Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Discords everywhere, discords all the time
Disabled princesses of music
Grotesque faces of witches in a world of melody,
Flagrant specks afraid to soar up to heaven..
You have become a discord, a dissonance;
I am already existing as an insipid discord.

Helpless voices emanating from eternal grief
Vain dreams and hopes soaring up in you and me,
Also develop into added disharmony.
We are only meek, indistinct throbs
Out of a guitar of life, aroused yesterday
In the vamping by fingers in agony
By the unknown musician TIME..

In the moon light...

Have you forgotten that night?
When we first met, in the moonlight?
We exchanged our glances artfully.
My beloved, my memories are all
Crowded with the enlightened streams
Of your enchanting smiles.
You are the tiny waves which gives bliss
To the withering memories of my forlorn life.
My pleasures pure, have become mute pangs
Now, smothering my morbid soul.
The fragrance emanating in my life,
Out of your reminiscence is now
An elixir, for my existence.
The eternal radiance of your smile
Enliven my spirits and soften my pangs….

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Your sweet simper touched and awakened
My dulcified reminiscences, my darling!
Still you did not venture to imbibe the
Fragrance it had, together with me.
I am coming in an opulent palanquin,
Embellished with the flowers of my reveries.
I have been grazing among the
Towering elegance of my previous births.
We sang in much carousal;
We danced mirthfully and boisterously.
We made our nights to become days.
I visualize vistas of these by-gone moments now.

To day my nightingales will knock on the doors
Of your inner self, now bolted by oblivion,
By a song of reveille, always in their lips.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


When life looped together with the strength
Of a ‘*yellow thread’, and its ends tied
At an auspicious moment in their life time,
It becomes a ritual and a parallel co-existence;
Unable to meet at any point in the long journey
To the grave yard, where all passions and desires,
Find their pyre and vanish into thin air.

Drowsy, lethargic chores of every day,
When life tangles in the age old rituals,
And deteriorating customs often make
Hapless moments, battling with reasons.
They make the life miserable and turn it
To distorted somnambulism; but a conscious
Dream walking, with all its paraphernalia.


Monday, September 6, 2010

I am contented....

I stood silently on the side of the path
In the hope you will look back in joy:
And I can trace the sunshine
On your lips, in that serene smile.

Standing there in a trance, when you
Walked away, even without a glance,
Not even uttering a monosyllable
Condensing all your love, to me.

I lay down to sleep on this flowery bed
With a dream in my soul, hoping you
Will come back and awaken me;
Whispering into my ears, with your fond kisses.

My life fulfills through those moments
When I realize, how much I know and love you
Even without you knowing it.
And I am always content with such a life...