Thursday, December 30, 2010


If my love or affection for her is just a feeling

Alone, then it is only narcissism .

Love is an attempt to possess her.

Can anyone own another body?

If it is consumed and added to the body

There is nothing left as remnant.

Is it possible to embrace a soul,

Or be in possession of it as one’s own?

Soul or individual is merely a feeling,

And embracing it, is only an imagination.

Your soul and my soul remain always

Separated and not at all in union.

Closing in and embracing of these two souls

Are manifestations, in the realm of feelings;

A magical delusion, illusion or hallucination!

When I invoke you as my own and embrace you,

I am only snuggling your flesh but not the beautiful you.

You are just a delusion, as well as your beauty.

What is in a myth? Apart from the mass of flesh

As a body, it is meaninglessness.

You are a dream that mystify me.

When you become mine, you are no more;

And then when I embrace you,

In reality I am cuddling myself.

The feeling of ‘self’ itself becomes a myth.

However, if I lose that delusion, then everything

Becomes blank in the screen of feelings

And is in darkness, as in a power cut.

She and I are thus the creation of such

A magical consciousness. [a MAYA of nature]

Life is such an experience and the truth of my life

Is the totality of such delusions and hallucinations.

Every pleasure, every meaningful episode, and

Each values of life itself are the consequence

Of such a feeling in disguise, or imagination.

And without them, there is no life …



I am not an atheist or an agnostic, but

I believe in a Supreme Power,

A destiny, that shapes our ends.

Faith is often described as a delusion.

Did I ever see any one of the gods?

Or heard Him?

[Why do we mention ‘HIM’? - As though

He is masculine in nature?]

I have no experience in any of these.

Then why should I have faith

In a non -entity to my sense?

Nevertheless, I have many a times

Held His image, idol, paintings,

And have touched them,

In a church, a temple or wayside.

In the church they give the sacramental bread

To believers as a blessed gift, from God.

It represents God and believing it as God

Transubstantiated, they accept it.

It is no more a piece of bread.

It is something more than, different than

That bread we eat daily, for our hunger.

Faith changed the substance!

When I kissed my deceased father

Before he was laid to rest,

I kissed his lifeless body, but felt it

As a Godsend ecstasy and rapture;

And I kissed my wailing old mother,

It was the body of an age old woman.

When I clinch and kiss my beloved

I am not merely fondling the body of a woman;

It is something more than that.

And that ‘something’ is the delusion,

Illusion, or hallucination or myth.

When someone touches the feet of an idol

Or kiss the feet of a granite sculpture -that of a God,

In the form of a deity, it is not the granite or the marble

They touch, or genuflect before it; but God himself.

When you touch, hug and kiss your beloved

Are you touching a mass of bone and flesh that could

Be bought at a meat stall or butchery?

And the bliss it brings forth to the heart

And the exquisite contentment accrued…

Is not that too, a myth?


Who is blind now?

Who is blind in this utter darkness?

The God dozing in His heavens,

Or the poor human who toils and crawl in this earth.

Who is blind now?

Shadows are groping in the gloominess

Of life’s path, without any intent or target.

Though the sun is gleaming in full ‘joie de vivre’,

It is darkness at noon for them.

It is midnight for them at mid noon.

Man is building castles in the air,

With many a desire in his heart.

In the realm of unyielding mirages,

A will-o’the-wisp of his imagination.

But when the magic wand of time and fate

Is brandished momentarily,

Like the twisting kaleidoscope moves

Everything in its turn,

We see the empty wilderness before us.

Only empty wilderness!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Agitating Love...

Do not love me this vigorously…

Do not love me this fervently…

My heart is searing and sweltering,

With the agonizing torridity of your love.

The luscious dreams in my eyes are

Smoldering and burning out.

I never coveted for this much love

That I cannot compromise or cherish

Inside my heart’s mother of pearl.

All that I wanted was the complacent warmth

Of a miniscule spark of love, to haul the burden

Of a lugubrious despondency that weighed upon me.

And cross the Empty Quarter of a desert of

Arduous affliction that threatened my existence.

I managed to reach the shore struggling with

The waves of grueling misery, with the helping

Heart touch of a loving hand stretched out towards me.

I could break the walls of a fortress of

The sweltering heat shield of the stifling summer,

With the chilling wetness of a moist kiss

Of your beguiling lips that lingered in mine.

I am surviving as a burning candle now,

Without perishing in the hell fire of my expectations,

Only with the fond memory I relish from the past,

Of a loving caress, of your soothing hand.

So do not drown me by immersing me

In the deluge of your savage love;

As I cannot withstand the sight of

A flayed heart by your lurid love …

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Love Unsensored..

Those lines that were never written,

Those words swallowed unuttered

Were all for you, and about you.

The anxiety of the sodden sprout of grass

After the first rain, and the ecstasy

Of the first drop of rain, kissing the earth,

Are all inlaid in those words and unwritten lines.

Meandering like a winding river, downstream,

Through the lonesomeness of a solitary stork

Doing its penance earnestly on one leg,

In the far corner of a green velvety paddy field;

And through the resplendency of a king fisher’s wings;

Through the dreams of a jacaranda flower,

While I close on you, gliding softly in silence…

Greet me with a garland of blooms

From the rainbow; adorning your forehead

With a speck of vermilion, borrowed

From the evening sky, and a bewitching smile

On your lips that narrates untold heart throbs.

You will then listen to the cooing of my heart

In the dawn, while the morning mist covers the wood.

