Monday, November 16, 2009


That day while wandering though the garden paths,
In the Garden of Eden, listening to the rustles
Of Bamboo trees and chirping of the birds;
Skulking away from my siesta, I found the
Tree of Love and Life, the eternal abode of Cupid.
(It was me who found it and not the Serpent
As everyone believes that he deceived us.)
If my heart is not cuddling you always,
How could I tell you “I love you”?

That day when I did bite the apple,
Ripe and reddish like your cheeks,
The mystery of love sprouted and
Spread out inside me,turning
My body into an infernal furnace.
The metamorphosis took place
And I started loving you fiercely.

The sun fled into the alcove of darkness
And the land receded into the sea, while
The clouds roared wildly in glee.
Amazingly, the onlookers were frightened.
A red sea formed and kept them away from us.

A horizon diffused breaking the outer walls of
Our body and life originated there,
Over the cruel wrath, and the great Flood.
Our love turned into an ark;
And God came with us leaving the Garden.
The rainbow witnessed it.
Who can challenge and thwart us?

You sat near me and leisurely, gradually
Hid me inside you, like water swallowing the salt.
Even the Serpent could not recognize me.
Thus a family and genealogy commenced.
The viewers approved, certified and applauded.

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