Monday, November 19, 2007

Is it true......

Is it a dream?
I often wonder…
Is it spring time?
I guess so….
As I realized the joy of a blooming flowers,
I wonder if I can cherish the gem
I got from the several black tunnels
On the sordid path of my life.,
Can I lie down and sleep under
The shade of a green tree
Which promise me protection?

My heart knows only one melody,
The lullaby of a friend.
Will you ever believe me if
I say “yes, it’s a dream come true.”

In the darkest shadows of my mind
You brought a lamp, lighted it and
Drove those shadows of melancholy, away.
My life was desolate, and you filled
It with the rays of the sunlight, and hope.

Do not leave me in this lurch,
In the whirlpool of this life ;
Lest I get lost in the alleys
Of life’s tempest
Once again….And perchance
If I ever…

Remember, I will be somewhere
Around, on the surface of this earth,
And you too, I don’t know….

Sunday, November 18, 2007

ME.....who is you........

Like the fragrance emanating
From the sodden earth after the first rain;
Like the never ending water bubbles
Overflowing from the spring of your love;
Like the flames of cold wintry blueness
Of a moon lit night in January……

I still remember those wee hours of the night
When you walked in….
Then I saw you in the darkness of the lonely
Nights, when the Night queen blossomed
And in the twilight
When the petals of the Pansies withered….

Then you flew away deep into the silvery clouds
In a long moan……
Was that the chaste love of a puny butterfly

Finally, leaving a cloud of suspicion in my mind
As to who you were…….

My mind after an interlude of a semi second, softly asked me
Again.......”Were you me?’…..or….myself?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

OUR LOVE......

The face is the mirror of the mind
The smiles, the garden, where blooms the dreams
The voice turn to be the waves of the emotions
My beloved, you are the idol of love.

Your heart throbs chants magical words
In soft tunes, intoxicate me
Into a mesmerized spell.
Awakens me with the sweetness
Of an ardent kiss on my parched lips.

The yearning of our hearts, to embrace,
And cling to the arms of each other,
Puts me to slumber- a passionate trance.
Take me to a green lush island
Of strange, soft tenderness…