Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The dazzling glowing image in the eyes

As in a mirror, I saw you, my eye

Of my eyes, that providential day.

Why did you, my beautiful, cast a glance

At me, and me not knowing it?

Mind is blossoming as a jasmine vine,

With all starry white flowers, timidly

Opening its eyes, emanating the sweet scent

That awakens the morbid spirit.

Then with the dewdrops adorned an anklet.

And I hear a celestial music wafting into my ears

That of your sitar softly humming a melody,

Blended with the splendor of the rainbow.

Your heart is quivering with swallowed words

You have forgotten to enunciate, in your frenzy

When your glance met mine midway betwixt us.

My Angel Pearl, I will festoon my head with

A string of those pearls and keep you as a mole

In my bosom, caressing your undulating breast.

I wish if I could become a bead in your rosary,

Always being fondled by your fingers in reverie.

Your heart is a tendril entwined on my body that

Has forgotten to soothe you, in your apprehension.

Why did you initially cast a glance at me and

Entice me, embedding your soul inside mine.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Some where in the softness of the soul
A rare flower bloomed, and became orphaned
Suppressing its vibrant pangs;
It lies in the silent valleys of yesterdays,
Struggling and gasping for its final breath;
Even when love has been retreating with its hung head,
Cheated by the insurmountable barriers of the inevitable
Realities and limitations of sincerity,
Someone whispers from the innermost:
"My Beloved!, I still love you-...
much more and more...
and more...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The face is the mirror of the mind

The smiles, the garden where blooms the dreams

The voice turn to be the waves of the emotions;

My beloved, you are the idol of love.

Your heart throbs chant magical words

In soft tunes, intoxicate me

Into a mesmerized spell.

Awakening me with the sweetness

Of an ardent kiss, on my parched lips.

The yearning of our hearts, to embrace,

And cling to the arms of each other,

Puts me to slumber- a passionate trance.

Take me to a green lush island

Of strange, soft tenderness…

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Towering Infernos!

That age when the chilling fragrance of love

Pervades over the spirit,and enamoured rhythms of

Love songs erupts from the heart,

I knew you, without knowing you in my soul.

And confessed my fondness for you.

Then I felt the distance shrinking and

Closing in, blending our life together.

I hear the echo of a song in my ears now

From the ramparts of my reminiscence,

And my memory starts rollicking wildly.

Your memory begins to flutter in my eyelids

And nostalgia liquefies in the breath

Memories raining, memories holding umbrella,

Sweltering memories, trickling as from a water fount;

With each spring season that tarries in the memory

A drop of tear oozes with a sigh, into the psyche;

Unwritten anecdotes throng, of the bygone years;

Magical windows ajar in the realm of illusion,

Crying loudly or sobbing while in a dream,

Bring forth tears in rivulets running over the cheeks.

Does the assuaging breeze know about the rhythms of the breath?

Does the lyre understand the tone of silence?

How can anyone recite a poem without recollecting its lyrics?

Who can string together dew drops like pearls?

The consequences of frustration over unrequited love,

Create furnaces like infernos in the soul.