Monday, September 24, 2012


A golden sitar that everyone covets to touch!

May I touch it with the feather tip of my fingers?

Let me sit beside you  as an evening that 

Sprinkle flamboyance on your cheeks.

You did not tell me anything that day

When I berated you about something..

What made you to keep silent, then

Not uttering even a word to me?

You kept quiet when I went away,

And when I sat at a distance,

Your eyes were moist.....Why?

And  you didn't tell me anything, and left.. 

Won't you come in the twilight of the evening

And sit beside me, and I will faint out

And  lie down in your lap,

Inebriated with the bliss your love.

You will kiss away the beads of  sweat on

My face  with your yearning lips, 

And when the moon slides away into the clouds

Fall over my  chest in frenzy with the

Beatitude of being together again.

Thursday, September 6, 2012



We are always seeking the quintessence of love in our mind

Do we at any time realize, if it is there as we stand near it?

Is that possible to explain it in a simple word?

Does it come and fill our heart unknowingly, without effort?

As a ripple in the shore kissing our feet

And sweeping away the sand underneath them?

Or does it echo in our hearts and revereberates

In our life when it is present?

We are seekers always on the march!

Is it a sparkle in the eyes?

Is it a fragrance permeating as from the sweetest spring?

Or is it a gossamer string that bind two hearts together?

Or a precious pearl that develops in an oyster?

A cup filled with the nectar or ambrosia?

Is that the fawn of a steer appearing in the moon?

Or an oasis in the ever sweltering heat of the desert?

Or a magic spell that envelop us in its hold?

Or a sentiment that cannot be uttered in one word?

Tell me what it is….

Explain to me the manifestations of such an emotion,

My beloved , if you can as you get the drift

And immerse in it !