you, looking down
On the carpeted floor, softly wafting you to cool
With my ravishing imaginations of a
Lascivious scenario, in my mind.

Can’t you be present in my life always,
Showering the ecstasy of ambrosia,
For us to live together for ever and ever?
In the golden dreams , I own and behold;
In my eyes as a flowering season;
In my mornings as a psalm of adulation;
In my evening, a resplendent horizon;
Till my body, spirit and my world, are
Enraptured by the dexterities of
The enchanting arrows of Cupid.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


It takes only few moments
To change the attires, we are adorning.
We are playing a game of attires,
Disguises, without any premonitions,
Without any screen play.
A dress for mourning; a dress for joy;
We are enacting a shadow play
All the time of our life, inadvertently.

When the sky weeps, and the spring disappear,
The winter laughs, without telling anyone,
Without knowing anything, innocently
It crosses the sands of time;
And the full moon is yet to come,
To show its elegance and verve.

Where is the refuge in this dense jungle?
In the night of torrential rain, and darkness.
Are we not wandering aimlessly
Having lost our way, in these mythical hours?
When we change this attire and adorn another one
Does our insight and inner eye overwhelm with tears?
When one dream fade out and another unfold
Do we laugh or weep at that time?
Where is virtue; where is truth?
What is the next attire? Which is the act and stage?
Where is a shelter in this highway?
Is the curtain being raised for the shadow play
To commence again in the life?

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Like the lotus, innocently unfurls its petals,
When the first rays of the morning sun
Smother its love on it, detained through the night;
Like the tender tendrils of the jasmine, adorns
A thrill on its vine, while the softest breeze breath on it;
Why am I vacillating so much, when I see your countenance?
May be my adoration is of that magnitude in my heart;
For me to adapt into that state of mind!

When you drift away from me at times,
I follow you like a shadow without your knowledge.
I will keep a wick, to light the lamp, to see your
Magical smile unfurling on your lips, in that glow,
In the gloom, of the night, I am waiting for such a moment.

Like the musk sealed in a chest, still emanates
The sweet fragrance, intoxicating the breeze,
My desires will flurry naively, beautifying
My golden dawns, and vermilion dusks.

I have been kissing and kissing each of your
Dreams, and they swooned and turned dormant

Thursday, October 2, 2008

That morning

While one more night was bidding farewell
Droning a ditty, the day light was inflowing.
You turned to be a soul stirring feather
Floating through the air, to my side

Wandering in the wilderness for many a days
You remained with me, as an alluring dream,
In my heart, enervating my spirit and
Titillating, my aspirations in life.
You stand beside me with an ardent desire,
Like the unfurling of a petal, before my eyes?

Lying down in my desolate bed,
With my sobs and sinuous tears of grief,
In the early hours of that misty dawn;
After caressing my forehead, with a kiss,
Discreetly coming in disguise, as a soft
Breeze, perfumed by your ever radiant love,
And compassion, unbounded and uncanny.