Friday, March 25, 2011

Tacit Love

You stood before me like a rosebud

With a single petal unfolded.

The desires crooning in the mind,

The unsaid words compressed in the thoughts,

All rushed into the mind impatiently

And settled in my fingers to pen it.

The flowers of my sighs paved your path,

And you came as a breeze over

The cascade of my love.

You came in the chariot of the rain,

Stood as a cloud above me to pour down.

I never picked up a rose and offered it to you

At any time, yet, how come you knew?

My roses are blooming for you and

Permeating its fragrance, for you alone.

How is that? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!

I never spoke a word to you, on the

Sweetness of your love, filling my heart.

I never blotted and dried up, the moisture

from your eyes, in your solitude.

Yet, you knew my desires grazing on your soul,

Were to know your thoughts.

You never hummed a song, even for a moment

That came into your mind;

In the wee hours of the night,

When the stars perplexed and the nature

Shrouded in the morning mist,

I did not embrace your tender body

Yet, you understood my thoughts were

Hovering above you, and caressing you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The night has not swooned and slept,

But still awake and the petals of the eyelids

Were ajar, and the shadows shortened

As the flame on the lamp weakened

On the florid bed, stretched out by the mind.

The night was young, and sleep defying.

The night blossoms crept through my window,

And kissed my fingers with love.

I gathered my dress that came off

And laid it on my lap, and then realized

It was the moonlight that fell on my bed.

Immersed in reveries I forgot everything.

The dawn stole the golden hue of the day break,

Wearing the bangle of the spring moonlight.

The doves of early sun, carried nectar

Searching the blooms of the season,

As you groped for me, on the bed.

The whole blue sky was embedded on a dew drop;

A superb spring was inlaid in a tiny flower..

Happiness arising as a nebulous cascade,

Deep in the chasm of the heart, through your smile.

The golden grandeur of a morning sky reflected

The vermillion on your forehead.

Twin blue ’ Pisces’ glided tardy in the depth of your eyes.

The darkest night roosted quiescent in your hair.

The tear drops on the rosy cheeks resembled

Golden scripts of love sonnets dormant in your heart.

The tinge of your body challenged the moonlight

And Sandal paste; or was it alabaster?

Sunday, March 6, 2011


My soul was in a slumber.

Then you came and showered

Your fragrance, through your kisses

And awakened me from my sleep…..

I am, now imprisoned in a solitary

Cell, of your ardent love.

The heart yearns for looking out

To see the vistas of green plush valleys;

Sylvan hills, where the nymphs roam;

The stream where the thousand suns

Envisions through bubbles and foams;

Where the green paddy fields ripple

In the breeze, and the lonely man angling

For a stray fish and sings his

Favorite lines, of a popular ballad;

Where, the one legged stork watch

The clouds wandering over the distant

Horizon, casting a shadow, over the

Dales. and the hills on its sojourn;

Where, the boatman sings a mournful lyric

And rows happily against the tide….

The rain splattering on the placid lake

Making tiny holes in the surface….

Where the rain drips through the leaves

Of the needle trees, in lustrous rivulets;

Where the urchins play, and gleefully

Jump naked, into the murky pond.

Your soothing fingers caressing my nape

While you stand close, embracing me

Arouse me from these reveries of the

Long forgotten fantasies; suddenly

I realize, that all these are embedded

In your feather touch…