Friday, August 7, 2009

Signature of hearts…

Among these shadows where births and
Deaths generate floral designs,
The memories break on the forsaken pavements
Of the heart, groan in their ripples.
The rivers meander playing the strings on their lute;
And there arise the image of a new saga!

Here you and me met in an influx
To perform some roles in sequence and
Before the concluding verse of the play,
We did our exit and vanished into thin air.
The wings of destiny that scattered us
Into the far corners of the earth, may now
Bring us together again, to resume the play
As a sequel, with a different scenario.

This is the lot of frustrated souls in this planet.
Not knowing what will happen through
Years, whether it is sweet or bitter,
Reunion or separation or enjoyment
Till heart’s content, or desolation until the grave.
Every spring bring new flowers to the nature;
While the nectar trickle from the eyes of the blossoms
They wilt and perish falling down.
Could hearts that drift away regain
The confidence and be together now?

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