Sunday, August 21, 2011

Visions of a first night…

May I close the windows that were open yet;

Spread the eiderdown, and arrange the pillows,

Of that translucent lamp that

Immerse me in a state of bashfulness?

When the delicate fingers of the moonlight

Caress the embroidered exquisite damask curtains

I will adore the smirk of the flowers burgeoning,

When the dewdrops embrace and kiss them.

When the chill wraps me, off the breeze coming

From the banks of the brooks of nectar

I will give away myself to him, as a present,

Forgetting everything, in that sweet passion.

The ethereal moments, these emotional spasms;

The asperity makes me pallid and sequestered.

I now possess your desires inside me

Like you have taken away, the thirst in my soul.

As the luster of the dewdrops on the lotus petal

As spring blossoms on a naked branch after winter

Ecstasy enthralled in us, and in a vision

A tide of happiness is raising its waves in the mind.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The sonorous spring has receded and

The effulgent tapestry faded out.

Can’t you just hearken to the vibes

Emanating from the darkened chasms

Of my heart, through the wailing wind?

Through the shores of opalescent moonlight

Where the golden swans of ambrosial

Dreams flutter and descend in cluster,

Your image is unfurling like sweet blossoms.

I miss you...I miss you entirely.

Why can't you come back to my side

For a moment, just to perceive for a while

The throbbing spasms of a crumbling life?

Your beaming smiles will shower golden rays

Over all the gloomy chambers of

My spirit, obscured by bemoaning desolation.

Can't you seek me out and reach me now

To relieve the dolorous despair in me,

And revive me from this enfeebled existence?

Thursday, August 4, 2011


You will not understand me anymore;
I just can't show your image
Embedded in my soul, by opening
The window of my cloistered heart.
I cannot sleep now when I ponder
How you could decipher the real
Lines in between my silences?

I am hiding among the branches of
A blooming tree, as the wind,
In the courtyard of your mansion;
I am also the vestige that embraces you.

I remember those words you uttered
Once, that you can't find me with your
Naked eyes, as though I am an apparition.
I may be a distant vision for your eyes now.
Still if you can keep your ears close to
My heart you could listen, my heart throbs
Very distinctly, pulsating with your name.

By the end of the winter, as your love starts
Pouring down as the rain, I will transform
To become the sodden earth, glistening
With your enrapturing moonlight.