Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dreams are for ever…

I just can’t assimilate the truth even now,
That you are not, (what I thought), near me.
To understand you are away
The fingers of the dawn should not
Enter into the kingdom of my sleep,
Softly touching the window panes,
And awaken me from my stupor!
The ripples in the river should cease
When the wind blows over the placid water,
And remain calm in silent acquiescence!

The fragrance of fresh rains should not
Emerge from the fertile soil while it embraces,
And conceive, receiving the semen into its womb!
The doves coming back to its nests for
Roosting, in the twilight of dusk should stop
Cooing,as making complaints of love to its mate!
The wind should stop its rustling with pranks,
Like uttering words through loud laughter!

The sparks dazzling from the pyre of my grave
Scatters over the stage where I was;
As I make my egress with my ruffled music
And crippled steps, of my dance.

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