Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The final act…

What made us to call a flower, love that withers
When it is only half unfurled?
Why did we call the breath taking magnificence
Of a rainbow, that can always melt
In the tears, a maiden?
Why do we a call a hornbill, which is always thirsty,
The desire or passion or lust, in the human mind?
Why do we call that butterfly hoping around
Pretty flowers, an alluring dream?
Why that crystal platter that shatters, when dropped
In the earth, is called the human mind?
Why do you call an uninvited guest
Coming into our life, the destiny?
Why do we call a comedian who arrives
At the most inopportune moment into the play,
Unannounced and unexciting, DEATH?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Of promises and resolutions...

31st December, AD> (any year)
“Thanks a thousand times.. Thank you once again;
For years you were roosting in my bosom with your love;
In your desolate hours and the intervals in your offline hours
You were always with me as, my exhaled breath.
Sharing your warmth on my body and soul,
With the fragrance of vibrant lasciviousness.
Thus far, and no further from now on!
From to-morrow we are becoming strangers.
You are alienated. estranged, and no more in my life.”

They stood in the shade of the lonely rain tree;
His lips were quivering in the vicissitudinous emotion,
Her eyes were gloomy and teardrops hesitated to fall down.
He took the last puff from the smoldering cigarette.
That was ready to cinder its filter in the next moment.
He threw out the filter of the fag.
No more smoking from to-morrow!

Time stopped!. The traffic screeched to a halt!
Earth stopped its rotation on its axis!
There was no airin the atmosphere to breathe.
Everything at a standstill!
None of these happened….
No thunderstorms and lightning!
Even the merciful gods did not
Shower flowers from heaven, as a markof appreciation!

Everyone knew that tomorrow will witness
Him scrambling for discarded butts of
Those cigarette stubs for another long puff.
And she will again stand in the shade of the rain tree
Awaiting the sound of his treads on the sand.
One more year is chugging out...

Monday, December 29, 2008

I am drowning in dreams…

Could you tell him about the love in my heart,
When you see him next, my dearest breeze?
Whatever my heart speaks you can
Whisper into his ears, softly,
And I am sure, your tinkling bangles
Will laugh out loud, at my stupid words,
Looking in the mirror of the placid river.
When the blue sky spread its peacock plumes,
A blossom starts smiling from the top of a tree.
My quivering desires became a ruby
In my heart yearning to hear his coquetry,
And to chatter my replies, garnished with love.

When I stand reticently near him
And my desires fuming inside like a volcano;
When I flee away playfully without answering
Him, and mutter my reproaches for being late.
As I desire with passion to see him again,
And to close my eyes, lest I see his trembling
Lips seeking to close on mine lustfully,
I am covered with a sweet bashfulness
And turn numb, stupefied and shudder.
But my dear friend, don’t tell him those things.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Forest flames!

The Forest Flames were full of fiery blooms
Like the wood was set on fire.
The spring has arrived and all around
The nature attained puberty, her cheeks
Reddened and her eyes brightened.
How come your affections, turned to become
A tambourine, emiting vibrant music?
Which thoughts made the elixir for you,
To become, the cloyingness of a romantic poem?

You disappeared from the pathway,
Where the embers of the evening sun was
Glowing, like the lodestar of the evening sky.
How many rains and monsoons came in and retreated,
And scorching summer came and receded?
How many full moons, how many springs,
Went away silently, smothering the forlorn life?
I mounted your memories like the idol of
A deity, clasped in my chest, grappling them.

In this valley, where the Gulmohar blossomed,
Where the stars of flowers, flourish in glee,
When can I see the alluring countenance again?
When do I hear the endearing voice again?
I am waiting here, to glance once again
That love smitten smile, enamouring my life.
Are you grinning like a Carnation
Held in the palms of destiny?

Friday, December 26, 2008

A present from God!

We cannot find God in His heaven, and
As well, could not find Him in this barren
Earth also; He is missing altogether…

He is now sitting cool in our minds only,
And the greatest present He has given
Sitting there, is the gift of a beautiful
Lamp we call Love, ever radiating
Its magnificence in glory, to all.
Keep that lamp clean, wash it,
Polish it, pour oil in it, and add a wick
And light the golden flame;
Protect it from the hurricane lest it extinguish;
Make sure there is sufficient oil in it, always,
To keep the flame, ever glowing.
Carry it to enlighten others thoughts.
If ever we forget that any time,
Time is keeping a vigil to put it out,
Walking along with us, waiting for a chance.
Beware! It is a precious gift of the Almighty.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Of human bondage...

Through tear filled eyes,
Through silent anguish.
Souls being separated;
The pangs of desolation
Is unknown to the cruel destiny!
Like sharing and partitioning
Gold, jewelry and wealth,
Never try to cut and tear away
The heart, of its cloying relations;
Never splinter and separate it.

