Thursday, July 2, 2009

Parting is such sweet sorrow…

The gossamer tranquility of the mist
In the twilight over the pretty evening,
That bids farewell at parting, will never know
About the rain, as the tears of an innocent
Ember, of a cloud in its misery.

I wrote your lucky horoscope with a quill,
Depicting the sweetness of your soul.
Then you have forgotten to discern and
Make out the entirety of its vast holistic
Implication in your life, as well as mine.
I can only offer the rustling murmur of my heart,
Beguiling you to come back and fill this void.

We parted for no reasons, drifting away
Like dry leaves in a summer’s wind.
And when we finally met together, we are
In the freezing lake of a devastating fire..
Do we have any more rebirths destined to
Live a happier life of our own or
Are we left with only a fretful existence?
I am a rainbow, of love that drips from
The wounds of the afflicted mind in torture,
Unmolested by the vagaries of seasons…

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