You can then fill up your scattered dreams

To the brim, with my love – Uncensored…

Friday, December 17, 2010


Oh! Death…

You will not die…

You went without hurrying at last

Into a long dark tunnel.

But you did not die...

There was a piece of lamb awaiting

For you in there…

I am your spirit.

It is time, since I have lost you in me.

You left like the withered petals of a rose,

Assembling back into its stem;

Like the rustle of leaves humming

In harmony with the breeze.

You are a twinge in my heart

Of a poem I could not write…

Each birth, glided slowly into this

Forbidden path, is a poem

Lost in oblivion eternally;

Yes, lost poems.....

What could your love, your candor,

Your smiles, your jests, your comradeship

Fill in my heart and eyes?

Are only two drops of tears!

Friday, December 10, 2010


I smell the musk in the breeze and asked her,

If she has seen my beloved and caressed her cheeks,

While she was passing through.

The silver bells on her anklets tinkled in a melody,

While she ran, and I heard it in the distance.

The ripples chilled my heart with jubilation,

As she plunged into the blue waters, of the tiny river.

Did the tender trunk, of that small plant,

Leaning on my pulsating bosom, shiver?

Did the rosy lips, adorning the sign of my

Ardent love there, for a moment, quiver?

The stars blossomed in her stunning eyes;

Twilight blossomed on the cheeks, wet with coyness;

Nectar of the grapes dripped from the red soft lips; and

My name overflows abundantly in her honeyed words.

I can not delineate the delight in my heart

As I awaken in you, with all my sweet imagery.

It is not the five flowers, nor the radiance of

The gorgeous moon, which is desired;

But your adorable eyelids are Cupid’s dearest arrows….

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Me...Who Is you...

Like the fragrance emanating

From the sodden earth after the first rain;

Like the never ending water bubbles

Overflowing from the spring of your love;

Like the flames of cold wintry blueness

Of a moon lit night in January…

I still remember those wee hours of the night

When you walked in….

Then I saw you in the darkness of the lonely

Nights, when the Night queen blossomed

And in the twilight

When the petals of the Pansies withered….

Then you flew away deep into the silvery clouds

In a long moan…

Was that the chaste love of a puny butterfly


Finally, leaving a cloud of suspicion in my mind

As to who you were…….

My mind after an interlude of a semi second,

Softly asked me again...

”Were you me?’…..or….myself?

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Which tint is of the rainbow!

Which note is of the sextet!

In your eyes,

In your lips,

What is the tone of

The music you hum?

I will adorn the treads you walk

With flowers… magnificent.

Open those steps for me to walk,

Dress up for me that night,

And keep yourself for me,

To take you near my soul

To make you the rhythm

of my heart.

All your lonely dreams

Were about me.

We longed for our

Dreams to blossom.

To make you the life

of my life

There is an immense

Desire in my soul….

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Tell me my heart, did you ever

Crave to become a stanza in the

Sweet rhapsody of an enthralling love;

And to be a resplendent dream

In its meaningful contents.

Tell me if you have ever heard

The rustling wings of the mystifying

Love affair, in my melody?

The saffron tinge of those solitary

Evenings, were the gifts of love,

That you proffered, and conferred.

I don’t know anything, but I am

Just singing like a wounded bamboo

Stem, that cries in the wilderness.

Tell me if these songs carry the

Fragrance of ancient love ballads,

And the wind is blowing to create

A rhythm to the music in harmony,

I ‘m just singing like a forsaken bird

Waiting in the jungle, in the midst

Of a wild fire, unknowingly…

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Down Memories Lane

In your tender eyes
Blooms the starry sky.
There is only one continence
Alone in my eyes,
One note alone in the ears;
I am unable to wipe it off from my mind
It goes on and on eternally
And my life stands still in that harmony.

You illumine my environment
As the thousand lights of the lamp
In the courtyard,
And you are the one after the thousand wicks,
which stands out and radiate celestial glory.

In your sparkling curls of hair,
I perceive the emerging moon
On the firmament,
With her bride-maids–the stars .
I see golden rays in your cheeks
When your finger tips touch
The flaming lamp.
And I could see your love blazing,
In your stunning sweet face.

As I morphed into a sandal colored
Attire covering your soft rosy skin,
You entered as a poem into my mind
And your sweet snigger
Became a sparkle….

Friday, November 19, 2010


In those young days when I used to

Love blossoms, and wished to fly around them

Like a butterfly, the colour of my dreams was ‘green’.

When I coveted to touch the snow clad

Mountains that loomed over the boundless

Horizon spreading before me, the colour

Of those dreams were ‘ blue’, as the hyacinths.

The age when I desired for the dawn of

A new political system without corruption,

And the blood was bubbling with revolutionary

Ideologies, the dreams hovered around me

Looked forward for such a dawn, its colour

Was a crimson ’ red’, of the proletariat.

When I see the dry leaves of a tree

Scorched in the intolerable heat of the sun,

My excitement freeze and the dreams

Assumed the hue of ‘ash’, in despair.

In this advanced stage of life, I am unable to see

Anymore vivid dreams, I used to have.

Now my palette have the colours, got mixed

Together, and formed a blackish tint.

No more resplendent dreams in the life now!

And who knows, what its colour could be

In the eerie silence of my tomb….

Monday, November 15, 2010

Silent Night…

Evening soaked us in dewdrops.

We never realized, we were sodden.

Our feelings, too warm, swelled with

Vibrant love and in delirium of ecstasy.

