Friday, August 28, 2009

Out of sight…

My beautiful! You have borrowed
The delicacy of a flower, and the
Mind of a doe, with immaculate chillness
Of the nature, in its exquisiteness.
I have removed my sandals at the gate
Of your welcoming chamber, to tread
On the sacred floor that leads to it.
You led me clasping your fingers
Around my palm to a bed of eiderdown
Strewn with dreams of delights.
A desire awakened in the heart
To sit beside you, holding your
Tender fingers and caressing it,
Look into the depth of your
Blue turquoise eyes where
The love lurks profoundly;
To satiate the zest, to talk to you those
Unsaid things, to be fulfilled and completed...

I waited so long in the meadow where
Your tender memories sprouted.
The moon was moving away after
Wiping its face, on the towel of clouds.
Then you came near me as the air,
Without a tinkle of your bangles;
Without a peel of your golden anklets,
And covered my eyes, with your beatific fingers!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Again the spring!

Let the stars draw up your shadow
Do not close your doe eyes or disrupt
Those bangles in your delicate hands.
The evening sky has disappeared
From the horizon after mixing the gorgeous
Colours on the palette to paint your
Stunning image, in the script of the moonlight.

I stood silently in the gloom of the night;
My reflections ambling through the Greek legends.
The moon disappeared among the crowd of clouds.
I hear the beats of a refrain as a rhapsody again
In my ears, and your melodious song beside me.
The nightingale sang the chorus mellifluously.
You appeared as the radiant shore of the sea,
Awaking somewhere in the lap of the moonlight,
And Venus was roving atop the rollicking waves.
I came there as the fizz of the wind
Rumbling around you as a harmonious tune,
In the flowering season of memories.
Another blossom is blooming again and again
In the heart; a carpet where the moon slumbers.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tempest in the heart!

Reminiscence as a leap tide of a silent tune,
Breakup and become the introspection, fizzling
With the sweet sorrow of parting, and
The boundless ocean stands as a silent witness.
Time has developed into a fathomless ode;
A lyric, stretching from morning till the next.
Blueness appear as a tragic overture of mind,

I never knew the loveliness of the rain
Till tears erupted,overwhelmed in my psyche,
I never knew your allure, till such time
That you smiled on me and you adopted me,
As your soul mate, enriching my lone moments.
I never knew the magnificence of the sunshine,
Until your smile sparkled in my heart.

I find the tacitness of the husky moonlight
You kindled, through your endless music,
When you hum the midnight’s splendour
In your loneliness, for the listening nightingale.
I never knew its daintiness till the time
I sensed your exhaling breath permeating around me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Until you return...

Pathways created by the cruel destiny;
Souls bidding farewell on its sojourn;
Scorching desires of the heart;
Anguish spreading over everywhere….

Silence grows up watching this scenario;
Life stream floods over embankment;
Distressing in the eddies in its effort to succumb.
Flowers wither and scatter in the breeze;
Days are diffusing in suppressed sobs;
And fall out in the depth of misery and despair.
Life prolongs indifferently and unconsciously.

Dawn will break up one day, carrying
The fragrance of a dream in the wind
Desires will flutter with a thousand wings
The Night Queens will bloom in the forlorn gloom,
And its sweet scent will permeate in the air.
Won’t you come back as the moon light that gloom?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fade out!

There are some affinities in this earth
That purport only to break up and melt away.
There are some dreams in the heart
That ends up only in bargains and evaluation.
When two persons come closer,
And the relation breaks up and part away, in tears,
The petals in the soul, then drench in
The tears of dismal grief and anguish.
We attempt to forget many things
Without reservation and keep some
Frontiers in the mind, to get away from it.

Are we cherishing those memories
Of a bygone era, with its sweet savor subtleties
Carrying teardrops in the heart for long?
Is everything dwindling out into oblivion
And kept only in the annals of the memory?
Recollections, like a tide of silent empathy
Becomes a disposition of the soul, in parting.

The ravishing tunes emitted by the dulcimer
Is now becoming the rhythm, of life’s music.
Is it diffused in the shadows now?
The blossoms wilted and withered in the path
Were the thorns of longings, spreading
Darkness, in the hollow of the mind.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Into the unknown…

The day light is fading away
The shadows are becoming long;
Someone is passing on with agonizing
Memories in the heart, in the smoldering
Journey towards the far away distance;
From behind someone is calling back.
My silence, my dusks and me in the path
Are witnessing the sniveling distress;
Where time stands still as sentinels.

