Monday, August 24, 2009

Again the spring!

Let the stars draw up your shadow
Do not close your doe eyes or disrupt
Those bangles in your delicate hands.
The evening sky has disappeared
From the horizon after mixing the gorgeous
Colours on the palette to paint your
Stunning image, in the script of the moonlight.

I stood silently in the gloom of the night;
My reflections ambling through the Greek legends.
The moon disappeared among the crowd of clouds.
I hear the beats of a refrain as a rhapsody again
In my ears, and your melodious song beside me.
The nightingale sang the chorus mellifluously.
You appeared as the radiant shore of the sea,
Awaking somewhere in the lap of the moonlight,
And Venus was roving atop the rollicking waves.
I came there as the fizz of the wind
Rumbling around you as a harmonious tune,
In the flowering season of memories.
Another blossom is blooming again and again
In the heart; a carpet where the moon slumbers.

1 comment:

aria said...

its redundant to say all your verses are special.. I hope you wouldn't mind me saying that.. this image/painting goes well with the kind of ethereal verses you scribble.. however some other pictures of blondes et al aren't that good .. I'd rather suggest you be selective and post abstract images or don;t post 'em at all .. your words are enough to make one dizzy :)