Friday, December 28, 2007

The work of Christmas…

“When the song of the Angels is stilled,
When the star in the sky is gone,
When the Kings and Princes are home,
When the shepherds are back with their flock,
The work of Christmas begins:

To find the lost,
To feed the hungry,
To release the prisoners,
To rebuild the nations,
To bring peace among brothers,
To make music in the heart.”

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mending you.....

You rang me up on that day, but
I did not answer; yet I know
It was your call; I heard you whisper
My name, in your heart.
I heard what all you had there
Though, you failed to tell me those words.

I did not touch your hand.
Yet, my fingers were wiping
Those tears laden eyelids.
I did not kiss your cheeks;
Yet my lips were blotting from your
Sweet face, the dampness.
I did not call your name.
I did not wipe your tears.
Yet, in my dream, I was with you.
I saw you laughing, amid those tears.
I heard you cracking jokes amid your sobs.
I kept your head on my shoulders.
I tried to calm you patting your back.

The scorching memories, of yester years
Turned you into a weeping willow,
In the incessant rain; and you
Waiting for the clouds to roll by,
And the sunshine, to dry you up.
You wanted to tell me your woes,
Unforgotten plea and complaints.
I heard them all, and believed them.
It related to your past life!
I tried to smother it, with the balm of my love.
Yet, you deflected it with your derision and whims.

I don’t know how to fortify your fortitude.
I don’t know how to regain your tranquility.
I don’t know how to splatter a smile in you,
And a rainbow, in your woeful mind.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Evolution on a rainy day.....

It rains, when you sit besides me;
And the rain poured down as unperceived music.
The dazzle hiding and lurking in your eyes
Tells me, clouds of the monsoon
Hovers over us, like a blanket.

Where is the tumult of the thunder?
That always comes late,
Though born together, with flashes of lightning.
Your smile, feeling my heart throbs
Is searching an answerto it.

The molten swarthy rock, of reminiscence
Cleft opened, and poured forth its water;
And inundated my eyes,that has now formed
In to a tear drop..

The storm weakened into a breeze,
Sat on your hair, embracing you in coy meekness.
Again, the rain turns into a silent music,
And only you realized, the thunder as my heart beat..

Sunday, December 16, 2007

To my beloved......

My beloved!
Whenever I feel grief in my heart
I decorate it with myriads of thoughts
About your passion and serene smile..
I lived for quite some time with my
Too vulnerable- ‘touch-me-not’ soul.
Whenever my feelings vex and cajole me
Your name adores my lips!

Because you loved me so much

I felt the ecstasy you brought into my life.
You gave me the wings of a butterfly
And I flew, and saw the wonders of this life.
I tasted the nectar from the flowers in your garden,
I drank the sweet wine of your mouth.
We visited the unseen vistas of pleasures,
I was intoxicated with your love.
Once, I thought this heart belonged to me
And was mine, all alone and aloof;
Now it is only yours.

The anatomy of a kiss....

She asked me another question..
When a man kisses a woman, what is he
Extracting out of her through that kiss?
The fullness of her lips?
The softness of her cheek?
The radiance of her smile?
The dream lurking in her eyes?
The moon light in her soul?
Or AIDS?....... or death?

What is gained in a kiss?.......
Kissing a splendor or the moisture?
Are you burning away the solitude
In you by that kiss?
Or, are you in search of the ecstasy of
A unity of your bodies into one?
What are you filling up in your life by snatching
something which is not in you, from that woman?

Did Shakespeare have ever believed while
He wrote: “make me immortal, with a kiss”,
That a man’s life attains immortality or
Eternity by the mere kiss of a woman..?

While I cannot conceive this phenomena
Of this unresolved mystery, I am bewildered..
I am in a daze!....

If your love is a system of alphabet,
By which I can decode the complexity of
My existence,. may be I can comprehend
The meaning of what I am……

Saturday, December 15, 2007

On the shores of dream....

Do you know when you came?
Riding in the chariot of a dream
In the early hours of the dawn,
While the sun was amusing in his nuptial bower....

As an incomparable piece of music;
Like the long remembered overture of a melody;
Like a tiny drop of tear hanging on the eye lids;
Like the touch of a feather, smothering your love;
Like the silver lining on a ghostly cloud;
Like the ravishing tinge of the rainbow;
Like the nectar flowing out of flute;
Like the golden moments of a precious dream,
Presenting my soul with eternal joy.

Like the splendor lurking in the evening sky
Bidding ‘Adieus’, whispering to the sun
To stay embracing her for a little more time
‘I have to keep vigil to see you again, and
Gather in the east in the early dawn';

Like the tender grass peeping out on the forehead
Of the sodden earth after the first rain
And the sweet passionate smile on its face
When they hustle in its pleasure.

Like the innumerous daughters of the gods
The stars-with their eyelids ajar
In their coyness before the full moon on a wintry night;
Like the golden swans fluttering its wings
In its ecstasy, walking on the shores of love, in unison;
Like the sweet freshness carried to the mind
By watching the helpless raindrops dripping
Reluctantly from the palm fronted roof
Of my humble dwelling…………
"I beg you..
Filling my heart with the strings of these
Vistas, do not fade out of this radiant dream!"