Thursday, July 31, 2008

A thirst…

You have become a thirst in my life,
And the desire always sought by my spirit.
A melody, resonating ever in my heart;
A dream resplendent with sweet visions of beauty!

Where is the pleasure, the embers of the
Flaming heart is seeking desperately?
The lamps extinct, the shores immersed in gloom;
Where is the golden morning of my dreams?
Where is tear welling eyes, filled with compassion
For the wounded deer, writhed in pain?
Where is the nest, which knows the grief
Of the lonely bird, seeking the shelter of a tree?

I will wait for you, in a hut on the bank of
The stream, singing with its ripples, my memory.
I will give you the heart of the sky chanting
A lullaby to the rainbow, in its lap as a cradle.
And fragrant flowers, blooming in my arteries
Which know the murmur of my heart-throbs.
And the purest of dreams awake in the eyelids
Melting into oblivion, in my sleep;
To make you the happiest human being on this earth...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Time is a torrent and our desires wander immersed
In it, sinking and surging at times, helplessly.
Desires of an incapable and vulnerable life!

We believe the magnificent horizon is so
Nearby, at the reach of our hands.
When we approach it, it moves away farther
Into a distance beyond our reach.
We move near, it drifts away.
That is the horizon of our aspirations.
Where can we ever find the shores of this sea?
When can we ever find our rest, at last?

Promises written across the water and dreams
We experience during our sojourn,
Awaken when asleep, and sleep while awake.
How many different kinds of masks they wear?
To kindle and vivify the flame of desire,
Raging within us, and to satiate them.
When can we ever find the shore of the golden sands?
Where can we lay down our head for a long sleep?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A sort of a dream...

Is Truth, a thing which has to be sought?
Trailing through lengthy, complicated
And mysterious paths, and thus discovered?

The truth is, it is found by treading through
True straight paths and the paths are of Truth.
No need to waste time and energy to find the
Turnings, the pitfalls, the hillocks and hollows
In the road, leading to the Truth.
Travel the straight, broad road and
It will lead to truth and Truth alone;
Because that road, terminates there only

Why the populace of the earth can’t conceive
And adopt it, in their quest for Truth?
Get rid of your doubts; let your mind
Become clear as a crystal, as the placid water.
No mud or moss should obliterate it.
Undulated, purified eyes, looking straight.
Walking straight and steadily, both hands extended.
After a while, Truth will takeover and reach you
In a state of eternal bliss; a state of resilience!
You will find your hands filled with flowers of
Love, permeating heavenly fragrance;
And when you move with that love,
It will transform you as Truth.
TRUTH incarnated!

Your attire should be of humility.
You will see that all creations
Dance before you in intense pleasure!
Fragrance of love emanate from you;
Greed will fall and die before you;
Wings of egotism will wither down;
Jealousy will flee away and then you realize
You have reached the Kingdom of Truth.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Unknown lover…

Time is an unknown lover, and
Life, his sweet beloved.
Yielding dreams and tears,
Embrace and kiss, adore and hug,
And then discard like an unwanted treasure...
Will make beautiful gardens among the sky
Build a mansion inside that garden,
Will cherish and foster children of love,
And at last drown us in the pyre of grief.
Alas! Such is the amazing kinds of dreams!

It will display unseen heavens and then
Take us for a delightful joy ride
In a chariot of gold through the sky;
With a lullaby will soothe you and lead
You to a slumber quietly with
The most excellent music on earth.
Then land in a forlorn desert and
Abandon you there to die and become rancid.
Alas! Relationships entangles in such a way!

Monday, July 21, 2008


The light has disappeared from my world;
I have become the wearied shadow of a man,
Fell down like a shadow without limbs,
Melting into the darkness of the dingy night.

Does a shadow pulsate in rhythm, any time?
Does the shadow have a heart which throbs?
If not, which artery is holding the flame of
The grief in my heart, and its recollections?
Or is that possible for memories to die;
Or ripples in a lake to cease to a standstill?

Do we have a life after death?
A rebirth for a soul; again in this earth?
If there is, would that resurgent light recognize,
Each other and the relation of its last birth?
So, who is the youngest and who is
The eldest person, in this world?
Time has no relevance in ascertaining it!


