Saturday, June 27, 2009


Would you forget my silent strain of grief,
The song that is sung, endlessly in my heart?
The tear laden eyes that brims, when it’s
Unable to see each other, and the heart that
Forgets all rancour, that was beheld there.
Did you forget the untraceable thumbnail pictures,
You drew on the palm of my hand?
Do you remember the first kiss that I gave
You in the twilight, standing away from the light
That trickled from the house you lived.

Though you have drifted away from me,
Bidding farewell, a short while back,
A thousand rainbows in the mind are
Calling me again and again back to
Those days we spend together in glee.
I remember those evenings when you
Stood with half closed eyes in your ecstasy,
As my lips brushed your cheeks with passion.
And the consolation, with a thousand tongues
You gifted, when I was grieved in my heart.
Though I long to keep away all my memories
About the many days we had together,
The endearing aches overwhelming the eyelids
Awaken me with its outstretched flares…

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