The purloined hours coveting, like

Two springs gushing out of a mountain

To embrace each other and then meander

Down the plain, in unison, to eternity.

You waited for me that night, in the wintry cold

Alacrity written in your smiles and eyes,

Under the finery of the Milky Way,

The pale moon, guarded over you.

Glow worms in your heart, flew out,

Fluttering all around, in the teeny breeze.

The wind carried the lassitude of the midnight;

Stealthily I came behind you, and covered

Your eyes, with my right palm and

Holding you, with the other.

You uttered a cry, finding me that instant

In a fog of confusion, and turned.

Embraced me impetuously

Like a clingstone, and showered

Myriads of tenderest kisses on me.

Me, in reticent vibes lost in reverie,

In that bewitching sprawl.

Time lost its count…nature stood still.

How long? We never knew...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Infatuations of birth....

You have taken my birth

And me the Providence decreed…

Infatuations filled our birth

And we shared the nectar of our love

You became my daughter and my son.

My hands became a cradle for you

And I sang lullabies for you to sleep…..

I will adorn your lips, and brows

And your cheeks and nape with

Very warm kisses draped with my love.

I will watch your pranks and naughty smiles

You, my beloved, sleep close to my bosom.

In this chamber, along the walkway

I will hold your soft fingers in my hand,

And follow you like a shadow

Shower you with kisses all along.

Like the dewdrop lingering on rose petal

I see you nestle at my side

My spirit is enthralled by this sleeping angel.

Do not disturb her in her siesta

Lest, my dreams vanish in the void….

Monday, November 8, 2010


What for is sweetness embedded in this song

If you are not coming here once to listen to it..

Why the flowing water should keep love in its mind

If there is no shore to embrace it; or

To hug and hold close in the flurry of passion.

Why should the moon show its face among the clouds,

On a night when you are not beside me then.

Why should the rainbow bloom in the firmament,

If you are not there as a peacock in its pavane..

Where is the charm, which bewitches me with a sweet smile?

Tell me, my beloved; I am groping in the gloomy eve of time

That awakens my dreams, and arouses me out of my lassitude;

The heart is tuning up the chords of love and the sweet

Music is flowing out through the breeze, and

Love has become an inimitable inebriating rhythm.

The doors of the ivory castles will open for us.

The flower of Paradise will bloom magically for us.

A new dawn is opening its eyelids from slumber.

Wipe your tears and trust that you are not alone.

The spring zephyr will confide in your ears

That without me you are a non-entity.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


In the corridor that connects birth and death,
Intense silence remains at standstill; there
Erupts a hushed moan, helplessly pleading
For some unexpressed assistance.

Let me own that silence, adopt it to
My soul, as meaningful moments,
That slips away elusively in the interlude
Of silence and sounds in life.

We make them into poems, in all
Its perfection and contemplate on it.
Open my eyelids after my death and
Look into the depth, without apprehension.
You will observe the ripples in the sea of
Tears that were kept away from dropping
Down through the cheeks, grimly.
Even the destiny is preventing me
To become insane, lest I forget
To remember everything…

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Come out to the world, you won’t regret.
It is not dark here and I will make you a different girl.
In there you have to face rebuffs and scorns;
And it reflects now in your nature.
To love and leave is not your hobby.
Like the tensed strings of a violin
You spend your days and nights
You have no recreations
A touch so light will quiver it and,
Discords erupt in hard feelings.
With that you break the hearts of
Those, who love you and cherish you,
Make me the happiest one in life
Sure, you can do that with strain.

I was in rapture
When you said ‘no rupture between you and me’.
So lovely this morn, when I saw you sail past
Clad in that blue Sari with red lines.
Again I heard your pleasantry;
I know the concern in your breath,
Full of love you’re the one I love.

Can’t you break the clam
Which holds you away from me?
I can’t enter it; sealed and marooned
My soul flutters around it,
Awaiting and awaiting to glide
Away to the blue sky and ride
Among the silvery clouds,
And together we make our haven;
Though others may even scorn us.
Hurry up before the dream vanishes,
Before this moth scorches its wings.

Said you helped me to come out of my loneliness
Yet, when you left me, you pushed me into an abyss.
Said you’ll call me later, but you never did,
And I waited till dawn, and then you never knew.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I don't know...

Who opened the soft petals of this Lotus
One by one in the pool of the morning?
I don't know! Let it not be known.

Who dissolved the charming scent of the Sandal
In the morning breeze grazing in your presence?
I don't know! Let it not be known...

Who aroused the musical couplet of this nectar
On the lips of the wild pipe of this bamboo
Dancing with its peacock's tail ?
I don't know ! Let it not be known...

Now my mind also chants this chorus:
"I know I don't know anything"
Let the fountain of this knowledge
Never dries up...

Who pushed open the door of my soul
And entered there with a glowing
Lamp of love and purity?
I know! But let it never be known...

Monday, October 25, 2010


The wind adores the fragrance,
And the bamboo pipes loves music,
The earth and the sky,
The shores and the waves,
The river and the sea,
The nature and the Creator,
Are they not in harmony?

Is there anything created
That does not like each other?
Do we have any proof against this?

The sextet notes, the rhythm and beats,
Any song or music without them?
Any emotions, any play? Any literature in the world?

Any hearts, which do not imbibe
The slumber and dreams in it,among lovers?
Is there a romantic moment without it?
Is there any vision, not awakened by
Amour, infatuation, and obsession or
Hopes, all sublimed in unison?
Is there a splendored imagination
Without music, love and romantic awakening
And fulfillment of life?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lost In a Trance...

