Monday, June 29, 2009

Passing away...…

Unable to take away anything
We earned or accumulated;
Unable to complete the tune
We started composing and hum,
We climb down the steps silently from
This stage, where we have been
Enacting a play, with scenario
And screen play created without our
Awareness, and directed by God knows who?

The sunshine that came in the morning
From one bearing, vanished and faded out
Through another direction in the evening.
Smiling through green leaves and settling
In the lap of fondling waves of the ocean.
Aching moist eyes close, even while
Bidding farewell for another night.

We come only once through this trail
To carry out and then exit from the play
Once our part is enacted completely;
Or sever off incomplete at an intermission.
By the time we make out the meaning of life
It will be too late to make a course correction.
Yet, the dainty reminiscence succeeding death
Spills its fragrance of heavenly nectar into the soul!

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