Friday, February 29, 2008

Ode to Love...4

Ode to Love
Clouds heap upon clouds and it darkens the mind.
Why do you let me stand outside your door,
Knocking all the time and all alone?
If you don’t show your face and leave me outside the door,
I know not, how I am to pass these
Long secluded hours.
I keep gazing at the far away gloom of the sky,
And my heart wanders waiting with the
Churning memories.
If you are not talking, I will fill up my heart
With your silence and endure it.
I will keep still and wait with the night
With starry vigil, with my head bent low
With patience- but my heart will be crying all along.
The dawn will surely come, the darkness will vanish
And your voice will pour down in golden rivulet,
Breaking through the morning sky, and then go.
When the door of your chamber opens,
You will find a desolate body, with feeble heart beats
About to die in waiting, for you.
You will revive it with your love and kisses.
Melodies will reverberate in the firmaments,
Of your love.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ode to Love

I ask you for a moment’s indulgence
To sit by your side;
I will keep all my other works aside
Away from the site of your face.
My heart knows no respite
And my life becomes an endless toil
On the shore less sea of my fate.
The summer comes with its sighs
And murmurs.
It is time to sit with you and begin
Our infinite talk.

Pluck this little bud of my life, and
Do not drop it in the dust.
It may not find a place in your vase;
Still honor it with the touch of
Your fingers when you pluck it.
Though its colour may be pale
And the aroma not so sweet
Use this flower for something.
My eyes strayed far and wide
Every evening on the sidewalk
Expecting, you to appear there.
The question and cry of my heart ‘Oh, where’
Melt into desperation and tears of
A thousand streams flow from my eyes.
I live in the hope of seeing you.
I have many a desires and my cry is pitiful.
Your love is so strong and nothing can tear us apart.
Day and night all wakeful moments
I reminisce of the gifts you gave me
Unasked… Your life and your mind.
Saving me from the peril of unwanted desires.
There are times I awaken and hurry
In search of meeting you.
But cruelly you hide yourself from me.
My heart wanders wailing with
A restless mind.
If you do not show your face,
But leave me wholly aside, I know not
How I am to pass these long hours
As ages. I only hope for you!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Why are you queuing up and rushing to come down?
Rushing up to get impregnated
You, unfortunate souls?
Can’t you just reckon with the fearsome explosion of
Population in this earth and
Those starving, uncouth skeletons
Striving to snatch a piece of bread
From somewhere.
What makes you to rush to this dreary place?
No matter what type of pregnancy:in vitro,or clone,
Which vagina,or test tube, you just crave to be born here.
Are you not happy there or just suffocating?
Millions and millions are born here each minute.
We are starving here and trying to end our life,
Everyday, in a noose made from a sari,
In an isolated well, or a pond, or on a rail track
To escape from here, to reach your place.
And also trying to prevent your coming here,
Closing your path to earth through use of
Pills, condoms, sheaths, diaphragms, and many
Contraceptives; we carefully plans safe periods;
Try to become misogynist, sages, chronic bachelors.
Yet you break all barriers, and crash those dams in a fury,
Frighteningly swallowing all our efforts.
What is wrong with you, when you are there?
You will find only hell waiting for you here.
Why are you queuing up there to come down in a hurry?
You unfortunate souls!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ode to Love.........(2)


I know not why you are silent
And amaze in your silence.
Your voice illumines my life.
The life breath of your voice
Runs from ages to ages, and breaks away
All barriers of my existence.
My heart longs to hear your voice
And I cry out baffled.
You have made me captive
By the infinite love, you gave me, my love!

Life of my life, I shall ever strive
To keep my thoughts pure,
Knowing that your heart touch is
Upon all my senses.
I shall ever try to keep off the thoughts
Of all vixens, knowing that you are the only
One for me, who has kindled
The light, of my soul.
You occupy the throne in the innermost
Shrine, of my heart.
And it shall be my endeavor to reveal
Your love, in my thoughts and feelings.
Knowing, it guides me through my lonely path.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


You have made me immortal with your love.
This frail creature is filled with joy again.
And again and you fill my heart with life.
You carry your smile and breath,
Your melodies eternally new.
At the immortal touch of your fingers
My little heart loses its limit in ecstasy
And give birth to ineffable whispers.
That infinite gift of your love, come to me only
Eons pass and still you pour it
And there is still room to fill it.
When you command me to talk
It seems my heart would break with pride;
And I look to your face in my mind
And tears come to my eyes.
With awe in my feelings.
I stumble with my words and
Am not sure, if it conveys any meaning to you.
All that is harsh and discordant melts away
Life becomes a sweet harmony and my
Love spread wings and flutters with joy.
I know that only I can make you
Comfortable in your life.
Drunk with the joy of talking to you
I forget myself and call you again and again.
The heart yearns for communion.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


My beloved! My sighs are cast as flowers in your path
Can’t you see? Where did you go?
Leaving ceaseless grief in my heart,
Without ever telling me?

The blooms of desires you showered in my memory,
The mute signs you conveyed through your eyes,
The songs of love you chanted for me…
All the pages of my mind is filled with those
Pictures, you painted with the brush dipped
In your eternal love, and your affection
Wrote the epics of love you endured…
The colours have faded and moldy.
My songs have become wingless flies;
My sky has turned into blackened dusk;
My tread are stumbling, I am groping
To find my goal.

Time, eternal time, on the wings of a chariot
Of four seasons, is passing away.
I still wait for you with a feeble hope
Of a hornbill for the rain in the summer.