The snow melted in the vale as the blanket of

Silky clouds changed its attire, and the ravishing

Spring paved a silky carpet on the earth,

With the golden fleece of sunshine.

A wild brook flowing among the grassy knoll

Was singing its luscious song, with its anklet of love;

The silvery foam gleaming in its ankle, under the sun.

A tiny flower danced in the blowing wind, its moist lips

Pecking the cheeks of the wind, with honey.

Inside the mind in its pavane, had a canopy of

Rainbows with tender affectionate thoughts.

Are you drenched in the milky rain of the

Gleaming moonlight in its glory..

Seems you never realized the sprinkle of

Sandal from the heaven, in your daze.


Do not love me at all expecting that I am a flower.
Do not touch me as though I am a dew drop;
I will fade away with the warmth at your finger tips.
Do not tread on me, believing that your insteps will
Find it comfortable to walk on me.
Do not try to climb down into the depth
Of my fathomless heart,
Assuming I am only knee deep.
Do not try to delight me with a kiss
On my disillusioned lips, believing
It is enormously charming and sweet.

I am just a woman, with all the vileness
Of this world, and none of these.
I am no angel…

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Grandpa used to wear a loin cloth like a ‘G’ string

Around his waist, hiding only his ‘very’ private parts.

It was Pa’s turn to start wearing a ‘dhoti’, over such

A ‘G’ string, since he wanted to cover his thighs also,

For modesty and etiquette, being a social animal.

I changed into wearing a ‘double’ dhoti smoother,

And flimsier, by the standard of snobs among us;

Leaving the upper limbs naked, and appealing.

My son took to wearing pants to change it.

Then my grandson cut its length and made

A shorter version and called it ‘Bermuda”.
[A British Overseas Territory, where they *
Approve it as an official dress and worn by
The Army as appropriate uniform in tropics.]

May be his son will wear only

an underwear or ‘brief’;

And his grandson may even refuse

to wear anything

As attire, and go stark naked,

all the way; all the time.

History repeats and resurrects itself,

and time stands still.

Only life and costumes change its courses…


Saturday, October 9, 2010


A journey wretched and exasperating
Through untreaded trails in the jungle;
Streets where no one cares for another
One in the species; flaking away the worn out
Costumes of tradition before the copulation of
Changes affected in the routines.
When the reality spread out in the conscious
Sphere of the mind, clouds of ideas evolved
Into cyclones, erupting in the sinews.

Reasons become cloudbursts of thunder and lightning;
A rain, of delight pours down on the barren,
Monotonous days crushed and eroded by the
Cruel repetitions of daily wantonness.
Future appears as the sword of Damocles,
Ever ready to strike, like a guillotine to
Behead the age old customs.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I no longer keep a grudge.
I no longer argue against your faith.
My delight is in your jubilation.
My glee is in your gratification.

When the blood is still warmer,
The spirit still unconquered,
This age is the best in a life time,
For all the thoughts and imagination
And creation, and pleasant ambitions.

The broken strings of a violin,
Will not give out an enthralling note.
Neither, the seared wings of an eagle
Will lift it, to a soaring height.

When happiness kneels before
Frustrations, the mind is in turmoil.
The heart pants, the emotions surge,
The soul cries, the tears well up,
The stars do not smile, the sky is a blank.
Bleak is the spirit, and no rainbows.

Our life is patterned as evanescent.
It glows now, and emanates its scent
For one day, perish and wither the third day
Like roses; and in time
Through generations, no one
Remembers, we existed…

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Discords everywhere, discords all the time
Disabled princesses of music
Grotesque faces of witches in a world of melody,
Flagrant specks afraid to soar up to heaven..
You have become a discord, a dissonance;
I am already existing as an insipid discord.

Helpless voices emanating from eternal grief
Vain dreams and hopes soaring up in you and me,
Also develop into added disharmony.
We are only meek, indistinct throbs
Out of a guitar of life, aroused yesterday
In the vamping by fingers in agony
By the unknown musician TIME..

In the moon light...

Have you forgotten that night?
When we first met, in the moonlight?
We exchanged our glances artfully.
My beloved, my memories are all
Crowded with the enlightened streams
Of your enchanting smiles.
You are the tiny waves which gives bliss
To the withering memories of my forlorn life.
My pleasures pure, have become mute pangs
Now, smothering my morbid soul.
The fragrance emanating in my life,
Out of your reminiscence is now
An elixir, for my existence.
The eternal radiance of your smile
Enliven my spirits and soften my pangs….

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Your sweet simper touched and awakened
My dulcified reminiscences, my darling!
Still you did not venture to imbibe the
Fragrance it had, together with me.
I am coming in an opulent palanquin,
Embellished with the flowers of my reveries.
I have been grazing among the
Towering elegance of my previous births.
We sang in much carousal;
We danced mirthfully and boisterously.
We made our nights to become days.
I visualize vistas of these by-gone moments now.

To day my nightingales will knock on the doors
Of your inner self, now bolted by oblivion,
By a song of reveille, always in their lips.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


When life looped together with the strength
Of a ‘*yellow thread’, and its ends tied
At an auspicious moment in their life time,
It becomes a ritual and a parallel co-existence;
Unable to meet at any point in the long journey
To the grave yard, where all passions and desires,
Find their pyre and vanish into thin air.

