Friday, July 3, 2009

Stray birds…

I sat there when the rain receded to
See that face so pretty as the rainbow.
Would you recognize me if I approached
In your sight as the ebullient chillness
Of the air around you enveloping in
The miasma of my endearment?
Would you not see the crimson red rose
You behold adoringly in your bosom?
The music that flows out of that lute
You play, melting in the ether
And through the ripples of that divine song,
I can reach the shores of eternal love.

I can adorn your chest with garland of
Snow white jasmine flowers, so pure and
Enfold you and shower a thousand kisses.
Why did you wait there without talking even
A word for a moment and leave silently?
What made you to vanish, without listening
To the incessant songs of my dissipated dreams?
The eloquent memories in the silence of my
Isolated hours turn out as songs and
Resonate in the wind, like stray birds now...

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