Saturday, August 30, 2008

In the night, when...

It appears, someone has opened the windows
Or the silver shines of the full moon.
Or could it be the luster on your face as
The moon, beaming with love.
Or the plumes of mist falling softly, and
Silently on the petals of the camellia?
Or the coquetry of the startled rain
Or the strain, of the humming wind’s passion?
Or the rustling, of the silver anklet, on your feet?
Or, it could even be the sparkling laugh, of the
Jasmine, unfurling its petals timidly..
Some one had gently opened these windows!

I will enter the lap of the sky, transformed into
A silver cloud, as you become, a rain dream of your love.
And shower, drenching me in that frenzy of passions
Then we will perfuse and become one in us.
Like the blueness adorned by the raging sea.
Me and you, and the sodden clouds have,
Only one ecstasy; to enter into and enfold into one!

If I wander, as a melody with the wings of
Desires, seeking you,
Could you find me out, and your tenderness
Keep me imprisoned, by the padlock of your love;
Skimming in the fuddle of the tremulous music,
Emanating through the awakened ardour
Of the heart strings, I am waiting
At the door steps, of your hankering now!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All good things in life...

Do you reminisce the day when we first met in our life?
Do you remember who was the first one, who saw?
Can you keep in mind the day, we spoke first, ever?
And tell me who uttered the first word?
Tell me my beloved, tell me.

Do you remember that day obviously, and
Enjoy the ecstasy, that day gave you?
And can you recollect, the first time I got angry?
And also the reason for that, I lost my temper?
Also the day you were so demure, for the first time?
Remembering that magnificent moment,
Do you still horripilate in its sweetness?
Could you still remember the first gift you received
And who was the donor of that?
Remember the first kiss and the one who gave it?
And the first night we spent under the starry sky?
And all that you whispered into my ears, like a song.
And all the rapture we shared in those lovely moments?

Friday, August 22, 2008

As a gift...

My blossom! Did the raindrops affix
Kisses on your cheeks?
Did you hear the chirping of a bird
As nectar, in your ears?
Condensation of a flaxen dream,
Is caressing me unknowingly;
An agony called love is glowing
Unextinct inside your heart.
A refrain, emanated from a violin
Dulcify the distressed spirit.

You have become my music;
In each word of that lyric.
A thousand tinges I see
In your endearing look.
When you clasp me to your bosom
Like the life of your life,
Nights are becoming a night
And flowers turn to a real flower.

Aren’t you the blossom of my heart?
Aren’t you the cloying memory of my life?

With unheard foot steps,
Without the awareness of the
Witnessing starlets in heaven,
Untouched, by the caressing haze
On your eyelashes,
Without shedding, even a pearl from
Your enchanting lips, a word,
On your way to my side;
Unobstructed by the entwining wines
Sodden with the morning dew on the path…

Will you come to me in a chariot of rain petals,
With the tinkling coquetry of your bangles?
As a gift in a platter of feathers, for a moment,
To enrich my eternal reminiscences

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The magical touch....evolution of

She touched him like a whisper
Their eyes met like a touch; softest of its kind,
Like a feather; as a spark of electricity.
Love is not love till the moment, it is given,
The inception of that eternal emotion
Could stem from a mere look only.
That look develops and spread into
Innumerable spheres of love and affection.

Mutually attracted, is the first stage.
Body language rapidly shows changes, in
Body temperature, heart beats, respiration;
Parched throat, and sweating hands.
Who is in control of these reactions?

Emotional attachments have two dimensions:
Attraction based on body image, beauty
Complexion, intelligence, and tastes;
Then albeit all these, based on beliefs, interests,
And occupation; still the depth increases
On basis of confidence on the beloved,
Sharing of thoughts, happiness and woes,
Dreams, aspirations, and too personal secrets.

Nevertheless man or woman, they speak
About everything hidden and unhidden
Without reservation; without hesitation.
You will adore the relationship always
And adhere to each other.
It opens the vistas of beauty, interest,
And pellucid relations.
If such a degree of adherence, cannot be reached
It becomes stale and ephemeral.
It turns to a mechanical exercise.

The substance of relationship becomes romance
Without which the love life, cannot blossom.
In it, you recognize the truth of love.
It helps to make a better lover and partner.
Romance flow out the heart and
Preserve the loyalty and fidelity
Towards your partner in love.
The ardent desire, the zeal, the obsession,
Insuppressible passion,
You are prepared to do whatever you can
For the one whom you love.
As your mind and body surrenders
And you gift your whole being for the other,
The populace accepts it as LOVE...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

like a candle under.....

I soften as a candle under the flame;
Amorphous, when I remember you…
Like the thread of the raindrops from heaven,
From a melody, long forgotten in the mind;
Like the faraway asterisk of another birth
Yet to commence; for you and for you alone.

As the shadow of the rain clouds in the moist eyelids
Brimming over by fond memories of yester years,
Some where in the distance, a lonely nightingale
Call its mate singing the tune of a dulcet of love.

