Friday, August 28, 2009

Out of sight…

My beautiful! You have borrowed
The delicacy of a flower, and the
Mind of a doe, with immaculate chillness
Of the nature, in its exquisiteness.
I have removed my sandals at the gate
Of your welcoming chamber, to tread
On the sacred floor that leads to it.
You led me clasping your fingers
Around my palm to a bed of eiderdown
Strewn with dreams of delights.
A desire awakened in the heart
To sit beside you, holding your
Tender fingers and caressing it,
Look into the depth of your
Blue turquoise eyes where
The love lurks profoundly;
To satiate the zest, to talk to you those
Unsaid things, to be fulfilled and completed...

I waited so long in the meadow where
Your tender memories sprouted.
The moon was moving away after
Wiping its face, on the towel of clouds.
Then you came near me as the air,
Without a tinkle of your bangles;
Without a peel of your golden anklets,
And covered my eyes, with your beatific fingers!

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