Drowsy, lethargic chores of every day,
When life tangles in the age old rituals,
And deteriorating customs often make
Hapless moments, battling with reasons.
They make the life miserable and turn it
To distorted somnambulism; but a conscious
Dream walking, with all its paraphernalia.


Monday, September 6, 2010

I am contented....

I stood silently on the side of the path
In the hope you will look back in joy:
And I can trace the sunshine
On your lips, in that serene smile.

Standing there in a trance, when you
Walked away, even without a glance,
Not even uttering a monosyllable
Condensing all your love, to me.

I lay down to sleep on this flowery bed
With a dream in my soul, hoping you
Will come back and awaken me;
Whispering into my ears, with your fond kisses.

My life fulfills through those moments
When I realize, how much I know and love you
Even without you knowing it.
And I am always content with such a life...

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Keep in your memory, keep
Each moonlit night we had together.
Remember how the breeze was fondling
Each leaves and flowers around us;
Like my love caressing you, each
Cell of your body, and soul.

Keep the memory of the rain that
Showered nectar in our minds,
And the night, when the moon
Peeped to see our amorous
Caresses, from behind the clouds,
The stars closing their timid eyes
In coy meekness, with a tremor,
And the mist covered us with its
Fragrant veil of a damask muslin.
The Night Queen opened its petals
To view the lovers lying entangled
In a fury, of ardent passions.

Keep that memory when our souls
Talked in mute pleasant silence;
When your thirsty lips were chasing mine,
Our cheeks rubbing in unison.
My hands holding you tight in my grasp,
When tears of delight welled up in your eyes.

Keep remembering all these, always;
And remember a petite soul will be
Here, waiting for you to come back
Till the end of time, all alone.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


The old kite got ensnared on the branch
Of a tree, swaying in the evening wind.
My heart is endeavouring to loosen
The thread, to fly a new kite; striving
To locate the flimsy string that vanished
In the ether, beyond my sight.

Piercing the vast empty space of the
Horizon, my eyes wander among the clouds
And the far celestial heights.
I feel only at my finger tips, the tension
Of the unseen thread that links with the kite.

In the fading twilight, I should
Rewind the thread back to its reel,
With care, not to break it.
Then I discern the fluttering black flaps
Of my kite high above, while the evening
Crawled away from the sky over the black wings
Of the kite; sans thread, sans sky, sans clouds.
Only the humming wind remained;
And me holding the broken end of the string…

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Life, magnificent life..
Man, what a beautiful name!

The wind adores the fragrance,
And the bamboo pipes loves music,
The earth and the sky,
The shores and the waves,
The river and the sea,
The nature and the Creator,
Are they not in harmony?

Is there anything created
That does not like each other?
Do we have any proof against this?

The sextet notes, the rhythm and beats,
Any song or music without them?
Any emotions, any play?
Any literature in the world?

Any hearts, which do not imbibe
The slumber and dreams in it,among lovers?
Is there a romantic moment without it?

Is there any vision, not awakened by
Amour, infatuation, and obsession or
Hopes, all sublimed in unison?

Is there a splendored imagination
Without music, love and romantic awakening,
And fulfillment of life?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In a tiny dream...

On the wings of an alluring tiny dream
If I could fly to your presence now!
I could have a glimpse of you
to my heart's content;
I could hear your mellifluous voice;
I could share your grief and soothe you;
I could be with you, leaning on my bosom...

I wanted to cry, holding you close,
I wanted to embolden your sore heart,
With the fluff of my kisses and
The balm of my timeless love.
From the day you left me,
With tears flowing down my cheeks,
I have been carrying my coffin,
Wandering through the wilderness
Of my desolate despondency.

Won’t you come back, to me
My magnificent angel,and hover
Among the clouds of my rueful heart?
Your silver streaks may transform
Me into a dazzling spectrum....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The tender mood brims over the mind
Of the silent love between us;
Though unremembered,
Though withered, it is again blooming
On the golden shores of
Love, in the morning glory...

Unknowingly I kept my love for her
In the fathoms of my eyelids.-
She came softly with silent strides
Gasping in her breath,
Purring and grazing against my cheeks.
She kissed on my half closed eyelids
With moist lips, ardent with her love.
She learned to hum my unseen poetry
Unknowingly when I was aloof.
She used to hold this shivering violin
Hard pressed on her bosom.
I know not, how much, and why I loved this
Mother of Pearl! throughout my existence.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I hear the treads of someone
Walking on the cobble stones of my courtyard..
Who is that?..
Who could it be?...

It is not that I am unwilling
To leave this life, I love,
And love intensely.
It is not the feeling that I will lose
Forever, the insatiable urge to see again
And again, the eternal vistas of
The splendorous shores of this earth.

It is not that I fear, I will have to leave
The music that I listen, time
And time again, with its magical rhythms.

It is not that I can dream,
Sitting among the spring blossoms,
That flourish in the valleys of the moonlit hills.
I don’t know how I can walk with you.
For that, do not curse me!
Death! Do not curse me for that!

If you are the one who walks away now,
You have been knocking at my door,
For quite along while.
And I know, though I did not open it,
You can come through the backdoor.
And linger, hovering over me
With the warm rays of music.
Your fragrance is mesmerizing;
Surpassing everything, and arresting.
How deep is your love today!
You will embrace me, and become a stream
Flowing through my arteries,
And become a melancholy
In my soul , so ardent!

Then stealthily whisper in my ears
“You come along…we will go.”
“We will get away from this dungeon
Of darkness, to the infinite
Shores of peace, to the flames,
To the confluence of universal love.”
You whisper:’ Come, seek my path.
Aren’t you coming?”