Friday, February 8, 2008



Everyone in the Space Centre was tense. The Astronaut
entered the space vehicle. That was an angel holding the
precious cargo, in her briefcase. In there was a tiny soul
resting in an oyster. It was under the safe custody of the
angel, for a period of time. The count down has started.
Lift off was scheduled at 00.00.00hrs terrestrial time.

The tiny soul was on its way to the Earth, to be born there.
Only a few micro- seconds were remaining for the lift off. The
tiny soul felt a shudder. She was afraid. She had heard about the
many events happening in the earth, from gods in heaven.
Children are tormented there by their parents; sold by the father for a
few coins to buy liquor. She remembered all
the stories she heard. Could it be true? Or are they just myths only?
She was enjoying her life in heaven. It was all beautiful.
In the safety of heaven under the loving care of God. Now,
the environment is being changed. A jump through the time
tunnel! Into terra firma! They were gliding through the
atmosphere, like a feather. She knew she will be feeling
weight, once she arrives there.

She felt very cold. She remembered last evening, when God
approached her. He took her in the palm of His hand and
asked her.” Are you afraid?’

She could not utter a word as she was so awe stricken.

“Don’t worry. I am sending you to the earth tomorrow. An angel
will take you and look after you. If you feel any difficulty just tell her.”

He called an angel. A beautiful goddess! He told the angel;

“I am entrusting you to take care of this tiny soul. Look after
her as the apple of your eye.”

“Sure I will...” She said and took the tiny soul from Him.

She was holding the fingers of the angel tightly.
“What am I supposed to do, when I reach the earth?”
She asked.

“Be not afraid. Don’t you know how to smile and move your limbs?”

“Yes” the tiny soul answered.

“That will do. I will take care of the rest…”

“But I don’t know the language of the Earth.”

"I will always be around you. Whatever you speak, I can understand.
I will slowly teach you their language.”

“If I feel hungry?”

“You just cry only, when you are hungry, thirsty, and cold
or feel any difficulty. I will give you everything when needed.”

“I feel so scared. In the earth all souls are cruel, I know.”

“No, it’s not true. There are bad souls, but most of the souls are different.
I am there with you to save you from the bad ones.”

She felt a little comfort now. Then she asked. ”How will
I recognize you?’

“You don’t have to. I will know you. Now just close your eyes.
Our journey lasts for about 280 days….” She closed her
eyes. The space vehicle lifted off.

Forty weeks later, it landed in the earth. She came out.
She was still afraid. She was in doubt about all the things
that were told about earth, and was eager to know the truth
of everything…. It could be a big lie!

She opened her eyes slowly. She saw light. She felt annoyed
and blinked. She perceived many shapes in that light. It
delighted her. She heard some strange voices and felt love in
those sounds. She stared at a beautiful face. With tears of love
in the eyes, looking at her…Yes. This is that angel who brought
me here. The goddess who was entrusted to take care of her,
by God. She crept more closely to her bosom.
My mother!!!
A thought came to her mind. “Why should I be afraid any more?”

Farewell to…..

The ocean reflecting the splendor of the evening sky
Lured the sun and swallowed it.
The tears of the earth, on the lost warmth of the sun,
Turned into sparkling blooms.
Next morning it will again enlighten the mouth
Of the caves, and bring new grandeur.
Who wins last? Death or birth?

Why the withered flowers weep, in reminiscence
When the moonlight caress them?
The longing in the heart was covered with silence,
Wrapped up in rapturous quivering.
The words eager to be spoken, kept choked in the throat.
The flowers of my ill-will, hidden in the mind,
Swooned and fell down.

You wander far away, as a smoldering memory
in my soul.
I am always searching you, with grief in
My heart, all over the way.
Like the heart of a flower, trembling with pain,
Waiting for the golden tinge of the morning sun.

Tell me, where you are gone after your swansong.
At last, to fall down in the barren earth,
The love we cherished for long.
This guitar can now shed only rueful notes
After the fatal kiss you have adorned.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Meaningful love……

On the day I met you
I realized the meaning of love,
and its ensuing agony...

From the day we saw each other
I understood the rapture in my soul
And the hunger of my desires, along with
The enormity of my passions...

All that feelings are now shrouded
Under the sweetest thorn of my mwemoirs.
I am smoldering, every moment
Baked in these torrential thoughts.

My dreams are fading away in the
Wild tears, springing from my spirit;
The distorted notes of a broken violin,
A lonely tree without its leaves in the autumn,
The scorched earth under the summer sun, and
A shriveled lotus, of a drained pond.

In the broken wings of my dreams,
In the wilted petals of flowers of my mind,
In the shadows of my despair,
Can’t you bring some life, kindling
My emotions with a mystic spell?......

Sunday, February 3, 2008


In your tender eyes
Blooms the starry sky.
There is only one continence
Alone in my eyes
One note alone in the ears
I am unable to wipe it off from my mind
It goes on and on eternally
And my life stands still in that harmony.

You illumine my environment
As the thousand lights of the lamp
In the courtyard
And you are the one after the thousand wicks,
which stands out and radiate your glory.
In your sparkling curls of hair
I perceive the emerging moon
On the firmament
With her bride-maids–the stars .
I see golden rays in your cheeks
When your finger tips touched
The flaming lamp.
And I see your love blazing,
In your stunning face

As I turned into a sandal colored
Attire covering your soft rosy skin
You entered as a poem into my mind
And your sweet snigger
Became a sparkle….