Saturday, May 24, 2014


                                                              Whither  Thou?

Self immolation, suicides, manslaughter,
And rapes are becoming pillars of life;
Unknown someone is programming
Our lives remotely, as a parody of
A T.V. serial, without start or end
Of a story, that has no meaning,
Pertinence or reason in it.
Basic rights are pilfered somewhere
On the way, making it unfeasible
To express real apprehensions and
Dreams of the human mind, as they
Are plundered or looted away from life.

Man is discarded as an already broadcasted
Programme, rather than being a programmer
Of his life, that can be created to suit him.
Lasciviousness is honoured as masculinity,
In the culture of capitalist society.
A contract made up with the devil!
World has become a hunting ground
Like whale hunt, tiger hunt,
Women hunt, gold hunt, and sex hunt...
Life is deteriorating as an epic of failures;
And man is a helpless creature in that void.