Sunday, August 29, 2010


Keep in your memory, keep
Each moonlit night we had together.
Remember how the breeze was fondling
Each leaves and flowers around us;
Like my love caressing you, each
Cell of your body, and soul.

Keep the memory of the rain that
Showered nectar in our minds,
And the night, when the moon
Peeped to see our amorous
Caresses, from behind the clouds,
The stars closing their timid eyes
In coy meekness, with a tremor,
And the mist covered us with its
Fragrant veil of a damask muslin.
The Night Queen opened its petals
To view the lovers lying entangled
In a fury, of ardent passions.

Keep that memory when our souls
Talked in mute pleasant silence;
When your thirsty lips were chasing mine,
Our cheeks rubbing in unison.
My hands holding you tight in my grasp,
When tears of delight welled up in your eyes.

Keep remembering all these, always;
And remember a petite soul will be
Here, waiting for you to come back
Till the end of time, all alone.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


The old kite got ensnared on the branch
Of a tree, swaying in the evening wind.
My heart is endeavouring to loosen
The thread, to fly a new kite; striving
To locate the flimsy string that vanished
In the ether, beyond my sight.

Piercing the vast empty space of the
Horizon, my eyes wander among the clouds
And the far celestial heights.
I feel only at my finger tips, the tension
Of the unseen thread that links with the kite.

In the fading twilight, I should
Rewind the thread back to its reel,
With care, not to break it.
Then I discern the fluttering black flaps
Of my kite high above, while the evening
Crawled away from the sky over the black wings
Of the kite; sans thread, sans sky, sans clouds.
Only the humming wind remained;
And me holding the broken end of the string…

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Life, magnificent life..
Man, what a beautiful name!

The wind adores the fragrance,
And the bamboo pipes loves music,
The earth and the sky,
The shores and the waves,
The river and the sea,
The nature and the Creator,
Are they not in harmony?

Is there anything created
That does not like each other?
Do we have any proof against this?

The sextet notes, the rhythm and beats,
Any song or music without them?
Any emotions, any play?
Any literature in the world?

Any hearts, which do not imbibe
The slumber and dreams in it,among lovers?
Is there a romantic moment without it?

Is there any vision, not awakened by
Amour, infatuation, and obsession or
Hopes, all sublimed in unison?

Is there a splendored imagination
Without music, love and romantic awakening,
And fulfillment of life?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In a tiny dream...

On the wings of an alluring tiny dream
If I could fly to your presence now!
I could have a glimpse of you
to my heart's content;
I could hear your mellifluous voice;
I could share your grief and soothe you;
I could be with you, leaning on my bosom...

I wanted to cry, holding you close,
I wanted to embolden your sore heart,
With the fluff of my kisses and
The balm of my timeless love.
From the day you left me,
With tears flowing down my cheeks,
I have been carrying my coffin,
Wandering through the wilderness
Of my desolate despondency.

Won’t you come back, to me
My magnificent angel,and hover
Among the clouds of my rueful heart?
Your silver streaks may transform
Me into a dazzling spectrum....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The tender mood brims over the mind
Of the silent love between us;
Though unremembered,
Though withered, it is again blooming
On the golden shores of
Love, in the morning glory...

Unknowingly I kept my love for her
In the fathoms of my eyelids.-
She came softly with silent strides
Gasping in her breath,
Purring and grazing against my cheeks.
She kissed on my half closed eyelids
With moist lips, ardent with her love.
She learned to hum my unseen poetry
Unknowingly when I was aloof.
She used to hold this shivering violin
Hard pressed on her bosom.
I know not, how much, and why I loved this
Mother of Pearl! throughout my existence.