Someone is closing a door from behind.
The feather touch of a song, cuddle my heart now.
Only a word to reminisce and still yearning to hear.
Only one bosom to lean upon and recline
That is being craved for to be seen and felt,
In this path of snuffle where time is the sentry;
And me, my silence and dusks are the onlookers.

I hear the conch emitting a note
In the silence of this petrifying night;
I hear a song from a flute vamping and
Wafting through the still air, in this darkness.
The night turned out lashing with incessant rain,
I am sodden in its irate spray and
The numbing cold enters my sinews.
If you can touch my fingers and then bid farewell
As you go, I will be gratified even in my afterlife!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This night will fade away and
The moonlight also will vanish.
The only thing that will not die out
And carry on smiling sweetly,
Are your dreams, my beloved.

I will not wake you up, my living dream
Of a maiden, disrupting your dreams,
As you sleep like a flower on a bed,
Spread out by the bluish blue nights.

You are a dance that came seeking
For the anklet to adorn your feet;
A silent song that came in quest of a lute.
I will not try to awaken you from that slumber.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Chase a dream…

. . . .
Her hair smelled of camphor;
The exhaled air from her nostrils,
That of sandalwood;
The crimson blouse she wore
Emitted the fragrance
Of wild woodbine;
Or was it the scent of her body?
. . . . . .
She helped, to remove
The safety pins on her blouse;
The hooks behind the bra came off smoothly.
The nectar adhering to the alabaster buds,
When the lips pressed on to them
Kindled sweetness; while the tender hair
Above the navel in swirls, woke up in ecstasy.
Fingers sought, paving its way to the warm
Wetness of the holy of holies.
Her hands guided and her innards, in its
Recess, absorbed his masculinity.
Tinkling bells, exhilaration, mighty explosions,
Pandemonium; tense moments reaching
The pinnacle of euphoria and heavenly delights!

Then she said: ” I was waiting for this moment
Throughout my life; my femininity has
Now accomplished perfection and consummation.
Thank you, again and again for this moment.
Though married for several years
This is the first time I have tended myself,
Surrendering my virginity to you;
After a waiting for a long period of time,
Of sleepless nights and subdued sobs.”

At the zenith of the intrigue, time lost its meaning.
“This was the most avowed aspiration in my life.
There is sacredness,
And a sanctity for maidenhood,
When it is tendered or submitted
Along with your heart.
It attains a divine halo around it
And it is so divine, and heavenly
And the bliss you derive is so unique.”

Fingers and lips scrounged into the bodies;
A glow sparkled in her eyes,
That of the fizzy delights.
Lips quivered; pearls of sweat erupted over
The upper lips and thrusting breasts.
The rhythm of breathing rose into a frenzy.
In the moist caverns deep inside, passions awoke.
The vagaries of all the seasons glided into an
Eddy of schizophrenic lasciviousness.
Fission or fusion?

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Self immolation, suicides, manslaughter,
And rapes are becoming pillars of life;
Unknown someone is programming
Our lives remotely, as a parody of
A T.V. serial, without start or end
Of a story, that has no meaning,
Pertinence or reason in it.
Basic rights are pilfered somewhere
On the way, making it unfeasible
To express real apprehensions and
Dreams of the human mind, as they
Are plundered or looted away from life.

Man is discarded as an already broadcasted
Programme, rather than being a programmer
Of his life, that can be created to suit him.
Lasciviousness is honoured as masculinity,
In the culture of capitalist society.
A contract made up with the devil!
World has become a hunting ground
Like whale hunt, tiger hunt,
Women hunt, gold hunt, and sex hunt...
Life is deteriorating as an epic of failures;
And man is a helpless creature in that void.

Diffusing fragrance…

On the sandalwood pyre of my heart
The golden winged butterflies burned out.
They were my long preserved dreams;
My endearing passions of the soul.
The ashes now cover the pyre all over,
And the relics are only the remnants of
A handful of reminiscence and those
Unseen embers are still scorching hot.

Memories of longings coveted in vain,
To see the spring blossoms in full bloom.
When someone threw a stone on the tree
A thousand birds flew off from its roosting.
Only one bird came back to the branch of its nest,
With its wearied wings of dreams,
Again for the honey, the tender shoots offered.

