Sunday, June 15, 2014




A solitary door of the mind,
The charming door of memories
Of the erstwhile life, obsessed
Always with grief, if closed;
Always with woes, even if opened.

It’s a poem, written by the heart;
Love’s nectar is its language.
If its meaning is misconceived
If no spelling mistakes, creep up
If omissions and errors, are avoided
It becomes an epic; Matrimony is a mega epic!

Is there a song sung without discord?
Any dances without a faulty step?
Inaccuracy, miscalculation, blunder.

Slip, oversight, delusion, all may occur.
Rhythm may falter, steps may alter,
But the swirl will continue, till the end
When the course is corrected at times,
In the current of the song of life!

Paint the faded pictures of wedlock, with
Ever fresh sparkling colours of endurance;
Like rains and spring seasons wash away
The sins of summer and its debris
As omnipresent Time by its omnipotence.


Saturday, June 14, 2014





                 IN THE MOONLIGHT

Have you forgotten that night?

When we first met, in the moonlight?

We exchanged our glances artfully.

My beloved, my memories are all

Crowded with the enlightened streams

Of your enchanting smiles.

You are the tiny waves which gives bliss

To the withering memories of my forlorn life.

My pleasures pure, have become mute pangs

Now, smothering my morbid soul.

The fragrance emanating in my life

Out of your reminiscence is now

An elixir, for my existence.

The eternal radiance of your smile

Enliven my spirits and soften my pangs….