In the hour, when an evening cloud is singing
A melody, filled with the ecstasy of parting,
Mingled with the fervent aspiration of the next morn,
Peering arduously on the face of the sea
From its lofty, heights, in amoroso

Are you, pouring out all your love for me
As a bush of roses, in tranquility; in silence?
Have you forgotten the exotic world of dreams,
Diffusing its glory in splendour into your mind?
Where is the peacock that danced
In your mind, with all its plumes spread out,
When the rain clouds the yonder?
I am gifting away my heart as a whole
To you unknowingly, my dearest!

Monday, August 18, 2008

When I surrendered...

I wonder how you will respond
If I tell you about my love,
Which I keep away reluctantly,
Failing to express, so far.

What will you do with the
Blossoming bud of roses
From my soul, I offer to you
With all my heart, now?

Please don’t feel bad and keep away
From me, reproaching me for
My stupidity, which I ventured
To display in your presence.

You just ignored the roses I gave you,
Nourished and reddened with,
The blood, oozing out of my heart.
You never cared to read, what I jotted
For you, on the rear pages of my soul.
You never touched with your finger tips,
Any of my heart strings, quivering for you.

Across the shores of sterile decades,
On the coasts of countless reminiscence
You are still a vermilion sky in the dusk,
My beloved! I still see you as a crescent,
In that sky, dazzling your radiance, and grandeur.
Though my life is strewn with strife
My distress is boundless on your account
My angel! Let my goblet. Fill everyday
With the pain by your absence here…

Thursday, August 14, 2008

For sale: Tears

Finding the tear drops in my eyelids
Thinking they are fine pearls,
A traveler, you have come to bargain for it.!

Why your eyes are welling up
And lumps formed in the mind
Choking your throat,
Emotions benumbed,
After having heard the predicament
In my life, which I narrated...

Are you inviting me to your opulent kingdom,
To spend my forlorn hours, in your presence?
Asking me to submerge in
The fragrant ocean of cloying dreams, and to surge
Holding handful of diamonds, I gather.

I no longer hope, anyone can gift me the love
He has bestowed on me, when he was near.
Everyday was a fiesta; every night was a first night;
He was my world and love was true, mad,
Deep and savage; a dream, on top of a fantasy.
We were living together in empyrean space.
My memories are ever green about it;
Abundant and more than enough to sweeten my life,
The rest of the years, between now and the grave…

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why did you come then?

What made you to come again this way
If you have no love left for me in your heart?
What made you tarry some moments
Standing there unless you wanted to tell me
Something, which lingered in the mind?
You hid your resentment and rebuke
In the veil of silence, without admonishing,
Without shaming any acquaintance, with me.
I was watching your approach, seeking that
Smirk, camouflaged in the corner of your eyes;
To make out how you were trying to conceal it!

I came alone to call you, with a heart full of
Romantic jingles, not saying any jokes or jibes
Not asking you any reasons for your ill will,
Waited to see you, my beloved,
Just to talk only a few words, singly
Let alone my yearnings, to be with you…

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wistful memoirs...

Like an enchanting gift,
The changing season has endowed;
Like the blossoming of a thrill,
Enriched by a sweet embrace;
You unfolded as a poem on the alluring
Tender branches of my first love, when we both
Started, dreaming of the mysteries of love..

I sought you, my first love, forgetting everything
Around me, fluttering like a wild butterfly,
All over places and time, in and out;
I liquefy myself into you, through the spell
Of your honeyed seductive smiles,
And turned into a swan wading in the pools of heaven,
To become a flamingo with resplendent plumes;
Like the full moon traversing, among the silvery clouds.

The day when you tried to bid farewell to me,
Wilted by the stinging distress in your mind;
Our dreams shattered, its wings clipped off
Into smithereens, scattering into silence,
All the emotions rancid, and mortified..
And my mind whispers mutely;
“All good wishes for a happy married life.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ever been in Love?

Can you teach me, my mind, like you have taught
Me, to reminisce, how to forget also?
Can you teach me to forget in entirety?
Let me stifle the wings of my recollections,
And dissolve into an endless sleep, eternally,
Deliquesce into the bluish magnificence
Of the firmament, of dreams.

If the galloping crystal of hours
Could ever remain at a standstill,
In the long winding path of life;
If ever, the dead yesterdays.
And the dying present day, and
The unborn tomorrows, will not
Afflict the temperament of the mind;
I need not have to live forlorn on the shores
Of the everlasting ineptitude,
Which he has gifted me at parting,
For the inimitable love I had for him,
Unflinching, but unrequited…..
Innumerable dreams, countless passions,
Smoldering life, and fluffing emotions;
All wriggling in the mind,
Turned out as hallucination or delusions….

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hue of your face...

Which tint is of the rainbow!
Which note is of the sextet!
In your eyes,
In your lips?
What is the tone of
The music you hum?

I will embellish the treads you walk
With flowers… magnificent.
Open those steps for me to walk,
Dress up for me that night,
And keep yourself for me,
To take you near my soul
To make you the rhythm
of my heart.

