Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A time to love…

Tell me why you have failed to come here;
Like the froth of silence that could not
Embrace the shore, retreating with its
Lost liveliness, though yearning to meet.
The moon is shining till the early morn,
As the emission of the night, in despair.

I waited for you, in the tower
Haunted by the cooing doves.
The eternal clusters of stars were
Smouldering through midnight,
In tune with my frustrations.
The strings of my heart were straining
As the nightingale sang a strain.
Won’t you come near the window,
Drawing the curtains away
And sing to me secretly?
A song to revitalize;
A song to resurrect me
From the rancid grave of miseries.
Come gliding through the breeze;
Shower on me your love for ever,
As a dazzling rainbow of dreams…
My longings stand like trees on
The wayside, giving shelter and shade
To the passers by from the scorching heat.

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