Thursday, May 27, 2010


I forgot to tell you, my beloved
I forgot to tell you of my love
I forgot.

I am your love, my lover
I saw a dream last night
A garden full of flowers in its splendor
And we striding amongst them;
Though I sat the whole night beside you,
And in the faint light of the lamp
We sang as the rain was splattering on the roof
And I forgot to tell you entirely about my
Love to you, I forgot…My beloved!

You are in my breath
You are in my heart beat
Your fragrance permeate my face
You keep me inside the mist of your love
Though you fondled me with
Your soft, lotus like fingers;
Though you covered me with
Your locks of musk scented hair
Though I touched the pearl like
Buttons of your breast
Yet I forgot, I forgot to tell you
The entirety of my love to you
My beloved.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today's tears are not the one
That dried up in the cheek, yesterday
Today’s smile is not the one,
Which faded yesterday from the lips.

Every emotion is not
Repetition, not at all, repetitions.
They are absolutely fresh,
Charming, and wonderful.

The water flowing to day, from
The spring, is not of yesterday’s
Nor the fleeing clouds are the same
Yonder, amidst the starry sky.

Yesterday’s feeling for my beloved
Also is different, today it’s more ardent.
In life’s rugged path, everything change
Yielding place for everything new,

And Providence decides the hue.........

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Bearing a borrowed birth, and shouldering
The weight of despondent disillusionment;
Exhausted by treading over endless distance
In travail, along the never ending paths,
Among the citadels and snow clad
Pinnacles of love’s hazardous and
Mysterious state ways, where time
Stands still as sentinels, and chaos
Settles in the mind, in that daze.
Like a season of ceaseless rains;
Like the scorching flames of the summer sun.
The drifting pain burning in the memories.
Even when the shores of summer is fading out
Or even when the midnight’s stars are shedding
Their embers, into the gloom below.
I am trotting alone…

Everywhere the grueling rail of darkness
With its hatred extend to the horizon.
With the boundless length of shadows of despair
Dusk creeps up as a riddle in the reminiscence.
Life is becoming sordid and tense.

We are the rickety shadows on the shores;
The wings of the vulture, in the clouds.
Still galloping forward, with gusto.
These unending journeys are the gift of Providence.

Midnight is around the corner.
Sinners are left alone, and the silence
Of a man wandering alone is the wrath of
Endless days and the misery of that man
Who has no rebirth, continues….

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


If you could
Spread your tiny wings,
Leaving the cage of your
Mind and fly into my lips;
Awake as a sonnet, and
With the plumes of your
Sweet words, caress me;
Blow out the flame of my woes
Humming a soft ballad,
Rock me to slumber.

The breeze sings a lullaby
The leaves are swaying in the wind
The clouds kissing in their embrace.
Can’t you pour the nectar of this
Lurid night and calm me to sleep?

You save the sweetness of this hour
When shadows and shadows hug;
The sea whispers and the earth
Swoons in its mirth....
And induce me to sleep..

Saturday, May 1, 2010


In an isle where dreams are taking me for a ride,
Likes and desires become an affliction in life.
I can’t decipher what I see in my solitary internment;
If they are truths or illusion, I just can’t make out.
Who can tell me the precise answer to those visions?
Truths or illusion, realistic or deceitful!

I was offering garlands of love in my worship
Of that idol, all throughout my life,
Since we met and became one.
A mind coveting for the spring season
In love, turned into a barren wasteland.
The conscience of every man is one
Wild jungle, where pure blossoms
Of love sincere, refuse to bloom.

Indeed a wild desolate and cruel jungle
Is the mind of a man, without remorse!
Insincere, crafty, egotistic, unfaithful;
Ever ready to swerve like a snake in flight.