Thursday, August 20, 2009

Until you return...

Pathways created by the cruel destiny;
Souls bidding farewell on its sojourn;
Scorching desires of the heart;
Anguish spreading over everywhere….

Silence grows up watching this scenario;
Life stream floods over embankment;
Distressing in the eddies in its effort to succumb.
Flowers wither and scatter in the breeze;
Days are diffusing in suppressed sobs;
And fall out in the depth of misery and despair.
Life prolongs indifferently and unconsciously.

Dawn will break up one day, carrying
The fragrance of a dream in the wind
Desires will flutter with a thousand wings
The Night Queens will bloom in the forlorn gloom,
And its sweet scent will permeate in the air.
Won’t you come back as the moon light that gloom?

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