Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Into the unknown…

The day light is fading away
The shadows are becoming long;
Someone is passing on with agonizing
Memories in the heart, in the smoldering
Journey towards the far away distance;
From behind someone is calling back.
My silence, my dusks and me in the path
Are witnessing the sniveling distress;
Where time stands still as sentinels.

Someone is closing a door from behind.
The feather touch of a song, cuddle my heart now.
Only a word to reminisce and still yearning to hear.
Only one bosom to lean upon and recline
That is being craved for to be seen and felt,
In this path of snuffle where time is the sentry;
And me, my silence and dusks are the onlookers.

I hear the conch emitting a note
In the silence of this petrifying night;
I hear a song from a flute vamping and
Wafting through the still air, in this darkness.
The night turned out lashing with incessant rain,
I am sodden in its irate spray and
The numbing cold enters my sinews.
If you can touch my fingers and then bid farewell
As you go, I will be gratified even in my afterlife!

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