Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The moon opened
Its nuptial bower,
Folding up its
Sapphire blue drapes.
The spring season
Possessed the night.
Is your paramour
Coming to night?
If not, what made you
To appear only half naked,
And wait in the harem
For his arrival, impatiently?
When a gust of wind
Suddenly opened the tiny window,
I saw you putting
Your palms to cover your bosom
Hiding your bashfulness.
I saw you dousing the golden shawl
In scented dewdrops and laying out
Over the mantelpiece.
And you were looking down
On the floor, in coy meekness
As you heard his treads approaching
Your chamber door, and your face
Beamed in exhilaration, excited
By the twitching euphoria.

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