I am trembling with fear. How can I go?
What if I refuse?
In those troubled moments of that
Gloomy, wintry night, I woke up....
And heard some one opening
My door!....
Some one is walking away…..
Who is that? Who could it be?

Saturday, July 10, 2010


It appears, someone has opened the windows
Or the silver shines of the full moon.
Or could it be the luster on your face as
The moon, beaming with love.
Or the plumes of mist falling softly, and
Silently on the petals of the camellia?
Or the coquetry of the startled rain
Or the strain, of the humming wind’s passion?
Or the rustling, of the silver anklet, on your feet?
Or, it could even be the sparkling laugh, of the
Jasmine, unfurling its petals timidly..
Some one had gently opened these windows!

I will enter the lap of the sky, transformed into
A silver cloud, as you become, a rain dream of your love.
And shower, drenching me in that frenzy of passions
Then we will perfuse and become one in us.
Like the blueness adorned by the raging sea.
Me and you, and the sodden clouds have,
Only one ecstasy; to enter into and enfold into one!

If I wander, as a melody with the wings of
Desires, seeking you,
Could you find me out, and your tenderness
Keep me imprisoned, by the padlock of your love;
Skimming in the fuddle of the tremulous music,
Emanating through the awakened ardour
Of the heart strings, I am waiting
At the door steps, of your hankering now!


An insatiable urge persists in the mind,
To touch you with my caressing fingers;
An unquenchable thirst in my soul
To whisper to you, my dreams.
What else do you need my love
To thaw this frozen cloud of your silence?

In the twilight I waited, as a shadow
On the side of the path you used to walk,
Ever after you threw a line, with your glance,
Immersed in your love that day; and
I am melting down to a void….

Nights have turned to butterflies,
Days became barren like birds in the air,
When you did not turn up.
My dreams also have gone asleep.
What else you need from me, my love
To thaw this frozen cloud of silence?

When I woke up from my short slumber,
I feel your soft fingers stroking me.

When the soft breeze touches my cheeks
I feel your loving kisses there.
My beloved, memoirs of you are so divine;
Even the love scented rustling of
Your whispers are so exquisite…..

What magical smile you directed to me
And vanished languishing!
An insatiable urge in the soul to
See you again; and an unquenchable thirst
To speak softly into your ears.
Why can’t you enter from the lap of
That golden dawn and show you
To awaken me from this languor existence?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Every dream is thriving now and a million
Vermilion chests are opening up in the sky,
With their trillions of hues, embalming the horizon.

Every desire embraces each other. emitting overtures
Of overwhelming fragrance, all over.
Tiny droplets of snow showered over the earth,
And swans are swimming in the millpond of love.

I am dissolving as a fabulous cloud
Over the firmament, in the eve at sundown.
While the full moon beams out,
We are floating, gliding amidst as love
Becoming prettiness, dowsed in the sandal river,
Where the golden grandeur of the moon lounge.
We have reached the summit of liking each other
And is in unison as one entity, one soul.

Behold the image of love, flowering in the quill
Of the magnificent rainbows of heaven!
Honey filled spring, emerge in the sweetness
Of our smiles.
We have become one and have merged into one…

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Do you remember the day when we first met,
Once upon a time, long long ago?
Do you still recollect, how our glances
Collided and struck at our hearts?
And when you came near me that day,
You stopped abruptly and stood still,
As though you were arrested by
Some unseen forces, and could not move.
Have you ever thought of, how you
Came there and the words you
Spurted out, enticing me into you.

We did not talk at all, as our lips were feeling
Too shy to open up, to express the thrill and rapture.
Then your friends might have silently asked
You the reason, for such a silence.
We kept on clasping our hopes and desires
Close to our bosom, and more quandaries heaped up.
How long we have to wait and reminisce?
How long we have to remain suppressing
Our visions to fruition now?

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Dear Bella , when we parted you begged me to write-
And inform you all that occurs the first night.
When Frank and Emma were joined hand in hand
And allowed to perform all love can command.
But what language can tell as the wise man has said
Of the wonderful ways, of a man with a maid.
Be assured they can only be properly known
By a lecture in bed with a swain of your own.
Notwithstanding I will tell you as well as I can
The discovery I have made in the secrets of man
So that you and all common damsels may learn
How the game may be played when it comes to your turn.

When the breakfast over, the carriage and
Four well appointed and hansom drawn up to the door
We started to Brighton exactly at noon
To spend as the phrase is our sweet honeymoon.
Bright Phoebes share over the whole way
The Captain was amorous, ardent and gay
So much so indeed that although the in the carriage.
He began to indulge in the freedom of marriage.
For fear the gay rouge would have ravished ne quite
We reached our Hotel and found all things prepared.
The apartments were handsome, well furnished and aired.
And the dinner was swerved so stylish and neat.
That was really a sin not to fall and eat.
But the feast I expected a little while hence.
So engrossed every thought and extinguished and gone,
And our appetite solely engrossed in one.

Frank praised the champagnes, I thought delicious
I swore t was enough to make me still propitious
And indeed he was right for between you and me
I never felt my spirit joined and free
How the evening was spent it is useless to write.
So I knew you will skip till you read the word ‘ night’.
And are in the tip-toe of high expectations
To come to the niche, of table consummation.
Well at the end I will drop the curtain aside
And disclose all the secrets of bridegroom and bride
Detailing the whole of the process bewitching.
By which girls are cured of a troublesome itching
And men who at first impetus and rude
Are at length by weak women tamed and subdued
You remember dear Bella, how you long to discover
The joys to be found, in the arms of a lover.

