Saturday, August 11, 2012


In my last birth, you and me were butterflies,
Fluttering through the blues together
In search of nectar among blossoms of splendour.
We kept the spring under our wings
And flew into the midst of rainbows and blossoms.
We whispered into the ears of each flowers sweet
Lascivious secrets from its beloved, like messengers
Delivering snippets of last nights ecstasies.
As though we took our birth from the soul
Of an unknown lover, to fulfill a mission given to us.

We carried these epistles embedded with their dreams
In our bosom, and flew endless hours with the sun’s rays
To reach its beloved, beyond far and vast distances,.

Though we longed to adorn our wings
With the gossamer threads of the moonlight,
And to wear the mascara of dew drops
On our eyelids, before the petals
Of the evening sun withered, and our spirits
Flew away beyond our dreams, into oblivion.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Align Center Mending you…
You rang me up on that day, but
I did not answer; yet I know
It was your call; I heard you whisper
My name, in your heart.
I heard what all you had there
Though, you failed to tell me those words.
I did not touch your hand.
Yet, my fingers were wiping
Those tears laden eyelids.
I did not kiss your cheeks
Yet my lips were blotting from your
Sweet face, the dampness.
I did not call your name.
I did not wipe your tears.
Yet, in my dream, I was with you.
I saw you laughing, amid those tears
I heard you cracking jokes amid your sobs
I kept your head on my shoulders
I tried to calm you patting your back.
The scorching memories of yester years
Turned you into a weeping willow
In the incessant rain; and you
Waiting for the clouds to roll by
And the sunshine, to dry you up.
You wanted to tell me your woes,
Unforgotten plea and complaints
I heard them all, and believed them
It related to your past life!
I tried to smother it with the balm of my love
Yet, you deflected it with your derision and whims.
I don’t know how to fortify your fortitude.
I don’t know how to regain your tranquility.
I don’t know how to splatter a smile in you,
And a rainbow, in your woeful mind.