Friday, July 17, 2009

Goodbyes are for ever…

Somewhere here lies the plumes
Of the peacock as my desires;
Somewhere there, are the broken
Pieces of those bangles..
Have lost everything;
Have forgotten the pathways also;
How long can this grief be sustained,
In this play house of life,
And how long can the tears be shed?
Heart throbs turned into voices
And diffused,In prayers;
And the spirit soared up.

Love blazed in the heart, like golden flames.
Love is like flaming wicks in a chandelier;
Like the weeping cries of small children.
It is now time to bid farewell and depart!

To day your hands will gild with Henna from
The crimson blood, oozing out of my heart.
I will say my last prayers to my endearing dreams,
And bury them in the coffin of my failures.
Why did you sing the lines of your love,
That does not allow me to sleep and keep me awake?
Why did you come to roost in this nest of mine,
If you ever intended to fly off and never return?.

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