And now they approached and felt in a fickle
And thought that my breast kept from my suckle
Frank saw my condition and tenderly said
“You are tired; Dear Emma, so pray go to bed.
Late hours are bane and destruction of members.
So go and I will come and watch your slumbers.”

What a sly wicked rogue! But I guessed what he meant
So covered with blushes, I obeyed and went.
I was scarcely undressed and prepared for my doom
When I heard the dear fellow glide into my room;
And as trembling I lay between transport and dread
He threw his garments and jumped into my bed.
In an instant I felt myself clasped in his arms
And as in an instant lost all my girlish alarms.
For, he soothed and gave me such kisses—
That warmed my young blood for more exquisite blisses
While his bold hands in pursuit of its game
Pressed my bosom and wandered all over my frame
And frequently trespassed, conceive my distress
Where my pen dare not write, but I am sure you guess
Declaring if man might not do as they like
The world in a short time would cease to exist.

This was allowing me time to bade me reflect
How our parents dear souls so refined and correct
Had done the same thing and indeed it was clear.
If they have not surely we would not have been here.
Moreover he said that on the morn of the day,
I had promised in church to love, honour and obey,
And the parson himself in plain extortion
Had stated that marriage and due consolation
So that those whose desire were unperturbed and friendly
Might always have something quite and handy.
Then it was plainly quite wrong to desire such distance
And thwart his desires to a petty resistance.
This reserve soon banished and love unrestricted
By fear or coyness triumphantly regained
And his wanton endearments fondly returned
Till the flame of desire irresistibly turned.
Then fondly in arms without further delay
Like a LION, he pressed eagerly his prey
And pursuing his course to the summit of friction
His strong ample lance briskly pressed for admission…

And Oh! Such a wonderful weapon his lance is!
Surprisingly far, from all our juvenile fancies;
So resistless in power, and extended in length,
That, as soon as I felt its dimension and strength,
Overcome with alarm I exclaimed with a sigh.
“Oh! For God’s sake, forbear or I am sure I will die.”
But my pains and my prayers were alike unhearded
For bent on his purpose, the supported proceeded.
But though he was armed, as I thought like a giant,
Dame nature has made us, young damsel so plaint
That expanding I yielded at every aggression
Till he acquired the completest possession.

Then I found, my dear girl, that the saying is true.
That a man and his wife are but one and not two..
For a union so close that all descriptions surpasses
And on scarce be convinced by you unwedded girls.
Deeply with the conqueror was swelling
And kindling new life in his snug like dwelling,
Whilst our limbs interwoven in prime act position
And completed the function so well termed cohesion.
The conflict now raging was ravishing quite
All my pains became pleasure and all my tears delight
Whilst the great engine of bliss in perpetual motion
Played its excellent part with skill and devotion.
That as each thrust was impressively given
I felt quite enchanted and wafted to heaven
Round his vigorous frame like a tendril I turned
While our lips in lascivious kissing were joined
And we reveled in joy till our transport at last
Reached the crisis of human’s delightful repast
When my rapturous full tide overwhelmed and oppressed
When again we pursued our connubial enjoyment
While murmur of ecstasy marked every stroke
And the bed in its creaking, our ardour bespoke
Till we soon completed the best operation
And again paid together our mutual liberation
Thus alternatively sporting and sleeping we lay
Ttill Phoebus has mounted the chariot of the day.
Five times we indulged in our amorous riot
Till our hero at length, seemed disposed to be quiet.
But to tell you the truth had he given a scour
I still would have eagerly counted more.
But prudent he thought it to observe
The maxim of keeping a crop reserve;
Without he would surely not shine with elect.
And his male friends may he was of horse-ride combat.
Still I clung round him with unquenched desire
And fanned the embers of love’s dropping fire.
Grown bold I extended my soft loving hand
And felt my dear play fellow gently expand
Till he attained the completest perfection
And proudly stood forth, in the grandest erection.

But my laughing tormentor still on his back
And said it was my hour to commence the attack.
So I mounted alone and as something drag on
I acted the part of St. George and Dragon
And managed it too with such skill and address
That it too was crowned the wishes for success.
This completed the sports of the wonderful night
And placed the last seal on the work of delight.
So we rose to perform our respective ablution,
And washed off the stains of our frequent pollutions.
But words after all can faintly reveal
The joys that in wedlock, you are destined feel;
Then loose not a moment, my dear Isabella!
But fly to the arms of some handsome young fellow
Make haste and get married as soon as you can
For life is but a blank, till enjoyed with a man.
He will quickly remove every girlish dilemma
And make you as blessed as your dear Emma…. [Anon.]

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Princess…

I am a priest worshiping a princess,
Wandering through the fantasy
Garden of Paradise, searching for the
Carnation flowers flourishing there.

I saw her standing near the bower among
The woods, where the spring flowers swayed
In the breeze, emanating sweet fragrance
In glee, arousing lascivious desires in the mind.
A picture painted with the essence of a rainbow
Appearing in the sky after heavy rains!
I pasted that as a mural on the walls of my soul

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I forgot to tell you, my beloved
I forgot to tell you of my love
I forgot.

I am your love, my lover
I saw a dream last night
A garden full of flowers in its splendor
And we striding amongst them;
Though I sat the whole night beside you,
And in the faint light of the lamp
We sang as the rain was splattering on the roof
And I forgot to tell you entirely about my
Love to you, I forgot…My beloved!

