Friday, July 10, 2009


Where are we now?
In heaven,
Or in the midst of a dainty dream?
Or in an imaginative world of
The celestial musicians?
Are those the lights of the earth?
Or the stars in the Milky Way?
Or music or musical notes that
Reverberates in the ramparts of heaven?
The milky clouds are making a canopy
Over the mansions, there.
In the wizardry of flamboyance
Perception becomes pulsating.
Let us float in these festivities
And fondle the embellishing loveliness.
The sky is looking down in
Bashful connivance to placate us,
And watching the revelry in the earth.
Jubilation blooming in the
Roistering, inebriate us now.
Let us forget everything, and
Plunge in these delights…

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