Sunday, November 25, 2012


You are the waning moonlight
A teardrop of my life, lurking on the eyelids,
The swansong of my adoration, in my being,
Blobs of tears oozing out of the grief stricken heart,
Awaiting to hear the footsteps of spring,
Approaching around the corner, of seasons.
You, the blossom of the rainbow, fading out from my life.
You the radiance of my sunshine!

This earthen cage implore you with agony in my heart,
Not to leave me alone, in this horrid wilderness
Where not a shade or mirage could be seen,
No oasis, no stream, no date palms…
You are the mute song of a flower;
The festival of music, in my weary soul.
Are you flying away from me, for ever,
Into your horizon, among the angels?
Your eyes are not moist, not laden with tears.
Your voice is too feeble; I cannot discern
What you are trying to tell me.

Love is an eternal prayer.
A constant prayer, blessing the one you love.
With all the goodness, and eternal joy.
It will always rise like a fountain,
From the heart of my thoughts, for you!