All your desolate dreams
Were around me
We were yearning for our
Dreams to blossom.
To make you the life
of my life,
There is always an immense
Aspiration in my soul…

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Something called LOVE!

The ache in the heart which had no name,
Someone called it LOVE.
The nectar which dripped and split
In the earth, from the flamboyant
eyes, was called tears.
The mirage with the golden tinge
Formed in the mind;
We called it, the imagination.

The bamboo which was cut,
And was incised with holes, cried.
And that inconsequential wooden
Pipe was called a flute.
The vivacious clouds wept in its
Gleeful fiesta and
Its color splashed across the sky.
It became the rainbow.
And the ever remembered silent music
Which emerged was called the mind.


In the morning it was raining,
And like a sodden leaf in the wind,
You rushed in settling in my mind.

I just thought of climbing, clutching
The thread of the rain, to your side.
Will you wait for me there, above this
Squelchy rain cloud, looming over us?

You will say it is impossible to climb
Like a rope trick, through the thread of tears;
And you imagine, it is your tears coming
Down as raindrops, from heaven.

And the thunder is your lament,
When you strike your breast with your hands;
Brooding over our emancipated life;
And the lightning occurs when you open
Your eyes to see my quagmire existence!
And your sighs forms into blizzards.

Instead, why don’t you come down as a mega raindrop?
We will together flow and drown in the ocean
Or wriggle and sink in to the earth not to return anymore…

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Like a psalm……

Who is she, paying obeisance at your grave?
Like the psalms, like a very sad psalm;
With blossoms of remorseful tears,
Flowered in the morning’s radiance,
Of your reminiscence.

She reasoned your love with measures of gold,
Added them for affluence, with dried tears and grief.
Why does she still hearken for the treads,
Having gained everything in life?
She reckons, there is a heart throbbing
Deep inside the cavern of this tomb!

Is that possible the heart will resurge, after
Having suffered the stings of outrageous love?
Is that possible that echoes will be heard,
Of a voice, swallowed by mysterious silence?

These remembrances are blossoms falling down in the mud
Of life, and new footprints obliterate them from the mind;
Like a golden flame of the heart, extinguished by
The sighs of the arrogant wind, of greed.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Unfurling dreams...

That gorgeous flower bloomed,
Looking at me, from that magnificent garden.
Unfurled a thousand vivid shades of petals,
The dreams that rippled, in my mind.

The breeze came to whisper in my ears
About ardent love, you have confided to the wind,
And I langoured as a lover, under the spell
Of that delightful passion it contained.

When you came clad in the moonlight as a fairy
Embracing me with all the intense obsession
Willfully submerged and compressed in the mind;
Kissing me with the ardour, of a million rampant desires.
My imagination soared high and dazzled, igniting me
To sing sweet melodies, I wrote for you, when alone.

Blue eyes dousing in the tears of delight and
Silence came stealthy as you exhaled your breath.
Covering me with inexplicable elation.
Our souls gleefully fluttered around
Ubiquitous paradise, of our imagination.
Unconscious of our human form, like seraphs
Living or beyond it, we never knew!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eternally yours...

The spring bathed in the golden hue of the moonlight
I sat on the window sill looking out in to the twilight;
Singing a rhapsody about you, with silence its rhythm;
I saw your elegant smile in my memory screen.

Transformed as a desire,
Wounded by Cupid’s arrows,
Pink corals blossomed in her lips as dulcet words;
A dot of tender emotions in longing, for
Seeing your exquisite, cherubic smile.

Open your solitary window, gently.
Let me see your angelic face.
I am now waiting for that cherished moment.
A moment long waited, and dreamt.
The day I saw you and we exchanged our love,
I turned a cloud and rising high in the heavens
Flew wildly in glee, with the arrogant wind.
And when I saw you again, I dissolved as raindrops,
Came down, to hug your anklets enveloping it.
Ecstasy, blossomed as divine and sublime love,
Encircling me with the nectar dripping
From the intoxicating sweetness, of your lips.

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Flame...

The morning rain was splashing a downpour
Enthralling the emotions, of passion.
Someone with a sullen and sodden heart
Seeking the porthole of your mind.

Keep Love as an eternal flame, unstinted,
Engross in it, as much as possible.
Do not deviate from its path,
It is the source of boundless happiness.

My ever shining silver cloud!
The night has advanced to the wee
Hours of morning; and I am still
Haplessly harping, on the lute of your image.
When the nightingale warns the approach of someone,
I press my face against the lattice of my window;
Gazing out into the darkness of the night
If it is you, my sweet angel.
And in vain, I get wearied in my anxiety.

Let the lamp in vigil guarding me be ablaze;
Let the moon forgetting to set, radiates its glory;
Can’t you smell the musk scent of her body?
There she is coming to me,uninvited!

She is the nightingale, singing endearingly, the melodies
I wrote for her on the golden petals of blossoms...
She fainted in rapture, closely clasping me.
She clung on my bosom like a sacred thread.
Saffron shedding from the tender bud of her lips,
Dulcet whispers, unintelligible moans, indomitable sigh…
She has become mine now till the end of time!