You came to me and I found the pining of
Unrequited love in your eyes..
My sweet heart! When did we initially meet in our life?
In which birth, in which dusk of the aeons;
Where did we see each other first time, in life?

Generations walked through these streets,
Laughing and crying, kicking these earth,
Making it muddy and turbid, for a long time.
Our treads which were imprinted there, were
Covered with dust and mud, and our memories also
Submersed in it, for long, quite invisible to us.
If we forget each other for ever and our paths
Have never crossed again to meet,
What could have been our unimaginable destiny?

Our love began to bud, in our childhood days.
We kept nourishing the flame, until those ill-fated hours,
When, like a typhoon, the fate swept away
The ravishing flowers of that adoration,
Into different distant lands, and we lost touch.

Once again, if we have not met in our life,
If we have not recognized each other,
After all these years, in our transformed looks,
We should have been carrying in our hearts,
The remorseful regrets, of our unfulfilled dreams, eternally.


How great will be the dreams
Of these jasmine flowers?
Which carry so much of
Munificent fragrance in it.
How charming will they be
In the glow of the evening sun,
When the sky unfurls its
Seductive smiles at them?
The dreams of those flowers
Will be smooth and softer
Than the smoothness of
The flower itself.
It will be glossy than the silky
Threads of the moonlight
Dripping from up above .

I share all the secrets in my soul,
With my ever delicate dreams.
That is the perfume of love
Spreading inside my mind,
Without, my awareness.
Does the flower ever
Know of its fragrance!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

MAN! What a beautiful…

’MAN’! What a beautiful word” sang someone;
Like the knell of a bell, wafting through the air,
Sounding, like a death knoll, in its vibration…

Here that man is scattered in the air, like a
Sun-depleted dry leaf wandering everywhere.
Just a dry leaf in the air!.
He turns to break and churn the earth for his bread;
Become a firewood and burn at the end.
Burn like a sandal wood piece on the pyre!
He writes a tragic tale, sitting in the dark corners,
As a dark shadow, in the summer heat
Which spreads, through his sinews,
And exhaust him to weariness.
As a bird shuddering and writhing in pain;
Like a tidal wave carrying grief and sweep him away.

The tear dried eyes search around,
Looking out for a saviour, to rescue him
From this chasm, and put him back on his feet again.
Toiling , starving, foiling, with lost hopes,
Hoping against hopes, waiting for a resurrection
And rescue; to live without miseries.

Hyenas of organized religion set bait for him.
They coax him sweetly, with promises of a heaven,
Free of dismay and despondency, but of happiness.
Now he finds his redeemer- the religion.
Now he finds his saviour- the god man.
Hypocrite, wolf in the attire of sheep.
What more is required for self fulfillment?
Happy he is, now!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

So long…

The crescent moon has disappeared into
The pale light, of the Milky Way.
It loomed as an indistinct shadow around.
A tragic lassitude in tears remained in the distance
With a sword, and the tumult of thunder nearby.
The nightingale sang a tune in melancholy.
Like a rose, the memories of past life
Was lying in the lap of the mind.
In a night when the stars were in slumber,
When the midnight koel was humming,
I was standing outside your window
In the hope of seeing, your charming image.
Alone I waited and waited till the early dawn
And in despair, for not even hearing your treads,
I retreated with dismay in the heart.
You have drifted away from me into
A strange and motley domain;
Leaving me in the murk, to grope,
Where no stars shine; no beacon to direct.
I did spread my dreams under your feet,
And you tread on my dreams so harshly.
How many desires we wanted to hatch out?
How many dreams, we aspire will bloom?
Not even one desire could bloom;
Not a spike of grain could we harvest;
When can I hope to see you again
In this world of gloom, you have made for me?

So long…

The crescent moon has disappeared into
The pale light, of the Milky Way.
It loomed as an indistinct shadow around.
A tragic lassitude in tears remained in the distance
With a sword, and the tumult of thunder nearby.
The nightingale sang a tune in melancholy.
Like a rose, the memories of past life
Was lying in the lap of the mind.
In a night when the stars were in slumber,
When the midnight koel was humming,
I was standing outside your window
In the hope of seeing, your charming image.
Alone I waited and waited till the early dawn
And in despair,of not even hearing your treads,
I retreated with dismay in the heart.
You have drifted away from me into
A strange and motley domain;
Leaving me in the murk, to grope,
Where no stars shine; no beacon to direct.
I did spread my dreams under your feet,
And you tread on them so harshly.
How many desires we wanted to hatch out?
How many dreams, we aspire will bloom?
Not even one desire could bloom;
Not a spike of grain could we harvest;
When can I hope to see you again
In this world of gloom, you have made for me?

