Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fade out!

There are some affinities in this earth
That purport only to break up and melt away.
There are some dreams in the heart
That ends up only in bargains and evaluation.
When two persons come closer,
And the relation breaks up and part away, in tears,
The petals in the soul, then drench in
The tears of dismal grief and anguish.
We attempt to forget many things
Without reservation and keep some
Frontiers in the mind, to get away from it.

Are we cherishing those memories
Of a bygone era, with its sweet savor subtleties
Carrying teardrops in the heart for long?
Is everything dwindling out into oblivion
And kept only in the annals of the memory?
Recollections, like a tide of silent empathy
Becomes a disposition of the soul, in parting.

The ravishing tunes emitted by the dulcimer
Is now becoming the rhythm, of life’s music.
Is it diffused in the shadows now?
The blossoms wilted and withered in the path
Were the thorns of longings, spreading
Darkness, in the hollow of the mind.

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