You are in my breath
You are in my heart beat
Your fragrance permeate my face
You keep me inside the mist of your love
Though you fondled me with
Your soft, lotus like fingers;
Though you covered me with
Your locks of musk scented hair
Though I touched the pearl like
Buttons of your breast
Yet I forgot, I forgot to tell you
The entirety of my love to you
My beloved.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today's tears are not the one
That dried up in the cheek, yesterday
Today’s smile is not the one,
Which faded yesterday from the lips.

Every emotion is not
Repetition, not at all, repetitions.
They are absolutely fresh,
Charming, and wonderful.

The water flowing to day, from
The spring, is not of yesterday’s
Nor the fleeing clouds are the same
Yonder, amidst the starry sky.

Yesterday’s feeling for my beloved
Also is different, today it’s more ardent.
In life’s rugged path, everything change
Yielding place for everything new,

And Providence decides the hue.........

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Bearing a borrowed birth, and shouldering
The weight of despondent disillusionment;
Exhausted by treading over endless distance
In travail, along the never ending paths,
Among the citadels and snow clad
Pinnacles of love’s hazardous and
Mysterious state ways, where time
Stands still as sentinels, and chaos
Settles in the mind, in that daze.
Like a season of ceaseless rains;
Like the scorching flames of the summer sun.
The drifting pain burning in the memories.
Even when the shores of summer is fading out
Or even when the midnight’s stars are shedding
Their embers, into the gloom below.
I am trotting alone…

Everywhere the grueling rail of darkness
With its hatred extend to the horizon.
With the boundless length of shadows of despair
Dusk creeps up as a riddle in the reminiscence.
Life is becoming sordid and tense.

We are the rickety shadows on the shores;
The wings of the vulture, in the clouds.
Still galloping forward, with gusto.
These unending journeys are the gift of Providence.

Midnight is around the corner.
Sinners are left alone, and the silence
Of a man wandering alone is the wrath of
Endless days and the misery of that man
Who has no rebirth, continues….

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


If you could
Spread your tiny wings,
Leaving the cage of your
Mind and fly into my lips;
Awake as a sonnet, and
With the plumes of your
Sweet words, caress me;
Blow out the flame of my woes
Humming a soft ballad,
Rock me to slumber.

The breeze sings a lullaby
The leaves are swaying in the wind
The clouds kissing in their embrace.
Can’t you pour the nectar of this
Lurid night and calm me to sleep?

You save the sweetness of this hour
When shadows and shadows hug;
The sea whispers and the earth
Swoons in its mirth....
And induce me to sleep..

Saturday, May 1, 2010


In an isle where dreams are taking me for a ride,
Likes and desires become an affliction in life.
I can’t decipher what I see in my solitary internment;
If they are truths or illusion, I just can’t make out.
Who can tell me the precise answer to those visions?
Truths or illusion, realistic or deceitful!

I was offering garlands of love in my worship
Of that idol, all throughout my life,
Since we met and became one.
A mind coveting for the spring season
In love, turned into a barren wasteland.
The conscience of every man is one
Wild jungle, where pure blossoms
Of love sincere, refuse to bloom.

Indeed a wild desolate and cruel jungle
Is the mind of a man, without remorse!
Insincere, crafty, egotistic, unfaithful;
Ever ready to swerve like a snake in flight.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

WOMEN...DON'T BE OFFENDED...take it easy!..


Oh! the gladness of her gladness when she is glad
And sadness of her sadness when she is sad
But the gladness of her gladness
and the sadness of her sadness
Are as nothing....
To the badness of her badness
when she is bad.........

She is an angel in truth,
a demon in fiction
And means the greatest of all contradictions..

She is afraid of a cockroach,
she will scream at a mouse
But she 'll tackle a husband ,
as big as a house.

She 'll take him for better
or take him for worse;
She will split his head wide open
and then be his nurse.
And when he is well and can get out of bed
She 'll pack up a tea-pot
and throw it at his head.

She is faithful, deceitful,
keen sighted and blind
She is crafty, she is simple,
she is cruel, she is kind
She 'll lift a man up,
she will cast him down.
She will make him her hero,
her ruler, her clown.

You will fancy she is this,
and you will find she is that,
For she will play like a kitten,
she will fight like a cat
In the morning she will,
in the evening she won't
And you are always expecting she will,
but she won't.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Call It Love?

The ache which had no name
Someone called it love.
The honey which dripped and split
In the earth was called tears.
The mirage with the golden tinge
We called it the imagination.

The bamboo which was cut
And was injured, cried.
And that worthless wooden
Tube was called a flute.

The beautiful clouds wept and
Its color splashed across the sky
It became the rainbow.
And the unforgotten silent music
Which emanated was called the mind.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Words pure and love filled,
I have to confess to you;
The truth in my heart, you never knew,
As you stand apart with spite in your thoughts;
Even when chanting your name in my soul;
Day and nightI kept my unsung love,
A secret, in the labyrinth of my heart.
Inside me an ocean swelled to fondle you,
And your soul yearned for that caress endlessly.
You heard the eternal music, resonant of love.

I know not what to call that sweet agony it creates,
Of the rapturous relation ..Love!
Or is it the divine mercy
Designed to paddle through life, without
Drowning in its depth?

Turned a tear welling cloud,
Me an equation of destiny;
And you, a seed promising a forest in you;
Like the earth craving for the rain....