Friday, June 26, 2009

Eternal groans…

Give a refuge for me among the waves of
Oblivion, you the ocean of ages!
You write everything and obliterate
All things that were ever written, in your march.
Passions and desires become spring seasons,
Then turns out as periods, and points of time.
Bowers garlanded with sweet flowers that was once,
Have turned into burrows where serpents hide out.
You are not overwriting, but erasing everything
And is rewriting afresh with new splendours,
Granting novel hues, and themes to it.

Ripples of love soar up there and fills
Heavenly raptures and rhapsodies in the mind.
Finally the cherubic nymphs and fairies transform
Into bizarre figures,that the eyes detest to watch..
You never attempt to topple down an edifice
But build them; yet you draw the dawn
As dusk that melts down in your folds.

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