Monday, August 3, 2009

Rains and rains…

In the eyes the splendour of the rainbow
On the lips the crimson glow of that hue;
You bloomed stealthily with the majesty
Of a rainbow, before me innocently.

The charm of a rainbow on a day
When the pearls of raindrops laughed
Peeling with its tinkle as the rain paved
Its gossamer threads in tides.
The raindrops lurking on your quivering
Breast and the bangles adorned on your
Pretty hands with the raindrops and those
Grazing over your body decieve me.
I no longer know, which is more gorgeous;
You, or the showering rain in all its splendour.
Your fingers playing on the strings of rain;
Your laughter emitted from those strings;
The chill you feel from the splatter and
The dreams hidden under the rain of passion…
I am sitting here in the midst of such rain clouds...

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