Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It rained vermillon on the sky,
And the evening was bidding farewell.
Tell me, my beloved heaven!,
Are you deserting your own daylight?
Your ravishing cheeks are sodden with tears.

While I am trailing your shadow,
Are you fleeing away from me,
Into the wilderness, far away?
My beautiful! Whenever you are getting away
I feel you are emerging closer, abutting into my heart..

The last scene in the final act of the play of love, has ended.
The viewers have emptied their seats.
What are you seeking?
You have forgotten to sing your lines,
In the play, again.
Your flute, also has fallen in the quagmire.
Your loving one has languished into
The utter darkness of the night..
Wallowing through tears, lugging moans in the chest.

In the cremation ground of desolate dreams
You stand in front of the pyre, and watch this squalid sight..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Illimitable dazzling blue sky,

The ocean of eternity;

The earth, the sun and the moon

Are swans playfully swimming in the pond

Of this vast expanse of deep space.

The millions of stars and galaxies

Are the snow bubbles emanating

In among the waves of this eternal

Ocean, always in motion in time and

The infinitude of the Space.

This unknown lover has been waiting

From infinity of time immemorial,

Without beginning or end, for

A beloved without identity.

In every full moon night he prepares

An ornate golden throne for her in the heavens,

And in frustration when she is not coming

And he could not meet her, sheds his tears

In despair from the clouds, with the fierce wrath

Of thunder and lightning, inundating the earth.

An unfulfilled hope enshrined in the heart!

As an analogy the ocean reached its hands

To grapple the setting golden sun

Into its bosom, and vermillion sky also

Attempted to hide the sun in the gloom of

Its hair locks, but was foiled and discomfited.

And the sun acquiesced to the effort of the sea.

Embracing with fond affection like zealous lovers

They together went into the nuptial bower to

Spend the night in lascivious splurges, and to rise

Up early in the morning with a suffused blush

On the cheeks, and a contented grimace.