Friday, July 18, 2008


The quill that wrote the treatise of Erotic Love (Kama sutra)
Of the great sage, has become, the letters of a mystic spell,
In the quiver of the human heart;
And the arrows of Cupid!

Was it perpetrated, to awaken the human soul,
From its blessed meditation and penance practiced?
Or to rectify, his innate instincts, and to spoil its rhythm?
Or to hunt for the beauty of the age, enveloped in illusion?
Or to change the sweet and divine love
In the heart of the human beings, into
Lasciviousness and libido, to make it
Abhorrent, and repulsive?

The sage only meant of honoured
Practices among spouses
At propitious times, days, and seasons.
But as ages progressed, it became
A method for experiments and researches
To test, if those written words are pragmatic.
And Eros vanished long back!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Way…

In the land where the doctrine of Non- Duality
Of God, originated, and its profounder was born,
There are now, a thousand gods, thousand castes,
And a thousand religions, headed by god men;
Sprouting like mushrooms, in the rainy season.

Some religions are established, and then expire also;
Soon after, their founder passes away, and into oblivion.
And established religions plunder and pilfer
The conscience and the wealth, of the loyal simpletons,
Through coercion and fraud, promising heaven to them.

Man has only, one path to follow, any time;
The way to eternal love, and quest for truth.
The day has only one lamp, that gives light for all,
Yet, the night can enjoy a dream of light, only
By kindling, the lamps of myriad stars.
Who can see the light of those stars
When the sun shines and spreads its radiance?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stone Age!

Every piece of stone had wings,
Long, long ago, in the Stone Age.
Dreams clad in anklets also
Were having their own tiny wings.
Leaves used to fly, like dreams
And the earth was in the prime of youth.

Flowers became fairies in splendour,
And rivers became beloveds;
Butterflies used to love the blossoms
And waves loved the streams.
The paramour worshipped the beloved earth
Who was the flower of the flowers
And the river of the rivers.

There came a day, when the wings of the stones
Were hacked away, by the jealous Creator.
Thus the flowers were forsaken
And the streams grief stricken...
They are, the dreary tears of the stones
In desolation, that flows out through streams,
Striving, to reach the river, at last.
The flowers still keep vigil from dawn to dusk;
For the butterflies to come and embrace them,
And take away the nectar, through the kiss of a lover.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


What is that which makes you a prisoner?
Not the iron shackles on your hands,
Not the ropes which binds you tight,
Not the wooden cage you live in;
But the comforts you discover through gold and wealth,
And with the women and children you possess.
That makes you a prisoner and convict!

They are very smooth chains, yet they bind you
Like the Lilliputian’s on Gulliver.
Is it possible to break these chains?
And escape from the alluring charms of life?
Comforts, repose, desires, lust, greed, avarice,
Jealousy, selfishness, ego, violence and malice.
We play with them in life, in our imagination.
They will sweep us away, in the torrent,
Spreading, in all directions of our life.
We float above the flood, through lives
And generations, through ages.
A prisoner sentenced to life!
We live under the spell of these images.
We hate to accept them as dreams;
But continue sleeping in its comforts.

Monday, July 14, 2008


PRAYER! A practice of addressing God
In words or through meditation, as in praise
Of gratitude, sorrow, or intercession.
A god is required for this purpose.
When God is a creation of ignorant people
What is the relevance of a god, for such a motive?

As an individual, He does not exist.
No creator, as creation is eternal.
Godliness only, but no god.
That godliness permeates and brims over
All visible and invisible things,
That exists in the universe.
Open your eyes widely.
Find it around you, and inside you.
In the grass, in a worm, in a flower,
In the nature, sky, ocean, universe…
That is the substance of all scriptures.
“I am the creator and the creation”.
*('Aham Brahmasmi'...'Anal Huq')
[Aham Brahmasmi|अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि
"I am the Brahman"]

Prayer is impossible, as there is no one
At the receiving end;
No individual we can call God,
With the qualities we attribute
In our ignorance, to make an
unwarranted exercise...A prayer!

