Sunday, June 21, 2009

A glow worm...

I will forget everything, my moonshine;
Will forget all in the dreams.
You are the teardrop of a blossom.
You are the pearl drop of the dainty dew.
Or the craving thirst of my stricken spirit.

Does a butterfly enjoy the spring
While smouldering in a flaming pyre?
Does the embers of my heart has some radiance
While it lies in the ocean of thawing ice?
The wandering desires are seeking the shores
That recedes away farther from me.
No stars are twinkling in the yonder
Only a twinging mind in desolation!
Do the dead quarrel with any one living?
Is there any whimpering coming out
Of a bird that has lost its wings?
Even a glowworm has a tiny light
Of its own, in the lonely night.
And a life emitting light to the living ones...

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