Tuesday, March 30, 2010


You have taken my birth
And me yours...so the Providence decreed…

Infatuations filled our birth
with magnificent obsessions
And we imbibed the nectar of our love.
You were my daughter and my son.
My hands became a cradle for you
And I sang a lullaby in your slumber.

I will adorn your lips, and brows
And your cheeks and nape with
Very warm kisses, engrossed in my love.
I will watch your pranks and naughty smiles.
You, my beloved, sleep close to my bosom.

In this chamber, and along the walkway,
I will hold your soft fingers in my hand,
And follow you like a shadow;
Shower you with kisses all along.

Like the dewdrop lingering on a rose petal
I see you snuggling at my side.
My spirit is enthralled by this sleeping angel.
Do not disturb her in her siesta
Lest, my dreams vanish in the void….

Monday, March 29, 2010


The ache which had no name
Someone called it love.
The honey which dripped and split
In the earth was called tears.
The mirage with the golden tinge
We called it the imagination.

The bamboo which was cut
And was injured, cried.
And that worthless wooden
Tube was called a flute.
The beautiful clouds wept and
Its color splashed across the sky
It became the rainbow.
And the unforgotten silent music
Which emanated was called the mind.

Monday, March 22, 2010


A drop of dew slept on the bosom of the night
It cried and resumed its slumber.
When the moon ran into clouds, for a moment.

Who closed the window ajar, playfully
Where the small birds were chirping?

Who turned the word of the breeze
That was combing her hair, into nectar?

Who drew with black mascara
The dreams in her eyes?

And who made her tremulous
With those adorable dreams?

In the dusk, when the tears were drying up
Who showered the tiny drops
Of rain, on her lovely face?

Who became the nightingale amidst
The foliage on the tiny branches?

Who wrote the verse on her cheek
With a pink forefinger?

Saturday, March 20, 2010


My lost dreams! you have set
A throne for me full of woes.
My lost paradise! You have weaved a
A crown of thorns for my pate.

Spring and summer is gone.
I see the dead dried leaves in the earth.
Winter is cruel, though it leaves
Some moisture on the leaves..

The heart is in agony
For the deceit of my love.
My life goes on and on
Like a corpse walking in sunshine,
without shadows,solitary.
May be there is no semblance of reason
For the lies; to toss a life into spasm
Of cruelty, of this maddening world.

A fog of confusion dawns on my thoughts.
Of treachery, of cruel minds;
And a prescience of despair,
Filled with a longing and desire
Of lost love and dead dried dreams,
Muddled in fantasies;
An imbroglio, desiccated memories.

Oh! I hear a lullaby far away
Of a mother, singing her child to slumber.
My heart yearns for such a soft prelude
I used to hear, when I was a child,
And my mother sang for me.

Wish I could live again my infancy,
And cling to her soft breasts and brood
And coo, looking into her soft blue eyes,
Away from this dreadful world;
A solace in the weariness and tedium!
I will fill up my heart
Brimful with your silence
And keep still with patience;
Await for the fragrance of your touch
When you embrace me, again
Holding me in your arms
And once again my life blooms…..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My darling, I know not if
My path has many ways.
But I found in you a saviour,
Someone to redeem me from where I am
I seek not anything from you
I wish not for anything
For I know, you too are a searcher like me
Seeking a way beyond birth and death.
Could your destiny meet mine?
Many a time I seek an answer;
Fate, destiny, coincidence
- Call it anything.
It is a chance I rather would say
Fate has graciously given me;
To prove that life is after all not
A choice of prickly thorns.
Remember there are shadows even
In the bright sunlight
Why remember the shadows of the dark?...

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Dew Drops!
Why have you given
A sad face to the rosy roses
Without a reason?

Last night on the way side
You blossomed and
What did you give to your lover?
Your heart?
Or your love?

Many who tread this beaten track
Have written your story, my darling.
And you remain here in glory
Emanating your scent and hue.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I will continue my moonwalk
I need continue as a somnambulist
Let me take your leave,
My tragic desolate memoirs!

Love withers before it is blossomed,
Whimpering before the finger touches it.
Turns away , before getting close.
Desires die out before they are aroused.
Every dream is perished, distraught and shattered.
I am worn to shreds, strangulated…

I cover my eyes with my palms while weeping.
Looking back she is not there; disappeared!
Dreams enter through one path
And destiny goes through another.
Sharp fierce claws of despondency tracking me like
An octopus, with a thousand tentacles.
On the shores of the river of life flooded with the tears,
Lies broken a trillion dreams, a billion desires
Swooned like kites without line or bridle.
Do not seek an eternal heaven in your mind.

It has now becomes a graveyard of all hopes!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kama Sutra…

Why the quill of Vatsyayana that wrote Kama Sutra,
Depicted the human heart as a quiver, holding
The arrows of Cupid, ever ready to shoot,
With magical prowess, to subjugate,
The opposite sex, anytime, anywhere.

Or was it meant to arouse human souls,
From penance and meditation, that was
Once the practice, for attaining ‘*Moksha’ ? [*salvation]

Or to reform congenital instincts embedded
Through births in human mind, stealthily
Entering, while the birth and death is in
Suspended animation, trance or coma,
To wreck the life’s rhythms?

Or to hunt down and capture the beauty of Eons
Shrouded in a world of illusions?
Or to change the sweet and divine sensation
Of love in the human heart, into carnal
Yearnings and greed, and hunger, and
To spoil the melody, of selfless affection?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monsoon Rains...

Heavy rains… It’s raining helter- skelter!
Unable to see beyond the courtyard;
Hardly hear anything other than the clatter..
Like pelting, on a tin roof.

This is the monsoon of torrential rain of pain;
Of sodden wicks in the lamp of hopes,
With traumatized desires: desires fondled
In the soul for long, through life’s tempestuous
Paths, rugged, and hazardous.
Heavy rains of tears of desolation,
From the long summer of desertion,
Evaporated and condensed, now falling down
As heavy rain, seeking me.. A long lost lover!

Soft fingers of reminiscence are clasping,
And flouncing, all over my body.
In the haste, the fingers become unsteady
And detach with a spasm of anguish in the mind.
I sense someone, whispering into my ears,
Confiding adorable words of affection,
Discreetly stimulating the heart.
A familiar emotion other than grief!
In the vales of the darkened gloom
Of despondency, shadows creep around.
On the doorsteps of reflections
Some foot treads are overheard.
Outside the window a dream flashed
With a lightning, out of the blue…
This rain will die down, and the morning dew
Will sparkle, on the grass blades again.