Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alluring Aria…

While blossoms of roses profusely embraced
The golden fleece of the descending sun in
The twilight, imbibing the ruddy champagne,
From the chalice of the flamboyant evening,
It swooned off into a deep slumber.

And then, like the soft petals cascading on the
Virescent carpet of velvety grass, the rivulets
Of ambrosia suffused from your melodies of love…

Like dew drops as pearls of golden dreams
Plummeting into the hushed
Silence of the desolate night, over
Waters of the pond in slumber,
The soft aria of your music drizzled into
My rueful soul strewn with consternation…

As tired eyelids wearied by deep sleep,
Falls on tired eyelids in silent softness,
The ravishing tone of the music is
Caressing the spirit, and I am diffusing
In the ethereal sweetness of the inveigling song…

The ripples in the milky lake are murmuring in glee;
The specks of the moon dust is sprinkled around
Fragrance of champa blossoms pervades in the air;
Quaint beauty dance on the floor of amber dreams.
The sweetness of the silent night hovering over
On the wings of your music, sinks into my soul,
And I am in a delectable trance... ineffable.

While the undulating resonance of your music drifts
Towards me, empyrean bliss sprouts in the psyche.
If your songs are this prolific, how bounteous
Will be your spontaneous sweet penchant!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Agitating Love

Do not love me this vigorously…

Do not love me this fervently…

My heart is searing and sweltering,

With the agonizing torridity of your love.

The luscious dreams in my eyes are

Smoldering and burning out.

I never coveted for this much love

That I cannot compromise or cherish

Inside my heart’s mother of pearl.

All that I wanted was the complacent warmth

Of a minuscule spark of love, to haul the burden

Of a lugubrious despondency that weighed upon me.

And cross the Empty Quarter of a desert of

Arduous affliction that threatened my existence.

I managed to reach the shore struggling with

The waves of grueling misery, with the helping

Heart touch of a loving hand stretched out towards me.

I could break the walls of a fortress of

The sweltering heat shield of the stifling summer,

With the chilling wetness of a moist kiss

Of your beguiling lips that lingered in mine.

I am surviving as a burning candle now,

Without perishing in the hell fire of my expectations,

Only with the fond memory I relish from the past,

Of a loving caress, of your soothing hand.

So do not drown me by immersing me

In the deluge of your savage love;

As I cannot withstand the sight of

A flayed heart by your lurid love …

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Melodies of Life

The panorama was a grandeur; the setting sun,

The resplendent evening sky, the homing birds,

The soft tidal waves surfed on the shores, kissing

The sands for long moments, reluctant to turn back,

Squeezing the nectar out of its lips, while receding.

Your countenance was imprinted in my imagination then.

I felt like seeing you and you came to me, as in a dream,

I felt like talking something to you and we understood

Each other; and when we understood each other

I realized there is love lurking in your silence and gaze;

From that moment I never wanted to be away from you.

I will prepare a thousand springs,

with a tiny flower from my dreams

For you to mirthfully ravish, and enjoy your days.

And when you are away from me, and I cannot see you

My teardrops will turn out into incessant rains and

Douse you with my memories.

I will paint your visage with the rainbows and umpteen

Moonlights mixed on the palette of my love,

And write with the quill of your eternal affection,

The sonnets of my life’s melodies again and again…

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hark ! Is that the tinkling of her anklet or

The rippling of the waves, or the chirping of sea birds;

Or the vibrant tone of the bowstrings

On the bow of Cupid, or is it the

Fluttering sound of my beloved’s laughter?

Day dreams are burgeoning;

Desires are filling up in the mind’s cavern;

Nectar is flooding up through the veins;

Alabaster bosom with the fragrance of Sandalwood

Is pulsating with suppressed passions…

The smell… The intoxicating smell of a woman

Enhanced the charisma of that evening.

Nerves are entwining and entangling,

And dancing like mating snakes with their

Hoods spread out, in rhythmic oscillation.

The flowers of my ecstasies are enfolding you.

The alluring fragrance of a woman’s body

Added untold delights to that evening.

Is it a vision or a dream or a hallucination?

I can’t decipher, but one thing I am assured;

It was your fragrance that permeated there!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Why did you come so late, to witness
The rising moon, of my mind;
My pretty evening, and to fondle
The dove that had its feathers withered,
Striving to reach the yonder blue.

In the corridor of gloomy twilight
I am burning out as an earthen lamp;
Even without knowing to cry
And shed my tears; standing in the midst
Of a sea with the fierce waves roaring
And splashing over me in anger, and
Me, meditating in penance for you.

You fade out as the pale moon into the clouds,
From the porthole of the mind, and in expectancy
I am waiting in anxiety as a still shadow, to hear
A knock of prayer on the door of my soul,
Yearning to see you return, to enliven my
Forlorn existence with the delight of you
Being around and near me, as my guardian angel.

In the mind the vermillion petals dance
Along with butterflies and chirping birds.
There arise a thousand rainbows
In the glorious splendor of the
Grandiose hues in the sugary romantic
Dreams, that floats in and out.
I have forgotten even my mind.
You have opened the silent doors of
My heart, without me knowing it.
Passions scattered the blooms of lust
On the bed of eiderdown, where we lay.
Coy meekness started pavane of a peacock in the eyes.
You painted with your eye lashes
A magical spectrum with the colours of love.
The lines jotted with the quill
Adorned exquisite brilliance, naturally.
A revival… A rebirth…