Sunday, November 25, 2012


You are the waning moonlight
A teardrop of my life, lurking on the eyelids,
The swansong of my adoration, in my being,
Blobs of tears oozing out of the grief stricken heart,
Awaiting to hear the footsteps of spring,
Approaching around the corner, of seasons.
You, the blossom of the rainbow, fading out from my life.
You the radiance of my sunshine!

This earthen cage implore you with agony in my heart,
Not to leave me alone, in this horrid wilderness
Where not a shade or mirage could be seen,
No oasis, no stream, no date palms…
You are the mute song of a flower;
The festival of music, in my weary soul.
Are you flying away from me, for ever,
Into your horizon, among the angels?
Your eyes are not moist, not laden with tears.
Your voice is too feeble; I cannot discern
What you are trying to tell me.

Love is an eternal prayer.
A constant prayer, blessing the one you love.
With all the goodness, and eternal joy.
It will always rise like a fountain,
From the heart of my thoughts, for you!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012



 A blossom will  bloom once again in this stalk;

The tears that spills in darkness and gloom

Will disappear from the  countenance;

The tender sprigs will come out on the boughs

On the tumbleweeds of the desert.

The sun will peep through the dense canopy

Of the clouds when it showers, glittering

With its brilliant sunlight.

The woeful despair in the mind will depart,

As shadows from the darkened screen of the soul.

And a flower will bloom as a finger of the first rains.

The dazzling radiance of the morning sun

Shall commence dancing among the foliage

Where the birds are whistling in glee..

The entrancing melody of the meandering river

In its ripples, presenting a symphony orchestra,

And in its wake glide the toy boats  of the mind as

Happy reminiscences through the  waterway.

Again a flower will blossom  and the silver

Lining on the edge of the clouds will appear,

On the horizons of the  cluttered mind.....

Monday, September 24, 2012


A golden sitar that everyone covets to touch!

May I touch it with the feather tip of my fingers?

Let me sit beside you  as an evening that 

Sprinkle flamboyance on your cheeks.

You did not tell me anything that day

When I berated you about something..

What made you to keep silent, then

Not uttering even a word to me?

You kept quiet when I went away,

And when I sat at a distance,

Your eyes were moist.....Why?

And  you didn't tell me anything, and left.. 

Won't you come in the twilight of the evening

And sit beside me, and I will faint out

And  lie down in your lap,

Inebriated with the bliss your love.

You will kiss away the beads of  sweat on

My face  with your yearning lips, 

And when the moon slides away into the clouds

Fall over my  chest in frenzy with the

Beatitude of being together again.

Thursday, September 6, 2012



We are always seeking the quintessence of love in our mind

Do we at any time realize, if it is there as we stand near it?

Is that possible to explain it in a simple word?

Does it come and fill our heart unknowingly, without effort?

As a ripple in the shore kissing our feet

And sweeping away the sand underneath them?

Or does it echo in our hearts and revereberates

In our life when it is present?

We are seekers always on the march!

Is it a sparkle in the eyes?

Is it a fragrance permeating as from the sweetest spring?

Or is it a gossamer string that bind two hearts together?

Or a precious pearl that develops in an oyster?

A cup filled with the nectar or ambrosia?

Is that the fawn of a steer appearing in the moon?

Or an oasis in the ever sweltering heat of the desert?

Or a magic spell that envelop us in its hold?

Or a sentiment that cannot be uttered in one word?

Tell me what it is….

Explain to me the manifestations of such an emotion,

My beloved , if you can as you get the drift

And immerse in it !

Saturday, August 11, 2012


In my last birth, you and me were butterflies,
Fluttering through the blues together
In search of nectar among blossoms of splendour.
We kept the spring under our wings
And flew into the midst of rainbows and blossoms.
We whispered into the ears of each flowers sweet
Lascivious secrets from its beloved, like messengers
Delivering snippets of last nights ecstasies.
As though we took our birth from the soul
Of an unknown lover, to fulfill a mission given to us.

We carried these epistles embedded with their dreams
In our bosom, and flew endless hours with the sun’s rays
To reach its beloved, beyond far and vast distances,.

Though we longed to adorn our wings
With the gossamer threads of the moonlight,
And to wear the mascara of dew drops
On our eyelids, before the petals
Of the evening sun withered, and our spirits
Flew away beyond our dreams, into oblivion.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Align Center Mending you…
You rang me up on that day, but
I did not answer; yet I know
It was your call; I heard you whisper
My name, in your heart.
I heard what all you had there
Though, you failed to tell me those words.
I did not touch your hand.
Yet, my fingers were wiping
Those tears laden eyelids.
I did not kiss your cheeks
Yet my lips were blotting from your
Sweet face, the dampness.
I did not call your name.
I did not wipe your tears.
Yet, in my dream, I was with you.
I saw you laughing, amid those tears
I heard you cracking jokes amid your sobs
I kept your head on my shoulders
I tried to calm you patting your back.
The scorching memories of yester years
Turned you into a weeping willow
In the incessant rain; and you
Waiting for the clouds to roll by
And the sunshine, to dry you up.
You wanted to tell me your woes,
Unforgotten plea and complaints
I heard them all, and believed them
It related to your past life!
I tried to smother it with the balm of my love
Yet, you deflected it with your derision and whims.
I don’t know how to fortify your fortitude.
I don’t know how to regain your tranquility.
I don’t know how to splatter a smile in you,
And a rainbow, in your woeful mind.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Silent anguish... silent anguish

In the cage of diffident memories

Building up melancholy in the heart

Unable to shed even a drop of tear

And all the while silent anguish

Grows in the soul like a canker in the bud......

Destiny plays the game

And blossoms are withering

Death- a companion from the moment of birth.

Most things change and the feeble

Life watches it, whimpering all the while

Becoming a recluse, a sad witness..

The day blossoms from the night and darkness

And the day merges into the obscurity

And time entering as rains,and snow,

Also as daylight wipe out so many things

Again life watches it whimpering

All the while in silent anguish....

Thursday, June 28, 2012



Some one attempting to play a sad note
On the earthen dulcimer of the mind;
A note and rhythm of tears, dripping from
The icicles of solidified grief;
With insipid energy, and whimpering spirit
Like an evening that is spent;
And bidding farewell with chaotic attrition
In the innards of synergic debacle.
Even the regaling moonlight and
Starry sky has become scorching
Summer that scald the prurient passions
Sheltering inside the soul, in a cloister.
The splendorous spring has dwindled into
A spasmodic, saddening winter.
And your sodden heart, a picture
With the ornate glass, broken in splinters.
You have become a singing bird
Wounded, and flying in the darkness.
On the streets of rainbows, awakens
The tumult and maelstrom of the sky.
On the unknown nameless road
Someone is wandering with agony,
Melancholy painted across the face.
Affliction gathering teardrops, overwhelming
In the heart, hiding among the eyelashes as
Condensed atonement , of tribulations.
Effigies of shadows like puppets
Are awaiting for something to happen..
Borrowed births recreated from previous births.
Ogling as the rain clouds with a throbbing heart alone
Amidst the whistle of cold wind
Attempting to sing a dirge in despair..
The treads diffusing into echoes
Linger in the cold air as they fade out…