Monday, July 6, 2009


Here the breeze carries a divine fragrance.
The spring has come this way already,
In a chariot of tender sprouts and leaves
And the maidens in-waiting were those
Of dainty dreams and sublime memories.

Why the flowery season could not linger here,
And halt the chariot here for a while?
It could not give me even a tiny blossom
As a gift, to recollect its radiance again.
And now you have become another
Blooming season, like spring in my life.

The ocean is roaring with its waves.
Who sowed the stones of beryl in its froth?
May be, the heavenly musicians have done that.
Never throw your pearls of laughter in the
Stream of tears, of your lonely nights.
Those musicians also got away, after
Closing the eyes of the mind.
Now, you have become an exquisite beryl
In my mind, dazzling in your love.

Those bluish eyes are the blossoms of the heart,
And I have become the apple of those eyes.
How charming is the splendour of youth!
And your emotions are a hundred times
Prettier than any petite things on this earth.
The creator ought to have given eyes of the soul,
To the smiling lilac, and the winged pangs of the mind.
But then, you have become the creator of love in me…

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