You were someone so transparent;
A fragrant flower that could not contain
Its intoxicating scent inside.
In your words, in your smiles
And in your looks you poured out
Fragrance of true and innocent love…

Friday, August 7, 2009

Eloquent silence!

I have reckoned you as a vivacious evening,
Through this accursed birth of mine,
Like a hornbill longing for a rain cloud
To appear in the far corners of the horizon.
You surround me like an enervating breeze
Of the morning, filling my innards with
The everlasting glow of the beaming full moon,
Scouring in my memory, for lovely dreams.

The summer clouds are receding;
Fading out of my alluring reveries.
When isolated silence becomes nectar
In my fatigued soul, it’s your image
That fills and illumines my thoughts.

Aspirations that gift solace
In the lengthy pathways;
Groaning melodies in the wilted blossoms;
Shores where my dreams are in slumber
For many a days and in desolation;
And then you sang, as a nightingale in my mind,
Of your sweet love as a chorus, perching
On the branches, where my dreams flowered.

Signature of hearts…

Among these shadows where births and
Deaths generate floral designs,
The memories break on the forsaken pavements
Of the heart, groan in their ripples.
The rivers meander playing the strings on their lute;
And there arise the image of a new saga!

Here you and me met in an influx
To perform some roles in sequence and
Before the concluding verse of the play,
We did our exit and vanished into thin air.
The wings of destiny that scattered us
Into the far corners of the earth, may now
Bring us together again, to resume the play
As a sequel, with a different scenario.

This is the lot of frustrated souls in this planet.
Not knowing what will happen through
Years, whether it is sweet or bitter,
Reunion or separation or enjoyment
Till heart’s content, or desolation until the grave.
Every spring bring new flowers to the nature;
While the nectar trickle from the eyes of the blossoms
They wilt and perish falling down.
Could hearts that drift away regain
The confidence and be together now?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Is love a syndrome of madness?
Giving out a warmth, and vigour;
Affection and self assurance!
Nothing else contribute to one’s
Contentment in life, to carry on.

With the memory of one kiss till death;
Gratification of a birth by one touch;
It transcends through death to re-birth.
It carries humans to the lonely shores
Of death and re-births all at once
In the same moment of a lofty realization.

The mind always yearn to trespass
Into the forbidden parameters.
And the social taboos always relate
To physical promiscuities only.
Love remains in the spiritual sphere
Of passion and affection, and tenderness.

We have corroded ourselves in our quest
For physical urges and outward appearances;
They are ephemeral and evasive.
Limiting our vistas to perceive and
Comprehend the truth far beyond
Our gaze and reach, eternally.
Love has been debased through recent decades.
We try to buoy up a system
That has become obsolete and irrelevant
To modern life, that is insidiously destructive
For the soul and its purity.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A time to love…

Tell me why you have failed to come here;
Like the froth of silence that could not
Embrace the shore, retreating with its
Lost liveliness, though yearning to meet.
The moon is shining till the early morn,
As the emission of the night, in despair.

I waited for you, in the tower
Haunted by the cooing doves.
The eternal clusters of stars were
Smouldering through midnight,
In tune with my frustrations.
The strings of my heart were straining
As the nightingale sang a strain.
Won’t you come near the window,
Drawing the curtains away
And sing to me secretly?
A song to revitalize;
A song to resurrect me
From the rancid grave of miseries.
Come gliding through the breeze;
Shower on me your love for ever,
As a dazzling rainbow of dreams…
My longings stand like trees on
The wayside, giving shelter and shade
To the passers by from the scorching heat.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rains and rains…

In the eyes the splendour of the rainbow
On the lips the crimson glow of that hue;
You bloomed stealthily with the majesty
Of a rainbow, before me innocently.

The charm of a rainbow on a day
When the pearls of raindrops laughed
Peeling with its tinkle as the rain paved
Its gossamer threads in tides.
The raindrops lurking on your quivering
Breast and the bangles adorned on your
Pretty hands with the raindrops and those
Grazing over your body decieve me.
I no longer know, which is more gorgeous;
You, or the showering rain in all its splendour.
Your fingers playing on the strings of rain;
Your laughter emitted from those strings;
The chill you feel from the splatter and
The dreams hidden under the rain of passion…
I am sitting here in the midst of such rain clouds...