Sunday, July 5, 2009

Endless respites…

That song has become a bleak memory,
In the wearied heart in distress.
That voice has now become
A dismal pang in the mind.
The delicate soul is sobbing
As the sweet melody swooned.
We were yearning earnestly for so many
Things in our life, in years to come.

Sleep now, sleep for eternity, boundless,
And never wake up to reminisce again.
The dreams that bedecked the minds,
The blossoms of infatuations, in our thoughts.
Sleep now; the stars of blooming jasmines
Lest you lose your luster, and wilt, if awake,
When rhythms of seasons fade away.
Forget the tingling, titillating melodies in the heart;
The butterflies of sweet spring, that
Flutter in the desires and awaken multitudinous
Passions with their kisses, in the mind…Sleep now…

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