Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Blossoming at the touch of a finger,
Cooing like a frightened dove
In the chillness of the winter;
Allow me to touch you for once!
You are looking so gorgeous to-night!
You have the wings of the rainbow
In its perfect ostentation, after the rain.
You are the image affluent in my thoughts.
The voice of your dalliance lurks and
Resound in the ears as endless echoes.
When you sing an alluring song
The beats flash in my eyes as lightning strokes.
A flame which no others can see!
I am yearning in my wait for that great moment
When I can see you, talk and caress
Hold you in my arms, sing a song and
Suck the nectar, from your lips.

These passions enliven me, filling my desolate
Moments, giving a fillip to my life.
The passing breeze whisper some amorous
Tidbits in your ears and make your cheeks blush;
A thousand stars twinkling up, kissed on the
Corner of your eyes, made them shimmer.
What are you waiting for, standing there
As an idol, on the banks of that stream?
I am here only, with an April shower in my heart!.

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