Sunday, August 9, 2009

Diffusing fragrance…

On the sandalwood pyre of my heart
The golden winged butterflies burned out.
They were my long preserved dreams;
My endearing passions of the soul.
The ashes now cover the pyre all over,
And the relics are only the remnants of
A handful of reminiscence and those
Unseen embers are still scorching hot.

Memories of longings coveted in vain,
To see the spring blossoms in full bloom.
When someone threw a stone on the tree
A thousand birds flew off from its roosting.
Only one bird came back to the branch of its nest,
With its wearied wings of dreams,
Again for the honey, the tender shoots offered.

You were someone so transparent;
A fragrant flower that could not contain
Its intoxicating scent inside.
In your words, in your smiles
And in your looks you poured out
Fragrance of true and innocent love…

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