The five elements of the universe have
Adorned you, the attire you are wearing,
On your soul and you never had a choice
To decide on what ever you desired;
Even if your attire is removed at
Your death, do not attempt to
Break away from a relationship of
The heart, because you are merely
A witness of a story being unfolded
On its own, without your effort or
Fancy or desire, or aspirations.
Do not interrupt its natural evolutions!


Ages come, transform and come again.
Winds change its directions very often;
Unpredictable changes occur in their path.
Shores melt into the ocean and then
Become coastlines again through time.
Like the story of life, it continues for ever.
And continuously transcends all predictions.
A string of black clouds will exit the stage,
After intermittent rains in their seasons;
And the spectacular rainbow, appear in splendour.
The face of truth hidden among gold and wealth
Will shine in the morning glory, of another eon.

The anguish burning in the eyes of the down trodden
Will bloom, as a fiery star among the populace.
And in it every sweet desires and dreams
Will deliver a world, where liberty, and
Equality with fraternity will prevail.
That is the big dream! Rejoicing
A vision of true Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

HEART!... a woman...

At the time of creation, how did
God manage to mould and create
The heart of Eve, from the primordial soup,
In the beginning of this universe?
What were the properties He used, to make it?
Stone? Granite? Or even clay, that dare not
Dissolve in the grief stricken tears of man?

We perceive and feel, in there exist
Thousands of gloomy dungeons, where
Sunlight fears to penetrate all the times;
And caverns deep, in the unknown hells;
And Valley of Baca, the valley of tears;
The gateway towers with its illusory paths
Where ghosts and zombies roam and shelter.
Who has ever seen the heavenly mystical
Streams of love, meandering, through it?
No one could probe or open that fortress yet.

Poets, who wrote love poems, thought they have the key!
Scientists, philosophers and musicians all
Expounded theories, believing, they have found the truth...
Nevertheless, to probe the intricacies of the
Mysteries, all failed in to-to, and dismally.
Still she burns a million dreams daily
In the furnace of the sacrificial fires
Of her mind, and time grins at it…

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Withering flowers of life

Love is a flower which withers and falls down
Before it unfurls, out of the tender bud.
It is a smile, liquefying in the incessant waves
Of the ocean of woes and tears.

God created man and woman, in the beginning
With a spirit of contentment and a smile,
As he felt good and happy about it.
Finally he created the emotion of love in the heart
Of man and woman, with a halo of divinity
And purity over that, as a quality.
After that he might have been crying about
His foolishness, and for a moment repented his act.

A poor moth believing it to be a flower
Encounter the flame of a lamp,
And burn out its life.
Whatever the eye has earned in this world,
Is dissolved and perish for ever, by the eyes,
In the sands of time and lost in the ocean of tears.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As in an atom, protons and neutrons,
Electrons and nucleus, revolve in orbital;
So is the solar system, the sun, planets
And satellites are in motion eternally;
Revolving, rotating, orbiting around the beloved
Nucleus, always tending to close in, in its orbit
With active positive charge, embedded in it.

The role of the sun is like vibrant and intense love;
The lover always in orbital around
The beloved earth, seeking proximity
And always remain in the vicinity.
None of them have any options or desire
To change their paths of orbit;
It goes on desiring a fusion.

Humans also have the same urge in the mind
And are unable to change the path of their
Love and death, while living in this earth.

When we dine sumptuously, on delicious dishes,
We applaud the chef for his culinary skills,
But fail to think about the slaughter of
Those dumb creatures, which appear in the platter.
We kill, and relish devouring the carcass,
And become forlorn and desolate unintentionally,
In the case of love also, at the very inception...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Death’s gateway…

With the blooms of tears spurting in her eyes,
In the soft sunlight of her remembrances,
Who is she bowing in reverence with
Downcast eyes like a psalm, before
Your final resting place,... like a
Heart rendering psalm, all alone?

You have measured the invaluable love
In terms of immense wealth and money;
And bartered it, at the cost of your tears.
Why did such a rich maiden
Await even today straining to hear a din?
Is there a heart, throbbing in the depth of
This sepulcher, calling out your name from there?
Is it possible to hear the resonance of voices,
Which has been swallowed by some mysterious silence?
Could a heart stricken by the death blow
And cut off into a hundred pieces
Resurrect from the dead and beckon a beloved?
Except that a hundred blossoms will bloom
In the earth, from the blood spilled there by the assailant!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Whom do you search in the gloom
Down below, with tear drops in your eyes;
As dew on the petals of the rose in the dawn?
Did your smile become pallid
As it withered, on the forlorn shores
Of some dreams, flamboyant
With magical ecstasies embedded,
Sizzling there with lustful passions?

Did any unknown rhythms of music
Awaken in your heart, any time now?
Did desires and ardent ardour
Smother your musings?
Do you keep open the mystic doors
Of your mind filled with anguish?
And dedicate cadent musical
Melodies, dunk in unsullied love?

Do you smoulder and burn
In excruciating dreams, of your slumbers?
Can you spill laughter through tears?
Could you meditate in penance sporadically
Like a vibrant reverie in the darkest
Dungeons of dismay and desolation now?