A god who get pleased and happy
When you praise him,
And a god who lose his temper
And is displeased, trying to annihilate you,
While you censure him!
It's an unintelligible phenomenon

Sunday, July 13, 2008

LIFE… An Epic.

Life is a book of epic!
Where are the pages to write the accounts?
Who gave this precious book,
And kept it open in front of the humans?
And kindled a lamp called life
For him to read at his will,
And forget himself and live?

Enjoy each sentence in this epic.
It is embedded with exultation
And delight; vibrant with passion.
And love and lust, ravished by charms.
The lamp may extinguish to day or
Tomorrow, then there will be utter darkness,
The book will be illegible and fade away.

Idiots try to write accounts in its pages.
They add and subtract continuously.
But finally, all additions and subtractions
Turns to be erroneous, and faulty….

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My angel…

Tell me your tales, my sweetest bloom of love
Afloat in the lagoon of my lone heart.
Drops of sadness lurks in your lashes
Of half closed eyes as in an oyster...
Aren’t you the droplet of my dreams,
The gorgeous heroine of my still unpainted saga?
You came yesterday, as a devotee
To the hermitage of my love.

How many evening have liquefied
To brush your cheeks so pink.
Making it to blush and flush?
How much depth of bluishness from its heart,
The ocean has embellished in your eyes?
You have never known the passage of time
Of rains, of summer, of springs, and sunshine.
A fairy in sleep, underneath the canopy of Deodars
Of heaven, where the gods relax.
Whose golden chariot you are
Mounting in your thoughts?
Whose love you are seeking now, in your mind?
Your fragrance pervade around here
As the scent, of the flower in the breeze….

Friday, July 11, 2008


We grieve for riches, our hearts break for beloveds;
Desolate on account of blindness;
Distressed in having, sight and vision.
Life as a whole is always wrenched in agony...

Those who envision a heaven, in a place beyond
This earth, and aspiring to reach there,
Fleeing from all earthbound woes,
Are fondling, a will of the wisp – alluring and delusive.
Realize now, that in here is the heaven and the hell.
Experience both in this world, in a life time,.

New York or Paris; Jesus or Krishna.
The prophet or Jehovah is all equal to a blind.
Those who believe that God is overseeing everything,
Are holding such a faith, in their stupidity.
Behold both God and Satan, in here itself.
Both are thriving on the faith of followers.
They have domiciled in this earth now and
Abound by believers and worshippers;
Proving that earth is a better place, than Heaven!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A fairy!

She casts a spell while walking around.
The earth vibrates with pleasure when she
Puts her treads on the velvety grass and
That thrill causes the flowers to bloom...
When that happens, the soul of the thorns
Rejoices, and change into blossoms.
The nature strings them together
To make a garland and adorn them,
And a marvelous garden is created…

The sky and earth pay tribute to her seductiveness,
As she affix the seven colours of her charm,
Pouring over the rainbow, to make it alluring.
When she smiles, pearls scatter all around.
And those precious pearls transforms into
Resplendent stars, spangling the firmament.
When that happens and hits the core of
The heart, each day become a charming night,
With dazzling stars studded on the bluish veil.
She is my beloved, waiting for me
Far away in my land of sweet dreams...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Death is not an event, which waits for
Anyone, to attain seventy, or eighty.
Along with the moment of the first cry
Announcing your arrival into this world
We kick start the indicator of time, to get moving.

We are an isle surrounded by death.
We can complete or fulfill naught.
Even our love life will not be complete.
The sword of Damocles is hanging above our head.
In death, do we enter a timeless, space less tunnel?

When thoughts, desires, consciousness freeze,
When thoughts become stills on the screen of the mind,
Time also vanish along with it,
The screen becomes a blank,
The projector of the mind stands still.
A spark emerges like a drop, into our being
Into our silence, into that eternity,
And we taste the sweetness of the spirit!
That is attainment, freedom from all bondage,
Liberty and divine love!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


A solitary door of the mind,
The charming door of memories
Of the erstwhile life, obsessed
Always with grief, if closed;
Always with woes, even if opened.

