Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lost Horizons of heart!

And suddenly the sky lost its clouds
The lonely shores were then whimpering.
Yonder in a corner of the horizon
There appeared a solitary starlet.
The blue sky was bidding farewell
To her paramour as he disappeared,
Among the splendor of its watery bier.
Alone she stood there waiting in woe.
Someone was singing a dirge in distress
About forsaken and forlorn love…

The moonlight receded into the shadows
As the song faded away into the distance,
As was the imprints of her foot treads
In the sands of my reminiscence.
The swarthy clouds waited, impregnated with
Raindrops, to clinch the good earth,
That stood impatiently for the union.

You came on the swing of my perception;
My conscious, unaware of the serenade,
Like a dream without images and
Flew into the kingdom of my love
I saw a flicker in your window
Like a shadow of butterflies in flight.
Then I heard the rustle of your footsteps.
Wafting through the breeze, in rhythm.
My passions soared high in a chariot
Among the golden moonlight, searching for
The nectar inside the ebullient blossoms there.
I keep you in my sight eternally through eons
Like a gleaming diamond in my soul.
Why are you silent in my presence?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love letter

I wrote a message of my love, to give to my Beloved
While the adoring full moon was attempting
To engrave a melody on the manifold clouds
In the pallid silence of the night;
A letter that could not be perceived or deciphered
By the naked eye, on the resplendent pages of
The heart, overwhelming with endearments.
With a pen of my imagination and the blissful
Reminiscence, quivering in the mind.
I wrote it as a garland of musical sounds:
My desires, without you knowing it, my Beloved.
You have dissolved in me already like
The fleecy clouds hugging the sky;
Your smiles settled in me like waves
Of ecstasy in the ocean, embracing the shore.
And now that budding love unaware among us
Will encompass as the spring blossoms,

Thursday, February 4, 2010


God created the seven seas with tears;
And time erected an edifice of anguish and grief
In love with sighs, erupting in the hearts.
Honeycombs of love turned to sweet sighs,
And glitzy dreams became embers in the ash,
That chilled us with frustration.

The sunlight faded as the night greeted darkness
With a dulcimer in hand holding close to the breast;
And sang its melody into the depth of the gloom.
Singing the strains, blooming in the cloud
Springing from love, forsaken.

What is the cause of the unhappiness in the soul;
That is hearkened by the ocean;
Diffusing its angst fizzing in the heart?
My beloved! You come back to me!
It is safe to moor in this harbour of bliss