It’s a poem, written by the heart;
Love’s nectar is its language.
If its meaning is misconceived
If no spelling mistakes, creep up
If omissions and errors, are avoided
It becomes an epic; Matrimony is a mega epic!

Is there a song sung without discord?
Any dances without a faulty step?
Inaccuracy, miscalculation, blunder.
Slip, oversight, delusion, all may occur.
Rhythm may falter, steps may alter,
But the swirl will continue, till the end
When the course is corrected at times,
In the current of the song of life!

Paint the faded pictures of wedlock, with
Ever fresh sparkling colours of endurance;
Like rains and spring seasons wash away
The sins of summer and its debris
As omnipresent Time by its omnipotence.!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Lead kindly light!

Discard your yesterdays
It is gone everlastingly.
If we need to be lead to eternity,
Beyond death, beyond time,
Do not look into the past or future.
It will never come near us.
Do not think, about your tomorrows.

But we always think about our tomorrows
And also life beyond our demise;
About the heavenly bliss, hoping to
Enjoy the abandoned comforts of this world
Forever and ever, interminably.
‘Do not use alcoholic drinks’.
‘Woman is the gateway to hell.’
The religion teaches us so many ’Don’ts’.
Heaven forbids all such pleasures in life,
And guarantees them, when you reach there
To enjoy, boundlessly, and without restriction.
A licentious life in all its meaning!
But all happiness, and enjoyment is
Out of bounds in this life.
What an irony! Idiosyncrasy!

And here we abdicate, and forsake
All the natural desires of spirit,
Fasting, penance, worship, self immolation,
Struggling and striving to attain salvation,
In the hope of enjoying them, in a thousand fold
When we reach the sanctified abode they call ‘HEAVEN’….

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Welfare State, Republic, Parliamentary Democracy,
Equality, Liberty, Human Rights, Judiciary
Without blemish, Fourth Estate,
And, Freedom of Expression…
All are high sounding ideas and mottos.
Yet, human beings are sold as slaves,
Exported from country to countries,
Submitted for menial jobs and bonded labour.
The stench of white slavery permeates all over.

Juvenile girls, sold as slaves through
Established offices of religion, compelled
To undertakes religious oaths, in the guise
They are needed for the service of God.
To become concubines of the rich, and the clergy,
Prostitutes to work in parlours, homes for the sick,
And aged, as nursing maids, and women of pleasures.
Coffers of the ‘Charitable Trusts’, and missions;
The Purveyors of such human commodities
Are filling up with wealth, through such criminal deeds.

Such rackets exists, always in motion and alert;
Ransack, exploit and extort.
We remain as passive observers, and
Mute spectators, afraid to react or respond.
Unable to deprecate, or exhort.
Are we cowards? Frightened to lift a finger
Against the hierarchy, and its manipulations?

A dog will keep on barking, even when frightened;
Are we worse than these canines?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Twinkle little stars…

‘Twinkle, twinkle, little stars,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky’
So is the rhyme, we heard from Grandma.
Through generations, again
And again it is remembered.

A few decades, and too much waters flowed
Under the bridge, and we are so changed.
These lines are still glued to our lips
Then the scenario has changed drastically.
No stars glitter in the sky!
No milky way flows in the heaven!
No moonlight caresses the nature!
No lovers meet under the starry sky
Or under the serene moonlight!
No romantic feelings aroused by nature
With its magnificent charms, and tantalizing blues!

Artificial lights and sodium vapour lamps
Illumines the sky; devouring the natural lights.
Blue sky has changed to smog, and utter darkness
Prevails from dusk to dawn; twilight to twilight.
In the midst, populace crawls
Like worms, to earn their livelihood.

Skyscrapers hamper the sunlight reaching the streets;
Traffic jams, crowded pavements....
No one desires to have a glimpse of natural light.
The Pole star, the Scorpio, Betelgeuse
The waning moon, the luster of the rainbow,
Floating white fleeces of clouds, flocks of migratory birds,
An occasional lightning, a thundershower.
All are becoming alien scenes in urban life,
While people compete in the rat race
And watch shadows of these, in their idiot box..